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After I Posted the Petition the Fake Jews reply is “F”

After I Posted the Petition the Fake Jews reply is “F”


Ken Teo 6 hrs ·
I stand with Palestine. I stand against israel it’s existence and those who support illegal israel.


Government Says You Might Be a Terrorist If You Support Palestinians


After I have sent a mass email the Petition for a Palestinian Homeland most of the respond said that I got so much hatred for the Jews or it is Propaganda or it is all a lie so on an so fore but below are a few nasty ones.

The Zionist Joos on facebook use anti-semite and “F” words because this is their DNA too! But we got to answer them with grace and intellect.

On Thursday, April 9, 2015 1:16 AM, Uri Pachter <urip@export.gov.il> wrote:


On Saturday, March 14, 2015 7:09 AM, Eric Garris <egarris2@antiwar.com> wrote:

I am blinded by your vitriol and anger.


At 07:02 AM 3/14/2015, you wrote:



On Saturday, March 14, 2015 9:55 PM, Eric Garris <egarris2@antiwar.com> wrote:

People like you are doing the warmongers’ bidding. I find your deception to be offensive.

Please remove me from your list.


At 06:49 AM 3/14/2015, you wrote:

Hello Eric Garris,

Why remove your email? Your org is ANTI WAR in fact you MUST MASS EMAIL TO RALLY FOR SUPPORT TO STOP EVIL ZIONIST ISRAEL TO BOMB IRAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunflower Chong


On Saturday, March 14, 2015 9:26 PM, Eric Garris <editor@antiwar.com> wrote:

Please remove me from you mailing list.


At 11:24 PM 3/13/2015, you wrote:

On Saturday, March 14, 2015 2:19 PM, Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dear EU Leaders,


The October Surprice, Ronald Reagan and the Media – GET (votes of) CARTER! (1988)

During the 1980 presidential campaign, George Bush and Bill Casey offered an arms deal to the Iranians in exchange for holding the US hostages LONGER to get Reagan into the White House.

It’s not a conspiracy theory. It happened. d.





Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,

Sunflower Chong


Simone Morath
Simone Morath 10:13am May 9
Get lost, anti-Semitic bitch! Don’t ever PM me again!

On Tuesday, April 29, 2014 11:44 AM, Facebook <notification+kjdm17h_vj1i@facebookmail.com> wrote:

Peter Israel    11:14am Apr 29

Why are you sending me this? it’s abunch of lies.


Jeff Holand replied to your comment on Ynetnews’s post.

This guy Jeff wrote this about me last night: “u smell like donkey dick.get a life deadflower.what is a cunt like u doing on our site anyway.u antisemite bitch.goat smelling twat.”


Another one name Michael Louis Weissman replied to my comment on Ynetnews’s post.

Michael Louis wrote: “The Jew-haters love that expulsion statistic, as if it reflected badly on Jews. The vast majority of expulsions were from cities in Christian Europe during the Dark Ages. Jews were expelled by people who believed in demonic possession, used leeches for every disease, and burned women as witches – along with their cats – as consorts and familiars. While that was going on in Europe, Jews lived relatively peaceful lives in North Africa and the Middle East. Definitely second-class citizens – dhimmi – but only rarely persecuted and expelled from a city but once. While Europe had regressed to a primitive state, the Islamic world was advancing science, mathematics, philosophy, and medicine. So, expelling the Jews was part and parcel of a backward and stagnating culture. It was the tolerant one – the Caliphate – that represented true civilization at the time. The expulsions were more about Christian Europe at the time rather than anything the Jews were doing.”

Yes, they are ignorant and spiteful, Sunflower! We will win!


Michael Louis Weissman replied to your comment on Ynetnews’s post.

Michael Louis wrote: “I knew a girl named Sunflower when I was stationed overseas. Not sure what her last name was, but could have been Chong; she was Asian but was born somewhere else. Lived in a big house with lots of other young ladies she called her sisters. With all flower names: Violet, Daisy, Rose, Lily, but once my buddies and me became regulars, we called them all “Mei Mei,” which means “Little Sister.” There was a big guy there too, played the piano. He was called “Professor.” And there was this one older lady everyone called Madam Sue; she was in charge. Sometimes a man drank too much and got angry. Then Professor would just pick him up and throw him into the creek out back. Mostly that sobered them up and they went away but sometimes they drowned and would lay there floating for a long time until the police came and took them away. Are you that same Sunflower? If so, it’s a small world, huh?”


