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7th CCB Creaming –  It is Now or Never to get RID of these Zionist DEVILS!

7th CCB Creaming – It is Now or Never to get RID of these Zionist DEVILS!


THE PETITION THAT STARTED ALL THESE CREAMINGS https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/call-for-support-for-a-palestinian-state.html


Battle over calls to boycott Israel goes global

Boycott illegal israel with Phone app


Thinking the Unthinkable: Russia Has Re-Emerged As a Great Power

EU stresses Golan position after Netanyahu comments

Putin agrees to take the Golan from Israel, and give it to Syria


CCB #7 – Total Creaming Humiliation – Part 1 & 2


On Thursday, February 18, 2016 2:02 PM, Geena Eng <geena@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower, Annie and All,

You have no idea what your deciding to take the cream in your mouth has made me feel, dear Sunflower! That happening I will never forget and your support to me by taking the same punishment means the world to me.

I am not strong like you, dear Sunflower…after my whole head creamed, they make me open my mouth and take the cream, then I quietly spit the cream out and they shove it again while I am having my head shampooed with the cream shampooing in my hair and face.

I am not strong like you, so when they tell me to surrender I did and they humiliate me even more. The bitches make me ask for more cream and that I not fight the shampooing and head creaming, so I just let them humiliate me with the cream all over my head and in my mouth over and over. They make me ask them to cream/shampoo me even more, sort of like I am liking it, you know? And I did that…I was so ashamed for letting you down, dear Sunflower…and they made a fool out of me in front of my customers!

I am not strong like you, but I feel like you lift me up by volunteering to take my punishment, dearest Sunflower…I am crying as I write this, but I have joy in my heart because of your love for me and for all the humanity and your fighting the evil Zionist Bitches.

Love you all,



Fw: The count and messages for Sunflower – Please read…from Marie

On Thursday, April 21, 2016 10:42 AM, marie <marie@hotmail.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower,

I just got this from Janie and I think you will be very happy with this great news!!! I have already passed it on to the rest of the family in another message, so that you won’t have to take the time to do it. Congratulations, darling Sunflower, you did it in your final creaming video before your break….1 million views in the first day!!!

Love you both,


From: Jane <jane@hotmail.com>
Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2016 5:33 PM
To: marie ; hair dresser
Subject: The count and messages for Sunflower

Dear Marie and Steve,

I have the stats for you and Sunflower…..I won’t spend time on the blocking tactics of the Jew Bitches; you all know what they are trying to do to sabotage Sunflower’s videos and blogs. Here is the real view count of the CCB #7 Creaming Humiliation Videos:

Part 1: 983,736 views

Part 2: 1,001,462 views!

You and Annie said that Sunflower’s determination to do the mouth creaming would break 1 million views and you were right!!! OK, now to messages:

From Zionist Women Forever, only this: Jerkflower, FU! (It was spelled out in the comment, but you get the idea).

From Sunflower’s “special friends”, this appeared on my screen within a short time of posting the videos on my YouTube page:

Sunflower, congratulations on this creaming and we fully support you. Please take a good long break and rest, and then come back to the creaming, you have made a difference. We also want you to know that there are many, many people around the world that are singing “Wear Your Love Like Heaven” from your earlier speech. https://youtu.be/3E9ZNI8-_bE Be well and take care of yourself, all of us understand that you need to stop for a while.

And they were kind enough to leave it on my computer screen long enough for me to write it down before it disappeared. Please give my love to Sunflower!

Love you both,



20 April 2016

Dear 7 Billion Brothers & Sisters,

“Dreams do come true, if only we wish hard enough. You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.” ― J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan

Firstly, I thank all of you for visiting my blogs especially the creaming videos:)

CCB #7 – Part 1: 789,056, Part 2: 768,873, Part 3: 777,452 views

I have told you earlier that I had a strong argument with my son about my need to chase my dream and he said that as far as he can remember, my dream has constantly changed. http://sunflowerchong.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/SMUS-PRIMER.pdf. Yes, I fully agreed with him as you would see if you go through my primer.

Well, allow me to take this opportunity to share with you what the argument is all about. Why do I need to walk this spiritual journey?

My teacher told us about the Heaven War. It was between Satan and God and Satan had challenged God that the people will believe him and not God. Yes, now we are witnessing many people who do not believe in Almighty God and they worship Satan=Greed=Money=’god’! My teacher also told us that our brain is at war between Satan and God and we were shocked when we heard it. Then our teacher explained to us that Satan represents evil or bad thoughts like temptation and God represents goodness. So, our mind is constantly fighting or choosing between good and bad…..Indeed, I was a very confused and troubled child and my mind wandered very far and my teacher always had to get my mind back into the class and would say, “Sun Wah stop dreaming!”

