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America Jewllywood – Famous & Successful Jews

Jews Who Control Hollywood Tell Stars: Better Not Mention Palestine









• New No. 1 Rule in Hollywood: Don’t utter the “P” word if you want to keep your career alive.

By Michael Collins Piper —

It’s official: Right now the No. 1 rule in Hollywood is that you can talk about anything political—except Israel’s attack on the Christians and Muslims in Gaza, Palestine. That’s not a conspiracy theory from critics of Israel or Jew-hating neo-Nazis. Instead, that was the thesis of a candid article in the August 1 edition of The Hollywood Reporter (THR), influential trade journal of the entertainment industry.

In fact, the article was bluntly titled: “Rule 1: Talk About Anything Political in Hollywood . . . Except Gaza.”

Hollywood Full Of Jew Mossad, Mel Gibson & Richard Nixon Were Right!

The Incredible Success of Jews in America

Uploaded on Nov 27, 2011

This video examines the dramatic overrepresentation of Jewish Americans in powerful fields. The real question is whether this over-achievment comes at the hands of hard work, intelligence, and a focus on education or as a result of racism, nepotism, and tribalism.



Published on Mar 25, 2012

Jewish gang of Rabbis arrested for selling body parts !!!


Famous jews of Hollywood

Published on Mar 28, 2013

Song is Keshehalev Boche by Sarit Hadad.
Partial list of Jewish actors, actresses and singers.
This list includes celebrity’s such as Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, James Franco, Adam Sandler, Scarlett Johansson, Drake, pink and much more!


100 MORE Jewish actors & actresses of Hollywood

Published on May 22, 2012

100 MORE Jewish actors & actresses of Hollywood

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