Beatrice Mada replied to your comment on Ynetnews’s post.

Beatrice wrote: “posting the same shit over and over again doesn’t help your case. Shows you’re not only desperate and clueless – but a brain-dead ignoramus who’s IQ is lower than her age…. go get a life – what are you doing here on JEWISH/ISRAELI public pagers supporting our businesses and advertisers you idiot? Nobody told you how FB works?”

Dear Robin,

You know Zionist Israel when others do not agree with them they will just KILL the person. The countries that do not listen to them they BOMB the country and this GOT TO STOP AND MUST STOP! Listen to what Idi Amin said about Israel – http://thepoisonappleoftheworld.com/idi-amin-discusses-israel/ and what Bobby Fisher a Jew said about Israel  http://thepoisonappleoftheworld.com/bobby-fischer-his-hatred-for-jews/

You must not be in denial in fact you must open up to learn the truth about your leaders and here is an article how the Evil Zionist Jews killed Jews to achieve their objective of the State of Israel – http://thepoisonappleoftheworld.com/ben-gurion-scandals/ http://thepoisonappleoftheworld.com/albert-einstein-said-no-to-a-jewish-state/


Robin Beth    8:37am Apr 25

I accepted you as a member but I haven’t invited anyone to the group. Please read the rules here. We are not interested in excuses here this is a problem solving group. Please do not bring in negative posts about neither group of people 🙂


Sunflower Chong    8:31am Apr 25



Ari Greenblatt    10:41am Apr 25

All this Rothschild stuff

Ari Greenblatt    10:41am Apr 25

Sunflower that’s just cheap propoganda


Sunflower Chong    10:40am Apr 25



Sunflower Chong    9:04am Apr 25

The world problem is not with the Israelis but with Zionist Israel who is control by the Rothschild and his evil gangs of Zionists. The Israelis like all of you who wish for co-existence must first be willing to know your history instead of constant denial. In fact people like us know more about HOW ISRAEL CAME ABOUT then you Jewish people why? Because we are listening from not only one source but vary sources. http://thepoisonappleoftheworld.com/the-rothschilds-bought-israel-from-the-palestinian-landlords-in-ww1/ (do you know youtube taken out a lot of the videos I have posted, why? But I always got a way to find it and it take a lot of my times and do you question me why I do it, don’t I have better things to do?)

As long as the evil Zionist Rothschild and his gangs have the stranglehold of Israel and the world how are you going to co-exit because Zionist Israel will not allow you to do so. Who wants to bring the Messiah back and who is this Messiah that the Zionist Jews got to go to the extend to almost destroy the world to achieve it? Do ordinary Israelis think like the Zionist Government? The Jewish people I learn cannot marry outside their race while the whole world is encouraged to do so the so call melting pot except the pot of the JEWS must be PURE, what utter rubbish and the Israelis just accept what their fundamentalist leaders said, why?

Once the ordinary Jewish people rebel against their government then you can work together on co-existence. As long as the Israel government control by the Evil Zionist Jews you can forget about co-existence instead prepare for WW3 because since they cannot BOMB Iran the evil Zionist Jews will use UKRAINE as an excuse to do so! The peace of the world is in the hands of the ordinary Jews and it is time for all of you to Wake Up because a lot of good Jews are doing so:) By the way all my 3 blogs were designed by a Jew in America and I do not know it until recently. This blog with Rabin face is so HOPEFUL but google will not allow the homepage to appear on the iphone, why? Steven has created the WHD site too – http://www.worldharmonyday.com/ and he is the administrator for WHD. This was what Steven said in his mail to me when he agreed to come on board to LIBERATE PALESTINE,

“I think what you’re trying to achieve is wonderful, and in fact can work and bring about change, as it has been done in many other movements around the world. If no one does this, then who will? We must be the change we wish to see in the world, and we have to start somewhere to begin that change. I also appreciate your sentiment in wanting to use my services. That makes me feel like my life is giving something good to someone who deserves only the very best, and a cause that will hopefully bring about a change in the world for the better for everyone.”


Peter Israel    5:18pm Mar 13

I, myself was removed from a BDS (open) group, which I found quite disturbing, that people aren’t prepared to view issues from more than one angle. As the group is defined closed gives the possibility to focus on a certain topic more intensely but lets not limit to “yesmen”. Let’s keep an open mind. The best is to ignore, should there be provocateurs.


