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DONALD TRUMP WAKE UP – “Gentlemen .. Jews a serious threat to this country.”

DONALD TRUMP WAKE UP – “Gentlemen .. Jews a serious threat to this country.”


Israeli President: Time to admit that Israel is a sick society, the Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinians is worse than Nazis

Assange: Forget Russia, The Real Threat to America comes from Israel and the Israel Lobby

President Xi & President Putin, it’s time for One Democratic Palestine!!

Ireland and Sweden have “Abandoned Israel”…




Published on Jan 19, 2017

Must watch


The CIA: The US government’s mafia – Straight from the source (CIA=MOSSAD=ISRAEL, PERIOD) http://www.brasschecktv.com/videos/the-bogus-drug-war-1/the-cia-the-us-governments-mafia.html

Kill The Messenger: Mike Levine & Gary Webb – The Big White Lie + Dark Alliance= CIA drug cartel

Published on Aug 5, 2012

Michael Levine’s Triangle of Death, now available in eBook format!

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REAL – Truth ~ Chapter 6 #WaveOfAction


My Dearest 7 Billion Brothers & Sisters,

“With our love, we could save the world.” – George Harrison

*Please Support ‘A SOFT REVOLUTION’……. The Awakening of Consciousness*

One brother wish me luck and this my reply, “You don’t need luck when you are doing God’s job we need Great Love to Succeed:) And now our job is to keep sharing and hope someone will register on the World Harmony Day International Venue Chart and let the Human Spirit of Love take over. If it meant to be, the Soft Revolution will happen no matter how hard the evil Zionist Joos going to block us!

Palestine must be FREE in 2017 and we are the ones who must push this agenda till it happens! This is a message from a brother from Facebook;

“Thanks dear for sharing. Awakening stage of Soft Revolution has completed. Now it’s time for ACTIONS. Have love and may you experience every moment as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.”

World Harmony Day 20th February 2017 observe a 2 minutes ‘Peace Silence’

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,
Sunflower Sunny Chong Sun Wah

On Wednesday, January 4, 2017,12:12 AM, Innova Tehno 1943 innovatehno.eu@gmail.com wrote:

Yes, we Will support you!

On Thursday, January 5, 2017 11:17 PM, “alex@intellihub.com” <alex@intellihub.com> wrote:

Please consider spreading this to your list. Very important

Alert: Hard left, communist radicals launch de facto coup attempt in America

NSA Hacked the Election, Not the Russians!


SOS: The Real ‘Russian’ Hackers Finally Exposed! Connection to OBAMA & CROWDSTRIKE!



Moataz Bellah Abdallah's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person

This document more than 212 years old and the original version of this document exists in the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, and I quoted from the minutes of Charles Beijing conference sessions on the Constitution of 1789 and related B Benjamin Franklin within the Conference on Jews and the text of this document “There is a great danger to the United States. This is a serious danger are the Jews.”

Dear Sirs in any land solves the Jews and settle them down on keeping a lid on the moral level of honor also cut their trade, they remain isolated and wrong-doers, and always trying to strangle the nation financially as happened in Portugal and Spain
Of more than 1,700 years old, were expelled from there the evil expelled.

But gentlemen, if the civilized world is back today and gave them (Palestine) you’ll find a variety of means longer an agent out there. Why? Because they are vampires Mtheron and distinguishing features of these people who can not live with each other but must live with others and others who do not belong to their race.

Dear Sirs .. if Jews were expelled from the United States law in less than 100 years will be streaming into the country in large numbers and this number will govern us and Ahedmonna and change the composition Doldtna in which we endure, Native Americans, bleed blood and sacrifice ourselves and our property and our freedom and our identity personal and subjective.

Gentlemen .. if Jews were expelled during the 200 years of our children will be working in the fields, feed Ki-Jews, while they and their children live in the accounting offices and making the deals.

Gentlemen .. I did not warn you if Ttrdoa Jews forever, the sons and the sons of your sons Sanokm in your graves, because the beast can not change Print.

Gentlemen .. Jews a serious threat to this country




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