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Bobby Fischer – His hatred for Jews

Bobby Fischer – His hatred for Jews

Bobby Fischer: The Unbearably Cruel Light of Genius

Uploaded by qwasertt on Sep 29, 2007

TV Record ‘Anything to Win’
(Biography of Bobby Fischer)


Bobby Fischer tells the truth and nothing but the truth

Uploaded by Syphonaptera on Sep 19, 2007

Mr.Fischer comments on his release as a prisoner . The American terrorists and their foreign politics at their worst. I think it is time to do something about this.


Bobby Fischer on the Jews

Uploaded by GrassyKnollTrolls on May 16, 2010

Although Bobby Fischer gave lots of interviews, there are very few to be found. The only other Bobby Fischer audio I’ve heard was his interview hours after the 9–11 conspiracy was played out in NYC and Washington D.C. This is a new one I came across and thought it would be of interest.


They delete the above video but I FOUND IT AGAIN:)



Bobby Fischer Interview Baguio Philippines Sept 11th 2001 Part 1

Uploaded by aeitosca on Jul 23, 2010

1972 World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer in an Interview making attacks against 9/11, and the World Trade Center situation.

In this video, Bobby is very irate and happy due to the crisis the United States is currently in on September 11th 2001 from the World Trade Center(Twin Tower) terrorist attack.


Bobby Fischer – His Last Interview Part 1


Bobby Fischer – Speaks about North Korea Last Interview Part 3

Uploaded by thechessgeek on Jun 1, 2009

Chess Champion,Bobby Fischer, tells you how the USA and Jews have corrupted him. This interview took place on October 16 2006, in Iceland Reykjavik, where in 1972 he had won the World Championship. Enjoy. RIP BOBBY FISCHER.

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It takes hours to do this so do not criticize me, appreciate my work, please.

I will try to upload these videos ASAP. There will e 3-4 parts for this ‘Bobby Fischer’s Last Interview’ Series.

Also check out Bobby Fischer Live, a new movie coming out about Bobby Fischer:
I have nothing to do with this video and/or movie, I just want to see the movie and figured you might too.


Bobby Fischer talks about God, Religion and Love

Uploaded by anaphlan on Feb 28, 2008

This is an amazing interview with the great chess master Bobby Fischer! Bobby Fischer talks about God, his problems with religion, the wonders of the universe and sings All you need is love from the Beatles. God bless his soul! Please help spread Bobby’s message!


Bobby Fishers Last Words

Uploaded by adalstef on Apr 27, 2008

Bobby Fischers last words and restinplaca in iceland.

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