Robin Beth    10:34am Feb 18

Welcome to all our new members as well as old. Please before posting read the about section here. This group is about the Coexistance of two people’s Israelis and Palestinians. It includes the acceptance that Israel is here to stay as well as the Palestinians and unless they want more and more generations of war and bloodshed it is time to accept this and try to find ways to peacefully live in what both people call their homelands. If this is not part of your belief system then please feel free to leave. This is practical group not a political one. Our discussions are about suggestions ideas and examples how both people Israelis and Palestinians can live together on the West Bank or what some call Judea and Samaria and work toward Coexistance.


Now Got Another New ATTACK from another Jew of course!

From: WordPress <donotreply@wordpress.com>
To: sunflower_chong@yahoo.com
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2012 10:39 PM
Subject: [dearmmlee] Please moderate: “Until Now Jews Are Still GREAT Bullies!”

New comment waiting approval on dearmmlee

Jewish forever commented on Until Now Jews Are Still GREAT Bullies!

Jews are just regular people like you and me. Well actually not you cuz u are a anti semetic prick, too much hate agaisnt a friendly people

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More information about Jewish forever

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My Reply to The PRICK!

28 March 2012

Thank you for your comment, but I must correct you, I cannot be a “prick” because I am a woman, so perhaps “bitch” would be more to your liking in describing me. You see, I do think that your intelligence is dangling between your legs, so I am not surprised by your small minded, mean spirited comment. The Jews are unable to handle any criticism (you seem like a great example) and immediately start calling anyone who disagrees with them “Anti-Semitic”!” Typical of bullies and cowards. Have a nice day and do
enjoy these videos:You said Jews are friendly people please watch this,



After sending the Petition to AOM, I got a reply that said, “The Petition Letter Was Disgusting.” I got my Worst Shock when I discovered the Removal of All the Email Addresses from their Site!

From: Edwin <e@rhsmi.umd.edu
To: Sunflower Chong <sunflower_chong@yahoo.com>
Sent: Thursday, November 17, 2011 12:16 AM
Subject: Re: Call for Support for a Palestinian State – Online Petition

“Your email is disgusting. How many states have been threatened with extinction by every surrounding country for over 60 years and been force to fight 5 or 6 wars just for survival.

There should be no discussion with the PLO until and unless they openly recognize Israel’s right to exist.

I don’t accept double standards. Shame on you. Take me off your mailing list. E.

Dian called Sunflower Chong Sun Wah a demon because I brought the truth out and share it in my blogs. So what are we going to call the Evil Zionist Jews who did and is still doing all the demonic act like in Syria?
Dian Grossma Kjaergaard 7:13pm Jul 11
Nonsense. Use your energy on something constructive, like really helping the Palestinians. Your Israel-bashing is sick and destructive.You live in a demonic world of your own making – I feel very sorry for you. Not even Khaled Mashal believes your theories: Mashal praises kidnappers, say Hamas has no information.
On Friday, April 25, 2014 8:25 AM, Dian Kjærgaard <notification+kjdm17h_vj1i@facebookmail.com> wrote:Dian Kjærgaard commented on your post in Federation of Israel-Palestine.
Dian Kjærgaard    8:25am Apr 25     
How does this contribute to the goal of peace and co-existence between Israel and Palestine?

Sunflower Chong    7:53am Apr 25 

http://thepoisonappleoftheworld.com/israel-will-crumble-if-everyone-watches-this/http://zioncrimefactory.com/jew-world-order/ http://youtu.be/-qBgqF9SOhY

Uploaded on Aug 15, 2010 ht…On


Tuesday, April 29, 2014 12:42 PM, Facebook <notification+kjdm17h_vj1i@facebookmail.com> wrote:

Dian Kjærgaard    12:12pm Apr 29   

Hi Sunflower – nice to hear from you. The petition is a bit vague. If it means the Shamir-Rabin peace plan from 1989, this had four main issues:Strengthening of the peace between Israel and Egypt on the basis of the Camp David Accords; establishing peace between Israel and other Arab countries; finding a solution to the problem of Arab refugees; and holding elections in the West Bank and Gaza Strip for a Palestinian leadership which will be able to negotiate an interim agreement for self-government and on a subsequent permanent solution. It assumed: Direct negotiations between Israel and Arab representatives; a veto on the option of establishing two Palestinian entities – in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip; Israel will not negotiate with the PLO; and, as per the Government’s decision, there will be no change in the status of sovereignty over Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip (hence, no withdrawal from these territories).

