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Kurt Sonnenfeld 9/11 Ground Zero Footage (Part 1 of 2)

Published on Apr 7, 2014

Kurt Sonnenfeld was a videographer for FEMA prior to 2002 and was one of four FEMA photographers who were given exclusive access to Ground Zero following the September 11 Attacks in New York in 2001.

Part 2…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtLSJ…

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Kurt Sonnenfeld Ground Zero Footage PLAYLIST



Published on Jun 27, 2013

Released June 27th 2013
By James Easton
Running Time: 2 Hours 12 minutes

Ok you were duped. Twice! There were no airplanes and the following alternate shots manufactured by the news stations, both live and subsequent video provided later.
In fact every single shot with a plane in it is a bold faced lie. There were no planes at all. Here are examples of how similar looking visual evidence prooves how one could easily be fooled. This means that your media is controlled by powerful people who saw to it that you saw an airplane hit a building on september 11th. I can explain the entire process. A number of conspirators had orders to do specific tasks on the morning of 9/11. Each person involved had synchronized watches. Media personel complicit reported seeing a plane but I bet you my head on a platter that not one single new yorker saw a plane in the sky above lower manhattan that day. Why no plane at all? They were trying to save money. Actually they had the audacity to see a self fulfilling prophecy that the sheep would not make a noise. You see people in general in the United States have been conditioned to believe so much in their country that they are completely disillusioned by the idea that the powers that be would ever betray them. In fact that is just exactly what they did. They lied in more ways than one and hundreds if not thousands stood to gain gobs of money and having the gall to start attacking muslims ad nauseum, killing more than 3 million that is estimated, some grimmer estimates put it at more like 9 million. And who is behind this holocaust? None other than the jews. The Jews and Zionists are responsible for crimes against humanity and are terrorists at large. The lives lost on 9/11 were never justified in any shape or form by attacking muslim countries and to the contrary the perpetrators have enjoyed unrestrained corruption of the american government such that it now stands for lies and deception and the world should not stand for it! These would be overlords stole 9 trillion dollars recently just as they did on 9/11, steal 2.3 trillion.
Be aware that they have evil plans and intend to implement them in due course. These include the systematic murdering of american citizens who dissent, being put in fema camps and put in coffins that hold 3 to be incinerated, just like the Jews of world war 2. And let it be known that the tally of 6 million jews was invented and from every person to cite such a number they were proven to be deceivers. In what way is the extermination of Jews by hitler justification for subverting the first world governments and manipulating democratic nations into Orwellian prison nations where fear and corruption rule. Be ware of Obama, the government and the governments of western nations, but in particular, BEWARE of Israel. These culprits are cut throats and murderous of women children men the sick the elderly, and their wanton destruction of islam is the bain of all human existence. The new world order will never control the world. The people of the world will come together and forge an alliance against the forces of evil that truly exist behind the curtains of privilege and power.

9/11 is a big fat ugly lie that has elicited death and destruction, hate towards western nations. We have murdered 3 million people in the last 10 years and if you don’t call that a holocaust then what do you call it? The movie 9/11: The Biggest lie is my attempt at proving what exactly happened to the twin towers. It’s a long movie but it is chock full of info and video evidence of bombs going off inside the building, white smoke from nanothermite, and slow mo analysis of the towers’
destruction. I am trying to make people aware… to wake up to the fact that everything since 9/11 has been planned and based on this insidious lie. The movie is 2 hours 30 minutes. Please watch or pass this on because it’s crucial for people to know the truth: 9/11 was a lie.
James Easton

Are you interested in finding out the truth about 9/11? The truth is mired in layers of deception… it takes time… but we have everything you could possibly need to find out WHO did it, HOW it was done, WHO benefited, and the BS that has transpired since as a direct result of the BIGGEST LIE.
Truth is: 9/11 was a lie. Come visit our facebook page: 9/11 The BIGGEST LIE





Published on Dec 22, 2013

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I did not make this video all credit goes to Markus Allen

No-Plane Theory

Q. What about all the (hundreds, thousands, millions) of eyewitnesses?

A. If a real plane flew into the South Tower, there would indeed be thousands, if not 10’s of thousands of eyewitnesses. But there are astonishingly few people who actually claimed to have seen and heard a plane. The extreme LACK of eyewitnesses speaks in favor of no planes.

There are a number of eyewitnesses, like David Handschuh, who were looking at the tower, and swear they didn’t see a plane.

The few eyewitnesses that do exist are either (a) lying or (b) mistaken. The govern-media has trillions of dollars, and a hundred thousand secret agents. Manufacturing “eyewitnesses” is no problem. And let’s not discount false memory. Many studies have conclusively shown that fake video alters eyewitness accounts.

Q. Wouldn’t it have been easier to just use real airplanes?

A. No. There are insurmountable problems with that. A real plane would mostly explode against the side of the much stronger building, they needed the plane to appear to completely penetrate. A real plane might miss the target. A real plane would leave real evidence, and it would be the wrong evidence, which might be seen by the wrong people. A fake plane leaves no evidence, unless you make a mistake, such as allowing the nose of the airplane to pop out the back of a layer mask (see Chopper 5).

Q. What happened to the passengers and airplanes?

A. The real planes took off as advertised, and were hijacked by special ops. The planes were landed at Stewart Air Force Base, and replaced on radar by false blips. The passengers and crew were executed, blood and body samples taken. These samples were then planted at the “crash” locations, “found”, and then legitimate DNA testing was done.

Q. But I saw an airplane crashing into the tower on live TV!

A. No you didn’t. On live TV, you were shown “Chopper 5” and “Chopper 7”. Both of these video show a plane passing behind the edge of the tower, not hitting it. The videos that show the plane penetrating the building came later, after there was plenty of time to edit them. They look fake, because they are fake.

Q. How could they create a fake airplane from so many different angles, and have them all match?

A. Easy. First a 3D model of a single plane flight is modeled in a program like Lightwave or Maya. That flightpath can then be rendered from any virtual camera position.
Q. What about the airplane parts that were found on the street?

A. No parts were found BELOW the “impact” area, or in the gashes. The few parts that were found, were located BEYOND the tower, as if they made it all the way through and out the other side. I believe they shot an airplane part out of a cannon on the 80th floor of WTC2. That’s what it looks like on the video. This would explain why the molten metal was seen pouring out of that location before the demolition. They had to melt down the cannon, lest it be blown clear during the demolition.

Q. What about the phone calls?

A. What phone calls? The only recording of any phone call is Betty Ong, early in AA11. That probably was a real phone call, after the real hijackers had taken over the plane, and before they landed it at Stewart AFB. As to the rest of the alleged phone calls, they don’t exist. A “transcript” means nothing. What phone calls?

Q. If there was no plane crash, then what hit the WTC?

A. Nothing. It exploded from within.

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