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Almighty God is with President Putin always


Russian Appeals to International Community Ignored: Dangerous Ignorance Is Our New Reality



Is it any wonder that your average, well educated, public minded American, Briton, Frenchman, or Belgian is largely clueless about the key international events that are today leading the international community to the brink of world war after reading his or her favorite newspaper of record, be it The New York Times, The Guardian, Le Figaro or Le Soir, and trying to catch the news bulletins on local state television, or on Euronews or the BBC for that matter.

I will take one vivid example from this week to drive home the reality of a news blackout that cuts across the United States and Europe media when something which might upset the complacency of the audience about Russia comes up. On Wednesday, 2 December, the Russian Ministry of Defense invited several hundred journalists and all the military attaches of accredited embassies in Moscow to a briefing at which Deputy Minister Anatoly Antonov presented reconnaissance photos taken from satellites and aircraft proving the existence of a massive logistical operation that has been bringing illicit oil from wells in Iraq and Syria controlled by the Islamic State jihadists by tanker truck across the border with Turkey and onward to processing facilities for local use and to port installations from where it is shipped to third countries. The key points in this operation were identified explicitly. Given the scale, involving thousands of tankers on the move, the revenue from these sales would amount to hundreds of millions of euros per year, sufficient to finance extensively the recruitment of fighters and military supplies for the terrorists.


Putin to NWO Agents: You Are a Bunch of Idiots, Puppets, and Morons

Putin is actually winning largely because he doesn’t lower his moral and intellectual standards to meet the stupid needs of NWO agents.

"Oh, what did I mean when I said that NWO agents 'you have no common sense?' That means you can't reason. That means I have to give you milk like babies."

“Oh, what did I mean when I said that NWO agents ‘have no common sense?’ That means they are blinded by a diabolical ideology which does not allow them to draw rational conclusions. This diabolical ideology is hostile to much of the West, and I’m trying to perform an exorcism on people who espouse that ideology. Got it now?”

…by Jonas E. Alexis

NWO agents are still learning from Putin—and he keeps on surprising them. Putin is actually winning largely because he doesn’t lower his moral and intellectual standards to meet the stupid and diabolical needs of NWO agents.

A few weeks ago, Putin tried to reason with them. He eventually told them quite explicitly: “Do you have any common sense”? Take a look:

If you think that Putin is not making any rational point here, just consider this. U.S. defense secretary Ash Carter has recently said:

“Make no mistake, the United States will fly, sail and operate wherever international law allows, as we do around the world, and the South China Sea will not be an exception.”[1]

As VT readers already know, international laws are just toilet papers for NWO agents and Satan worshipers. As Jim W. Dean has recently pointed out, “If Islamic State agreed to serve US interests tomorrow, the US response would be, ‘What piece of Syria would you like?’”

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