Source: http://www.facebook.com/l/kAQGRj3q6AQFHChXNRGt-wNvuqp2DuEGjIGGFbjXTbZ5NOw/www.knesset.gov.il/lexicon/eng/peace_init_eng.htm

Well, I could certainly agree to that. But the petition is filled with foul language and lies.What is your agenda?Peace Initiative of the National Unity Government



On Friday, May 16, 2014 7:32 PM, Dian Kjærgaard <notification+kjdm17h_vj1i@facebookmail.com> wrote:

Dian Kjærgaard commented on your post in Free Muslims Coalition’s Task Force on Israel/Palestine.
Dian Kjærgaard    7:32pm May 16     

Sunflower – if you really care about the Palestinians -try doing something constructive.  


Dian Kjærgaard    7:31pm May 16    

And this: https://www.facebook.com/newpage4peace/photos/a.271275919563528.72635.269313299759790/770904512933997/?type=1     


Dian Kjærgaard    7:30pm May 16  

I think you need to take a more positive attitude – “World Harmony Day” seems like the wrong label for what you are advertising. Instead how about this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arab-Israeli_peace_projects    


Dian Kjærgaard    7:21pm May 16 

And for your general edification: http://jewishrefugees.blogspot.dk/2014/05/the-letter-that-never-got-published.html (and many other posts on this blog).

This particular post shows expulsion of Jews by Arabs from the Middle east starting in 1948.

It is even more interesting to learn about prior acts of aggression against Jews in the Arab world (including what was conquered in Spain, etc.) Here is a partial list:

— before modern-day increases of the number of Jews in/returning to Israel:

627: Medina

628: Khaybar

1009 to 1013: siege and fall of Córdoba, Spain (part of the Arab world at that time]

1033: Fez massacre [aslo 1035, 1146, 1275, 1465 ]l

1066: Granada massacre

1090: Granada

1146: Marrakesh

1232: Marrakesh

1247: Meknes

1492: Touat

1517- 1518: Hebron

1517: Safed pogrom

1785: Tripoli

1834: Safed pogrom

1839: Allahdad Incident

1840: Damascus affair

1736: Alger

1790: Tetuan

1805: Alger

1815: Alger

1828: Bagdad

1830: Alger

1830: Tabriz

1834: Safed

1839: Mashhad

— Concurrent with the rising number of Jews in geographical Palestine (which was province in the Ottoman Empire until 1917, thereafter British Mandate until 1948)

1867: Barfurush

1910: Shiraz blood libel

1927: Elza Niego affair

1929: Hebron massacre

1929: Safed riots

1934: Thrace pogroms

1938: Tiberias massacre

1941: Farhud pogrom

1945: Cairo pogrom

1945: Tripoli pogrom

1947: Aden pogrom

1947: Aleppo pogrom

1947: Jerusalem riots.


Dian Kjærgaard    7:14pm May 16

And some nuances about the tragedies suffered by everyone in connection with the Israeli War of Independence – and advocating that Israel (and the world) should, of course teach about the Naqba – in a historical context



Dian Kjærgaard    7:11pm May 16  

Let’s get some nuances here! http://www.facebook.com/l.php? – from retired Saudi Arabian colonel Abdulateef Al-Mulhim: u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.arabnews.com%2Fnews%2F570476&h=6AQG05nyO

– a little bit of loving spanking to the Palestinians (Al-Mulhim has a great love for the Palestinian people – see for example http://destination-yisrael.biblesearchers.com/destination-yisrael/2012/11/abdulateef-al-mulhim-what-if-the-arabs-had-recognized-israel-in-1948.html    