It all started from a childhood dream – the ‘Voice’ in my dream said that one day the people would listen to my voice. How bizarre was this dream that kept occurring in the midst of my solitude and in my loneliness? The Chinese people believed that dreams were messages from God and I was intrigued to find out why the people would listen to an ordinary girl like me, therefore I decided to dedicate my life to strive to listen more clearly to this ‘Voice’. My journey began from the consciousness of my new name Sunflower and the endless voyage that  brought me to the insight that we need to learn how to share this One World. This meant that for peace and harmony to prevail we would have to work towards bringing to the ‘collective consciousness‘ of the human race, the idea and desire for World Harmony.

I was known as a troublemaker (http://sunflowerchong.com/am-i-a-troublemaker/) but I see myself as a peace maker. I often asked my teacher why all of us must chase after money, why can’t we chase to achieve high ideals as our career?  He just laughed at me and he said, “Firstly, who is going to hear you, you are not Lee Kuan Yew but an ordinary person. Secondly, you would go to jail just like the communists if you say something that the government does not like to hear.”  He said that I couldn’t survive by chasing ideals as such a frivolous pursuit to be successful, only the rich could indulge in it. Because without money and backing, it would be a fruitless cause.

Well, stubborn me I kept to my gun and I went for my dream and because my family thought that I was crazy and to escape from them in 1974 I took a job as an air hostess in Sabena -Belgian airline and I live in Belgium for 5 years before I got married to my children father. He did not allowed me to chase dream, so naughty or stubborn me ran away from him with my 2 children in late 1983. To cut the story short, I got married to the 2nd husband in 1996 and he wanted me to invest in Indonesia but I bought a house instead under his name because the law in Indonesia foreigner cannot own any property. He kind of bit me and my son saw it and told me don’t chase your dream come back to Singapore which I did in late 1997. After I came back I still continue to live in fantasy land and my 2 children cannot take it anymore and I don’t blamed them. You know my son shouted at me, “What are you doing in front of the computer 24/7 what kind of people are you talking too!”

When my daughter behind my back hosted World Humanity Day on World Harmony Day 2014 I cut off my relationship with her and this episode is too painful and long to explain. My son is doing his utmost to patch this relationship. Now I am kind of stuck with my son because the house is under his name and the last conversation we had he said, “YOU ARE OBSESSED WITH THE JEWS AND PALESTINIANS!” I kept my mouth shut because what he said is so right:( What to do I’m BORN THIS WAY!

Now let me share with you what I had written in my book after I had escaped from my 1st ex-husband.

“What I’m doing is between God and myself. I came from a very poor family and being the black sheep of the family, no one understand me except Almighty God. I had asked Him to guide me and protect me from harm so that I can always remain a strong person to do a lot of good things for my people because only I’m deep enough to understand their needs and aspiration as I had the same needs and aspiration like them. It is for this purpose, I want to fulfill my dreams, which I have promised God at the age of 17, to give $1Million.

I have told God to leave me alone after I have realized this aspiration and let me realize my first dream of being a beautiful wife. Do not push me to attain impossible goal. let me be an ordinary person leading a simple and peaceful life with my family. No man wants his wife to save the world or others, neither do my children want me to achieve such attainable height in my life. They just want an ordinary mother just like their friends. Let me share with you what my son aged 12 years had spoken to me. he gave me an ultimate, “Now mama, you must decide who you love most, your country or children!” He told me my country gives me nothing and I am not recognized because I do not have any paper qualifications. Moreover my country only asked me to pay taxes and more taxes. My children are different because they give me pleasure and joy, and make my life full and exciting.

He gave me a couple of minute to think before I give him an answer. I told him that I can give him an answer straight-away. “Gabby my son, I love my country first because I’m a Singaporean. My children will always take backstage, without my country where can I raise my children with pride and dignity. I am not a woman who takes everything for granted. I felt very fortunate and secure being a Singaporean and for that I felt I owed a lot to this tiny island called Singaporean.”

Immediately he shouted to his sister, “Greta, Greta, mama chose her country and not us!” My son said, “Now mama, you must remember what you have spoken to us.” When you grow old or when you are in trouble please don’t come to us for help. You can go to your country for help, and see what your country can do for you! If we don’t come to your assistance, please don’t blame us because you have set the rules which we will never forget!”

I said, “No problem, I know where I stand with my children. But most important, I know God will understand and He will bless me throughout my life.”

