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A Jew Girl Got CREAMED!

A Jew Girl Got CREAMED!


“Judy was a Zionist Jew and very active at her university wanting to deny the Palestinians their recognition and proper homeland!”


Judy’s Audition Part #1


Judy’s Audition part #2


Subject: A very funny video of a Jew girl getting creamed
Date: Sun, 16 Dec 2012 10:29:34 +0800

Hi Sunflower honey,

Hope you are doing better these days, we all miss you.

I saw this video and just had to send you the YouTube link! Open-mouth smile I am sure you might want to use it in one of your blogs. Winking smile  This girl, Judy, is an obnoxious Jew, who thinks she is a talented actress….but, she doesn’t have any talent. But like a lot of Jews, she is always in your face. So, the guy who made the video tricked her into auditioning for a completely FAKE role in a movie….and he proceed to give this jerky Jewish girl a shampoo and creaming you wouldn’t believe…it is hilarious, he makes a complete fool out of her! Surprised smile  I loved seeing her get it. Let us know if you are going to use it in your blog, so we can visit and see it!


Love you,

Annie Red heart


On Wednesday, January 1, 2014 3:14 PM, annie <passitlong@hotmail.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower,
This guy who did the video responded with so much support because he really is glad you are doing something to expose the jews for what they are. He did these still frames for you so fast because he wants you to know that you do have supporters in your quest to bring the truth to light. He said there are many more pics yet to come!
Love you,





  1. Dearest Sunflower,

    I love this post in your blog. There is nothing like seeing an obnoxious Jew Girl getting exactly what she deserves….TOTAL HUMILIATION! Fantastic post!

  2. Oh, Sunflower, this is a fantastic post in your blog, I just love it! Judy the Jew gets a well deserved shampoo of that Jewish mop of hair…and the pies in her face, just perfect!

  3. Wow, Sunflower! Judy is right up front now! Fantastic! It looks like your “assistant” is doing a good job for you…LOL!

  4. I hate Zionism as much as anyone but this isnt funny. Christians are taught never to return evil fod evil.You are no better than they.

  5. That ending was awesome! You should have posted a pic of Judy at 6:33 from 2nd video. Wish she started a new trend among Jewish girls. They should stop wearing tichel and rather cover their hair with thick, gooey slime. We all must adore Judy the Jew for this!!!

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