UN MUST CALL FOR WORLD SPRING! | World Harmony Dayworldharmonyday.com
Nakba; means Catastrophe which refers to the atrocious exodus that the Palestinian people suffered…
Sunflower Chong    10:24pm May 15  
How the rest of the world would benefit If you’re interested, please get in touch with me (we’re just collecting email addresses at this point) – some of us have developed a workable strategy for moving forward, but we need a bunch of people to help out. We envision a three-pronged campaign, in Israel itself, within the Palestinian communities and, most vitally, among the population in the West. It was worldwide moral outrage that undid South African apartheid, along with the resistance of the oppressed, working together with their white South African allies, and, eventually, the recognition by key members of the ruling elite that the jig was up. This will be more difficult, because the power elites in the West weren’t part of the problem then as they are now. The craven, hypocritical politicians have been bought and are terrified of the Israel Lobby. The Zionists own the mainstream media and are in firm control of the Universities. This will be more of a challenge than Apartheid in So. Africa or overcoming Jim Crow and segregation in the US was, but we the people can do it, and it has to be done.It’s high time that One State advocacy went from being a few voices crying in the wilderness to a worldwide movement that will solve the central international political crisis of our time and, potentially, transform our world.Roger Tucker
One Democratic State

  • Yacov FridmanChong Again you spread rewritten history for Idiots you ignorant fool. Go search real history books like: TRISTRAM (HENRY BAKER) “Pathways of Palestine. A Descriptive Tour through the Holy Land”, read it & shut you mouth! He wasn’t Zionist neither he was a Jew! He walked the paths of Israel in 1882 and he tells about what he see. The real facts – NOT Propaganda Shit like you Spread around.
  • Sunflower Chonghttp://worldharmonyday.com/palestine-constitution/


    There are more than 50 Israeli laws that discriminate against Palestinian citize… See More
  • Kenneth HammondWalked the paths of Israel in1882, lol hardly Yacov, Israel was nonexistent in 1882., but why let facts spoil a good fantasy eh?
  • Yacov FridmanKennet Instead of mumbling Better read that book too, You can ad Mark Twain book about his experience in the holly land too. Maybe then you will talk less invented anti – Israeli propaganda if you are for real …
  • Kenneth HammondLOL, Even your original comment Yacov Fridman mentions “books like: TRISTRAM (HENRY BAKER) “Pathways of Palestine” in 1882. A Descriptive Tour through the Holy Land” did you forget what you wrote in your ziopanic? Israel did not exist in 1882,Palestine however did.
  • Sunflower ChongYacov Fridman please view these video Palestine revisited http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/palestine…/ And this too – http://www.abc.net.au/4cor…/stories/2014/02/10/3939266.htm


    Part 1 Part 2 Uploaded on Feb 21, 2009 Obadiah 1 6 How are the things of Esau se… See More
  • Yacov FridmanKenneth Hammond Your Ignorance is Breathtaking Blessing … It’s About time you and many like you look in the mirror & open history books: In the territories of Israel there is not a single Arab who hasn’t Arab homeland (and yes they are Arabs). They invaded / creep in / inject themselves – in to Israel. They were sponsored, encouragement and supported by occupying Ottoman and British occupiers but they didn’t turned consequently into owner or sovereigns of this land.

    Open the world map. You will see that he Arab states (22) hold much more land than the area of the European continent, and area of all Muslim countries (56) covers about a third of the Earth. Huge space indescribable. Resources of oil and unfathomable wealth.
    So on the face of it, it’s just fine that the Jewish people will be in one small country of Their own, without having to share it with another Muslim Arab, no? And let me tell you a few words about Nation “Palestinians”. Guess what – They are not a Nation. “Palestinians” are a Muslim fiction, aimed at a single cause – to conquer the Land of Israel from the Jews.

    Let’s start with the name:
    The Romans conquered Israel and called it as a part of the act of occupation, “Provincia Palestine “- In the name of the Philistines who dwell in the Israeli coastal cities. The Philistines were redheaded seafarers who reached the shores of Israel from Europe, and disappeared from our region about -1600 years before the birth of Muhammad. Those red haired Arabs who you may see today come from certain villages and are … relatives of British Army occupation wonders…
    Arabs who originate in Arabia do not have any connection to Philistines – not genetic, not religious, not cultural, not geographical or historical. They are Arabs not Philistines. Romans could equally call Israel “Provincia Switzerland”. Would that make them Swiss?

