History of Iran

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Iran – Hostages – American Embassy – Thames television

Published on Jan 25, 2013

Thames Television’s Julian Manyon reports exclusively from the occupied American embassy in the Iranian capital, Tehran – where revolutionists held 52 Americans hostage for 444 days. Although Julian was unable to meet the Hostages, he was able to obtain exclusive audio and photos of some of them. First transmitted on the ITV network on 06/12/1979
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Iran Hostage Crisis: Release of 52 Hostages in 1981 (ABC News Report From 1/20/1981)

Published on Oct 12, 2012

During the power exchange from President Jimmy Carter to President Ronald Reagan, Iran releases 52 American hostages.


Discovery Channel “Iran Hostage Crisis”

Uploaded on Sep 22, 2009

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Iran Hostage Crisis 1979 (ABC News Report From 11/11/1979)

Published on Oct 12, 2012

The U.S. embassy in Tehran was stormed by students, protestors on November 4, 1979, trapping and holding dozens of people inside


Failed US Hostage Rescue In Iran

Uploaded on Sep 1, 2009

Jon Snow, first Western journalist to reach and report from scene of crash which killed eight people, during US mission to try to rescue hostages held in US Embassy siege in Teheran.

IRAN, Tabas, AirV Landing site AirV Ditto BV Driver of bus BV Ditto reflection seen in mirror MS Bus towards to BV along desert road LS Helicopters LBV Bus and group of people LS Helicopters CS Empty cans – helicopter in background MS Helicopter control panel MS Inside plane and equipment LMS Helicopter LMS Another CMS Wrecked tanker MS Ditto on desert road MS Bullet hole PULL OUT MS Tanker driver by tanker CMS Writing on tanker BV Looks at tanker – damage BV Ditto MS Tanker driver (bandage over eye) LMS Helicopters MS SNOW (By wrecked helicopter): SOF: “This is the core…….PULL OUT PAN L-R…….plane”. LMS Pits from landing of planes in desert MS Wreckage – ZOOM in blades *Re-Tx’d 30.5.80 / NAT: Pentagon Report MS Propellers * MS PAN wreckage * TS Molten metal from planes MS Helicopter PAN wrecked plane MS Wreckage MS Ruts from planes landing Card 2 GV Desert LMS Wrecked helicopters CS Helicopter ZOOM hole in helicopter LMS More wrecked MS Bags belonging to Iranians on bus which came during mission CS Ditto MS Helicopter wrecked MS Wreck GV Desert PAN L-R PULL out Video VVIR Ekta = 173 ft received

Date: 28/04/1980

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