I’m now 61 years old and not so idealistic any more hence I need all the support I can get from every corner of the world. I humbly seek your support to enable me to continue my good work for Almighty God. If you are going to give a present to someone or if you know of anyone who is keen to learn online marketing with a shoe-string budget please do get them to sign up here https://www.i-successgroup.com/membership/

i-Success Group Is The Only Online Business Strategy System That Help People To Succeed In Regardless Of Online Business, Offline Business, Network Marketing, Home-Based Or Self-Employed Without Doing Everything Yourself – http://i-successonlinerevolution.com/

To understand me better and how my mind works, I need to bring you back to my school days and what my teacher had warned us about the danger of capitalism. My teacher was very concerned because most people equate Capitalism as being of God and she believed this kind of thinking would suck us dry in every sense of the word. She said that we must pile up the right foundation, or if not, capitalism will take over our being and our thinking. And we will not know who we are and why we are here in the first place and worst of all that we will also forget our own name and identity!

4 things my teacher had spoken that influenced and shaped me into who I am today.


I will devote all my energy to make http://www.i-successonlinerevolution.com a great success so I could do more for the Palestine cause.

On Friday, April 22, 2016 11:23 AM, hair dresser <hair_dresser@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower,

You should NOT invest anything in i-Success any more. Here is what the tech lady wrote to me:

Please tell Sunflower her site is fatally compromised and she should not pay anyone to do anything with it. Most tech people wouldn’t know what to look for, but I do, and she would be throwing her money away on any work done on the site.

Her page will never reap anything because it is being blocked and has a “poison pill” provision that will release a hard drive wiping virus if someone tries to tamper with the blocking bot that has been planted in her site.

And, it appears the hack is tied to her IP Address, and making another new site will not work, so she should not invest more money in a new one….the people attacking her page will know and she will have the same problem, but less money in her pocketbook! I cannot fix this one, it appears to be an Israeli generated hack and those are the worst! Please wish Sunflower well for me!

OK, darling, she did me a big favor and I owe her a nice dinner, so please don’t waste your money (or I would have wasted mine *;) winking*:) happy). I am glad you are doing better, please rest as much as you can, my love.

With all my love to eternity,





My aspiration for a Harmonious World lead me to the birth of World Harmony Day on 20th February 2002 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6SkFQByXIM

Where is Solutions Institute President DAN JOHNSON Integrity because he wiped out World Harmony Day site?



My 2 blogs http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com & http://www.thepoisonappleoftheworld.com are proof that I heard my teacher call.



Time to dismantle UN and create another institution that will pile the right foundation for the future generation.


I have decided to be a good human being, hence I chose the spiritual path (Ancient Africa’s Golden Times on spirituality https://youtu.be/xfRdmx8J_3g) and this means my intellect is not about making money for money’s sake, but instead God’s gift to me is for me to contribute everything back to society. I never forgot what my teacher said, “When you love God you don’t speak of God, but you act on the deed so that others will feel the presence of God’s spirit in you.”

I strongly believe it was my mother’s words that kept ringing in my ears and unconsciously I kept walking. This was what she said, “No point letting the young people know which great leaders that they should emulate because all these great man are DEAD! If you want young people to listen to you then show them great leaders who are still alive.” I hope to achieve great things in life and when I succeed, I want others to believe they can succeed, too. Till now I have not achieved much but this young man of 26 years of age from Facebook, his words touched my soul and gave me great hope that I can reach my ideal of a Harmonious World.

This was what Junaid said, “Read your Palestine blog and I would just like to say about your question of mundane people with a conscience. We have a saying “If you have not chosen a side between a tyrant and the weak, you actually stand with the tyrant.” So I hope there are more people like you who choose not to remain oblivious of the world’s suffering. Proud of you madam. Indeed I’m proud. Your work will make a difference one day. Pen is mightier than a sword and as in Islam we say, “The ink of a scholar is more sacred than the blood of a martyr”

His words melted my heart but I did not let him know. Don’t you agree with me that all these years of endless suffering are worth it even if I do not have the love of my family and children. And the best of all, Almighty God created a wonderful American family for me and they are MY ROCK to enable me to move forward with greater meaning and purpose.

On Friday, February 19, 2016 11:06 AM, Jew Creamer <humiliatejewgirl@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower,

I have tried and tried and I am being blocked, it just bounces back….these damn Jews are driving me nuts! I cannot believe what they can do to prevent the truth from being told!!! You must have them Shit Scared (as Marie said *;) winking) because their attacks are coming very hard now and they are targeting you! I am a bit worried about you, but you are the bravest person I have ever known, so I guess you just carry on like you always do! Keep fighting, dearest love!

