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9/11 Cover Up Imploding (Mossad Job)

Uploaded by AMERSIDD on Sep 14, 2008

9/11 squibs laced all around the twin towers? is this the work of bush laden?

9-11 Cover Up Imploding(Mossad Job)Part 1

9-11 Cover Up Imploding(Control Demo) Part 2

9-11 Cover Up Imploding(Nano Thermite)Part 3

9-11 Cover Up Imploding(Molten Metal)Part 4-Over Drive

9-11 Cover Up Imploding (Lucky Larry Pull It) Part 5

9-11 Cover Up Imploding(NIST Involvement ) Part 6

Uploaded by GuerrillaNewsChannel on Mar 17, 2010

With multiple reports coming out within the last couple days of a airplane full of Israeli’s leaving JFK going to Tel Aviv the day of 9/11(WHILE EVERYBODY ELSE WAS GROUNDED)..Humm I wonder if they were involved in the control Demo of the Twins and 7..Plus a new report of the Bush White House telling the white wash commission not to dig into the events of 9/11!!!There isn’t a question in my mind 9/11 was a Mossad-CIA – MI6 job..People will hang for this treason that I promise!!!!!!


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