    And about Israel. Pick up any historical records, Any historical map or any historian who is accepted by the International Academy and show us where is the state of Palestine existed, when ever in human history was a state or country called Palestine, when ever in human history existed people named “Palestinian”, who they were , where from they came, and what is their relationship to the area of Land which is Israel. Please go & find one serious historic researcher individual, anywhere in the world, including Muslim and Arab researchers (including Muslim Qur’an, in which the land of Israel called the ‘Land of Israel, the land of Israelis) to support “Palestinian” narrative of reinvented history.
    There is documentation from the British Mandate, Turkish documentation from the Ottoman period, a record of all conquests that took place over the Land of Israel – no trace of the Palestinian people and Palestinian state…
    “Palestinian Arabs” are a cluster of cases of fractions and phalanges from around the Muslim world who hate each other almost. . . Almost like they hate us. This is actually the only thing that unites them & you you – hate Zionists / Jews / Israelis Etc…. This is the basis of most miserable drive for common case against Israel to began with!
    In 1948, the number of Arabs in the Land of Israel was the same as the number of Jews living in Arab countries.
    Twentieth century was a century of migration and population exchanges across the entire planet. Jews from Arab countries immigrated to their homeland in Israel. All Arabs from Israel were to emigrate to the United Arab homeland .. Not only they chose not do that – they continue to infiltrate and penetrate into Israel in any sophisticated way imaginable, and its policy of Israel’s feeble allowed makes it possible.
    Today they actually have a Palestinian state is Jordan. But they want to imagine three of Palestine: Jordan, 2nd – “New Palestine” to be established in Gaza and the West bank, and of course that 3rd -by the Israeli Arabs who identify themselves as “Palestinians” while continue to live in Israel and do their most to bring more and more Palestinian “brothers” under any pretext from all around the world into Israel. Thus they believe, in a decade or two Jews will be a minority in their own country and Israel will become 3rd Palestine. Unsurprisingly it’s a Not for us.
    So this is what will eventually happen, even if our left spread illusions that fill the great hope for all of you Haters & “Palestinians” alike: “Palestinians” will return to their homelands – In Arab States they came from. This will happen eventually either by good will or by harm way.
    Over the years (with the Zionist settlement success) “Palestinians” adopted themselves the Jewish ethos, that is – the sanctity of Jerusalem and the right of return to Zion. While Arabs built a mosque in the center of the Jewish sanctuary on the ruins of Jewish Temple (common Muslim practice in our world), their holy city is still Mecca and they turn their behind to Jerusalem and face Mecca 5 times a day while they Pray. Therefore they do posses the right to return to their homelands – In Arab states around Israel.

    In conclusion, I will refer you to humorous chronicles book called: “The Innocents Abroad”. It was written by Samuel Longhorn (commonly known as Mark Twain). He toured Israel Holy Land with a group of American travelers in 1867. Book published in 1869 Twain called this humorously: “Great Pleasure Excursion” . He did not see No Palestinian, no orchards and lush, no Arab villages, not cities avidity Nothing of such… What he saw and describes is disrepair, swamps, cholera, malaria, Sands… “Land of Tears”, as he called the Land of Israel. That all started to change with the Jewish return… Everything that is here, this paradise called Israel was Build by Jewish genius & hard work. It’s no wonder “Palestinian” Arabs & their brothers covet it! You & Others can try to reinvent the History – that wont help you. Those who preach hate – some day it will face them back. Arabs who flocked in to gain from Jewish Project flourished, those who wanted to take it from Jews by force paid their price. Jews are here to stay. Live with it – if not don’t expect our sympathy. Proud Israeli Jew.
  • Yacov FridmanSunflower please view North Korea Propaganda – Maybe there you will better understand what’s going on, or lecture Chinese, Pakistanis, Libyans, Yemen’s, Syrians, Iraqis Etc… about their attitude In Internal & External Policies, instead of re-posting Pali Propaganda Lies… on matters you have no basic comprehension about…
  • Kenneth HammondThe Palestinian homeland Yacov Fridman is historic Palestine, the fact that Palestinians are Arab by culture and language does not change that fact, nor does your spiel change that fact. Palestinians are in their rightful place on the planet, in Palestine, the sooner you, an immigrant, get used to that fact the better, your spiel changes nothing. Palestinians have made an offer a two state outcome based on the ’67 lines with East Jerusalem as its Capital, a very generous offer indeed considering that Israel’s borders and therefor the only space Israel has any rights to, considering that to date Israel has not legally annexed any new territory to its ’48 extent, is the state of Israel as declared in accord with the Partition plan of Nov 1947. That is your actual states full sovereign extent, if you don’t want our offer of the ’67 lines then you can enjoy yourselves in your state behind its declared and accepted borders. That is the only offer on the table.