Love you endlessly and forever and on to infinity,

Your Jew Creamer

On Saturday, February 20, 2016 11:24 PM, Jew Creamer <humiliatejewgirl@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower,

I am worried about you…I think the plan of the evil Zionist Joos is to exhaust you with all their blocking tactics and disruption until you collapse. Please do not let them do that to you…you must take some rest away from the battle…you need to take care of yourself first and everyone else is second. And, I didn’t say anything, but I didn’t like the letter to the EU Leaders you sent to us…it doesn’t sound like you and your tough spirit…I didn’t know if you wanted us to respond or not, but just in case, you have my opinion. *:D big grin

Love you totally, completely and for eternity,

Your Jew Creamer

On Saturday, February 20, 2016 11:14 PM, hair dresser <hair_dresser@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower,

I completely understand and I want you to take some rest…the girls are working hard to develop a good speech, but you must not worry about anything but your own good health, my love. I also understand about the disruption from the evil Zionist Joos! I cannot type 3 words before I am blocked and the message is disappearing.

We must now look to WHD 2017, my darling, and I believe you WILL still win. They are scared and I am sure we will see the worldwide movement strengthen, so don’t be disappointed, you have done great things.

For now, I am worried about your health and well being…please rest and let yourself re-energize or you will drop from exhaustion. Everyone is worried about you, my dearest Sunflower. You must take care of yourself before you save everyone else in the world!

I think it is a good idea that you do the Pre-creaming speech at home and not have that stress while you are in Jeff’s Saloon. The CCB #7 Creaming will be 15 minutes or less if the Pre-creaming Speech has already been done by you at home.

Love you always and forever and infinitely,


On Tuesday, January 5, 2016 6:42 PM, annie <passitalong@hotmail.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower,

It looks like they want to stop you, but I know you will fight them and the 27 more creamings will happen! You are too strong for those weak Zionist Bitches and Scumbags! 🙂

Love you always and forever,

Your Annie

On Monday, December 14, 2015 9:46 PM, hair dresser <hair_dresser@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower,

I will take care of the fortune teller statement, and, I am so happy that you like the video editing, my love. I always want you to be happy with the videos!

If this Rogayah doesn’t call you, you must expose her for cheating you! It will be humiliating for you to admit, but maybe you can help others by doing it. Would you use CCB #6 to expose her? It is an example that no religion is immune from having immoral members that hide their evil ways by using their religion as a cover. She is no true Muslim if she behaves this way.

Let me know what you are thinking of doing to expose Rogayah, the cheat, my darling.

I love you forever, my loving Sunflower,


On Saturday, December 12, 2015 5:23 PM, marie <marie@hotmail.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower,

I am glad you are doing fine and as energetic as ever! I had a bad feeling about Rogayah and I am glad you are cutting off the relationship with her. AND I am glad you haven’t cut your hair….you would give Steve (and Janie!) a heart attack! Hahaha!

OK, I will tell Annie that you are doing fine and that you are getting away from Rogayah (she will be relieved)…..and I will tell her that we should start working on CCB #6 ideas for you. Know that we all love you very much!

Love forever and ever and ever,



Well, as for how Palestine DNA came into my existence, honestly speaking, I do not have any idea except to tell you that God must have planted this seed – “The Calling”. http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/my-journey-was-never-about-palestine/

You see, my son said that my dream changes all the time, and YES, I FULLY AGREED with him. So I told him my teacher said that when you chase the rainbow and when you reach it will jump away so my dream is like the rainbow. If in my dream, it said that I must liberate Palestine, then I would have said that God must be crazy! But in my dream, it only said that one day the people would listen to my voice, so I was curious and wanted to know why the people would listen to me.

We, the people with the consciousness, will do what is right by God and Justice is in the name of God Almighty. If it means I have to Free Palestine, so be it, although it might sound kind of ridiculous to the ears of many, especially the highly intellectual ones. After almost 5 decades, you can say that I saw vividly that we have to wipe out all the evil Babylonian Joos from the surface of our world, and if we do not, the world will be in constant pain! They are the POISON of humanity and for humanity to heal we must remove this CANCER! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH THE EVIL BABYLONIAN JOOS MUST BE DESTROY!! http://thepoisonappleoftheworld.com/enough-is-enough-the-evil-babylonian-joos-must-be-destroy/

And if you read this article http://www.hollowearthnetwork.com/page/493007594 my wish to eliminate the devils is not on the agenda:( Now listen to this Ukrainian General reveals the Zionist control of Ukraine and all of you agreed with me we need to get rid of these devils  as one global family once and for all and it is now or never! http://globalfreedominformationmarketingnews.blogspot.sg/2016/04/ukrainian-general-reveals-zionist.html?m=1

