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Ariel Sharon The DEVIL

Ariel Sharon The DEVIL



Qualifications: Killer. Terrorist. War Criminal. Presided over the massacres of some 2-3,000 civilians at the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps in Beirut. Founded Unit 101 (a notorious death squad within the Israeli Defense Force). For many years, commanded cross-border Unit 101 raids, for example, the 1953 massacre at Qibia (Kibya) where civilians were blown up while inside their houses.



Case Closed: Ariel Sharon Was Not Just A War Criminal, But An Assassin Too

Hats off to my buddy, Clayton Swisher, of Al Jazeera for his tireless reporting on the death of Yasir Arafat. Swisher didn’t know how Arafat died but he was determined to find out.

And now we know. He was poisoned with polonium. Read it here.

The killer, of course, was Ariel Sharon who repeatedly pledged to kill Arafat. In fact, twice (once during the first Lebanon war and once during Sharon’s 2002 invasion of the West Bank) the United States had to specifically order Sharon not to kill him. So Sharon did it quietly, using polonium which is almost impossible to detect.

But, thanks to Swisher’s efforts, the murder has been outed.

Of course, it will make no difference. The Israeli government does what it wants, knowing that its lobby will ensure that there will be no repercussions. No doubt, the Likud government will laughingly spread the lie that the Palestinians themselves killed their leader.

In any case, Sharon’s murder of Arafat is just one murder in the life of a war criminal who killed thousands. Most weren’t old men like Arafat either. At Sabra and Shatila, most of the Butcher of Beirut’s victims were kids.

In that sense, it doesn’t matter that we now finally know who killed the one Palestinian leader (the man Rabin called “my partner”) who could have delivered Israeli-Palestinian peace, and almost did. (Ehud Barak destroyed any chance of that as Swisher himself revealed here.

Nonetheless, it is important that the crime be exposed. History as its claims.



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