    The rest of your spiel Yacov Fridman is quite frankly a load of zionist bollocks, to say the least.Your spiel just reenforces the fact that you are just another no brainer ignorant zionist immigrant that knows fuck all about the history of Palestine and its people, and are only fit and able to spew zionist propaganda.
  • Kenneth HammondHere is my spiel Yacov Fridman, in response to your assertion…

    .”And let me tell you a few words about Nation “Palestinians”. Guess what – They are not a Nation.”

    Well history begs to differ with your unsupported assertions, Yacov Fridman.As it does with everything else you consider to be facts, Guess what-They are Not Facts, they are your unsubstantiated assertions!!

    The substance of both Article 129 of the draft Treaty of Sèvres and Article 35 of the draft Treaty of Lausanne, had been already incorporated some months previously, albeit in different form, in Article 7 of the Palestine Mandate in 1922.

    In a broader international legal context, the “Nationality law… showed that the Palestinians formed a nation, and that Palestine was a State, though provisionally under guardianship”.

    The “Palestinian Citizenship Order 1925”, was enacted by Britain on 24 July 1925. Pursuant to its Article 26, the Citizenship Order came into force on 1 August 1925. It was amended in 1931 and several times thereafter. By 1939, significant provisions of the 1925 Citizenship Order had been altered. An additional two amendments were passed in 1940-42. The original Order and its amendments were reproduced in 1944 in a single instrument called the Consolidated Palestinian Citizenship Orders, 1925.

    The 1925 Citizenship Order constituted the ‘nationality law’ of Palestine, which was referred to in Article 7 of the Palestine Mandate.In as early as 1925 Palestinian became a distinct’ NATIONAL IDENTITY’, separate from the Ottoman nationality of Palestinian citizens under Turkish rule,a nationality afforded to any and all citizen of the provisional State of Palestine.

    In the broader international context, the 1925 Palestinian “Nationality law… showed that the Palestinians formed a nation, and that Palestine was a State, though provisionally under guardianship. The inclusion of Palestinian nationality in the text of the Palestine Mandate was the first step towards an international recognition of the Palestinian people as distinct from the Ottoman people.

    Other domestically enacted legislation set out different rights and duties for Palestinians and for foreigners. Such legislation included, inter alia, the Regulations made under Article 67 of the Palestine Order in Council on the Powers of Consuls in matters of Personal Status of Nationals of their State of 15 November 1922; and the Succession Ordinance of 8 March 1923. The latter Ordinance distinguished between foreigners and Palestinians with regard to the jurisdiction of civil courts in cases of inheritance. It directly employed the term ‘Palestinian citizen’ in Articles 3 and 4.

    The Palestine Mandate, Britain issued the Palestine Order in Council on 10 August 1922. The Order intended to execute, through domestic legislation, the international obligations laid down in the Mandate. It was regarded, both substantively and administratively, as a constitution – it set up the legal foundations for the Legislature as well as the Judiciary and the Executive in Palestine. In its official Arabic version, that order was called dustour, which literally means ‘constitution,’ and courts dealt with it as such. In several cases before the Supreme Court of Palestine, it was confirmed that the said Order in Council had a constitutional value to the extent that all lower-level legislation should comply with it and all authorities had to adhere to its provisions, including the High Commissioner. http://unispal.un.org/…/0/C7AAE196F41AA055052565F50054E656

    The sovereignty of any territory is vested in that territories people, Palestinian sovereignty remained well and truly intact during and after the mandate period, Palestinian sovereignty continues to this day, as attested to in numerous UN declarations and Resolutions, it is this primary Palestinian national identity that zionists continue to suppress, the invasion of Palestinian territory under plan Dalet, being an expression of this zionist quest to deny expression of Palestinian nationality.

    The Palestinian mandate did expire in 1948, the legal identity and sovereignty of Palestinians did not, sovereignty of territory is vested in its people, in 1948, The State of Israel gained independent from Palestine, on acceptance of the provisions of UNGA181, no longer part of Palestine, not of Palestine, Israel’s International borders with the State of Palestine were established upon Israel’s declaration of sovereign independence from Palestine, when Israel declared its obligations to the legally binding statutes pertaining to Sovereignty.

    During the Mandate era: The English High Court held that even if the passport which was in the possession of a Palestinian citizen was termed as a ‘British Passport’, this would not make him a British citizen. Yet the passport was considered by the British High Court as: prima facie evidence of ‘Palestinian Nationality’. In order to request a Palestinian passport, the application would be supported with evidence of Palestinian citizenship.