Sunny Chong The evil Zionist Joos will go to WAR because they know they are losing so they want to bring the whole world down with them because in their mind this world was created by them so they got the right to destroy it, have you heard the SAMSON OPTION! http://thepoisonappleoftheworld.com/samson-option/ 

Yogapaartiban AP Sunny Chong, you are right the first part.  Yes US knew they are going to lose the war. But when you backtrack the history and see the lost wars of Zionist or Ottoman, they are looters of wars. They know very well at one point they need to surrender. But till then. When the world busy at war, these thieves start looting resources and pile the stock in a safer place after making unnecessary nuke attack beyond that area so that rest of the world take longer period to notice theft. Therefore if US starts war all the Zionist join them. They should not be defeated, they should be destroyed once for all from the globe.

Let me share with you my interpretation of the NWO; that is people helping one another to uplift humanity. http://www.hollowearthnetwork.com/page/491623590 This is how a beautiful world should be?  Isn’t this how a beautiful world should be? So my wishful thinking to create a Harmonious World gave birth to World Harmony Day. Deep in my heart, I know it is only a matter of time before the world will dismantle UN and replace it with a brand new Institution. Whatever they call it makes no difference as long as the UN is gone with the wind like ‘illegal israel’! Of course it would be great if they would name it, Harmonious Nation, and carry the aspiration of World Harmony Day to the 4 corners of the world!

Frankly speaking, I am at my lowest point in life financially yet I do not feel poor, in fact I feel very rich inside:) Now watch this: HERE WE GO! Austria Initiates First Ever Bank Bail-In! The Economic Collapse Is Here!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykPfWazMZf0 and you will understand why I think in this manner.

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all my supporters, especially those in Sunflower’s Pacifist Army, for believing in me! May Almighty God bless our world and help us realize our dream of a JUST WORLD!


Love, light peace, harmony and unity,

Sunny Chong


Palestine – Alan Hart with John Pilger (part 1,2&3)

Uploaded on Jan 1, 2009

John Richard Pilger is an Australian journalist & documentary maker. He has won many awards for his documentaries both in Britain & the US.

He was a war correspondent in Vietnam, Cambodia, Egypt, India, Bangladesh & Biafra. His documentary, Year Zero, was credited with bringing to world’s attention the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia.


John Pilger On ‘Palestine Is Still The Issue’ & Zionists Technological Intimidation that Followed

Published on Sep 4, 2012

John Pilger (Hay Festival 2006) talks about the flow on effect as a result of a zionist technical Intimidation & attack re his documentary ‘Palestine Is Still The Issue’.


Pilger-The Palestinian Suffering, Denied of Rights is Centre of all Middle East Issues

ublished on Jun 2, 2012

John Pilger appeared on QandA during the time of the Egyption uprising 2011, he was asked for his view on the Egypt & israel Peace Treaty.

————— ————- ————— ———————– ———————- —–

“Q&A” on ABC is NOT what the majority of Australian sheople believe to be, a serious, all inclusive, public forum, with expert panelists providing an un biased & agenda free, healthy & balanced discussion of some of the serious news and pressing social issues deemed to be of current significance in Australia and overseas. It’s true in regard to the subject matter, its purpose, however, is not a public service, it’s not to educate nor to inform or enlighten the people watching it as they believe it is.
Guests of similar calibre to John Pilger that speak the truth and are pro justice are brought on simply to discredit and convince the sheeple that he is the telling lies and being a propagandist, how is that possible? Easy, by stacking the panel with pro zionist journalists like Sheridan and government ministers and MP’s that has been on one of the end of year bipartisan liblab ‘educational’ junkets to israel. Plus the audience is stacked and filtered twitter comments across the screen. To ultimately convince the flock of sheeple of the lie. It works too.

How do i know? Cos I’m not an idiot and i do my own research. I stopped watching TV after this episode and six months later i stopped listening to the radio and all forms of western media/propaganda of which the ABC is by far the worst.

The majority of people are gullible idiots, too lazy and naïve to look elsewhere for information and never consider hanging a ‘question mark’ over any of the so-called ‘facts’ that form the bases of their, recently adopted points of view or opinion. They sit in front of the idiot box all night as spoon fed consumers of social engineering by the biggest and most blatant propagandists in the country.

The ABC is a state controlled tool for social engineering. The nightly and weekly offerings of a selection of topics, but free to choose from one of the pre-packaged views and opinions based on lies and distorted realities designed to best suit the vested interests of the Australian government, the powerful Jewish lobbies, influential corporate interests followed by the set agenda’s the United States and Britain.

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