    Under Ottoman rule, the inhabitants of Palestine were Ottoman subjects constituting a sector of the larger ‘Ottoman people’. To acquire Palestinian nationality at its first inception, one was required to hold status as an Ottoman citizen under the Ottoman Nationality Law, 1869. When Palestine was legally separated from Turkey on July 24 1923, Ottoman citizens who resided in the territory of Palestine became ipso-facto’Palestinian citizens’. This being confirmed by the Palestinian Citizenship Order which was enacted by the British in 1925.Hence it is imperative to view Ottoman nationality as it formed the basis of Palestinian nationality in accordance with international law.

    The government of Palestine instructed its immigration officers with the following:
    “As the possession of a Palestinian passport was primes facie evidence that the holders are a Palestinian citizen… such passports will not in general be examined”.

    In other words when a Palestinian traveller presented his travel documents to immigration, the Palestinian passport was sufficient to prove the authenticity of the holders ‘Palestinian nationality’

    Laws enacted by the Palestinian mandate authorities determining The legal status of the (provisional) State of Palestine.

    The Palestinian Citizenship Order 1925

    (2). The Palestine Order in Council 1922

  • Kenneth HammondArticle 7 of the Mandate for Palestine, required that the Palestinian Government enact a ‘NATIONALITY LAW’

    The significance of this provision was summarized by the Supreme Court of Palestine, on 28 February 1929, in Palevitch v. Chief Immigration Officer.This case related to an immigrant Jew from Italy who applied for naturalization in Palestine. The Court held:

    “Article [7 of the Mandate] is concerned with the enactment of a nationality law in which, so says this Article of the Mandate, there are to be included provisions framed so as to facilitate the acquisition of Palestinian citizenship by Jews who take up their permanent residence in Palestine. This has been done by the passing of the Palestine Citizenship Order, 1925, in which there are embodied, in Art. 7(1), a number of qualifications [for] naturalisation.”

    Based on this provision, massive numbers of foreign Jews were NATIONALISED in Palestine. At the end of the mandate, the total number of Jewish persons who applied for and acquired ‘PALESTINIAN NATIONALITY’ reached 132,616. Officially, Jewish representatives encouraged Jews to apply for ‘PALESTINIAN NATIONALITY.’ Immigrant Jews as a result of the above provisions in law, acquired Palestinian NATIONALITY.

    Does your tiny brain, Yacov Fridman allow you to comprehend?
  • Ari GreenblattHow dare u sister Chong
  • 5 hrs · Like · 1
  • Sunflower ChongAri, What have I done wrong again?
  • Sunflower ChongYacov Fridman, the evil Zionist Jews did not like me to put Arafat & Gandhi pictures on my Poison blog so they took away Jetpack (image). Why are they afraid of I wondered? Now MUST READ THIS TO UPGRADE YOUR BRAINhttp://truthaholics.wordpress.com/…/palestine-and-the…/


    Palestine and the first Zionist Colony 1878 ~ ATTENDING THE WORLD, We risk becoming the best informed society that ever died of ignorance; Source.     In 1516 Palestinians began four centuries…

  • Sunflower ChongYacov Fridman TEL AVIV your paradise built on STOLEN LAND aren’t you ashamed what your forefather had done and sold to all of you as Truth! You ZIONIST JEWS HAVE NO BALLS that is why you kept holding the world leaders balls, right! Or need their balls to make you MEN! IF YOU DARE TO DO ALL THESE EVIL ACT ADMIT IT LIKE A MAN INSTEAD OF HIDING UNDER THE AMERICA FLAG TO COMMIT ALL EVILS!

    Sunflower Chong's photo.
  • Yacov FridmanKennet Hammon the wise lite house of knowledge… Where in the fuck you see there legitimate self ruled Entity? You refer to provisional directive (not even low) issued by Instrument of the Ruling British Mandate. That “Palestinian Nationality” you refer to served as a instrumental tool for both: Jews & Arabs to get into This land & to receive British services. It Was Not issued by Sovereign Government! So if you tried to hang on that as proof of “Palestine” existence – you have to try harder, & for start not to embarrass yourself with such nonsense… I see you aren’t accustomed to read & understand Legal documents, only propaganda leaflets, so sock up.

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