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Evil Zionist Rothschilds Bloodline!

Under the Sign of the Scorpion – Jewish Communists

IN this Video Learn how the TRUE VILLAINS, the Talmudic Zionists Jew has Killed MILLIONS in RUSSIA, IN POLAND AND UKRAINE. Introduced Communism into the world and continue to tell the world how they are victims of the HoloHOAX. Sir Adolf Hitler ONLY wanted them to LEAVE his Country but the JEWS Manipulated the world to destroy Germany. They NEVER was Gased. They Gased the RUSSIANS.

Published on Mar 21, 2012

Like Malaria, a parasite creates the disease. In this case, Jewry creates the Communism.

In the Shadow of Hermes – Juri Lina (Full Length) Genocide of 65 Million

Published on Sep 7, 2012

Based on the widely censored book, “Under the Sign of the Scorpion” by Juri Lina, available as a free PDF download.

Also download the brand new e-book on how zionists have destroyed western civilization over the past 100 years especially. The free 121 page E-book is available here…

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Rothschilds Bloodline = Adolf Hitler ! And The Nazi Jews !…


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Rothschilds Bloodline = Adolf Hitler ! And The Nazi Jews !…

Hitler a Jew & a Rothschild. The US government thought so in 1943


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The Office of Strategic Services (OSS), the predecessor of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) ………… In 1943 they began an in depth psychological profile of Adolf Hitler ………… Declassified in 1968 the full report is available online ……….. google-oss-hitler-profile ………… This short video concentrates on the reporters belief Hitler grandfather was one of the Jewish Rothchilds ………. although modern career historians say this is untrue Hitler’s grandfather remains a mystery.

Full Report: http://www.ess.uwe.ac.uk/documents/osstitle.htm

Hitler Was a British Agent – Greg Hallett … Rothschild Zionists Funded Both Hitler & Churchill


Hitler Was A Rothschild controlled JEW – 1 of 12 – Alex Jones – 2010-08-25

Part 1 http://www.youtu.be/ejb4-EY_DPo

Part 2 http://www.youtu.be/B8bwWwHm3i0

Part 3 http://www.youtu.be/s2KVLu9Z_34

Part 4 http://www.youtu.be/NF-9UucjGWE

Part 5 http://www.youtu.be/PvhLCqw_i-0

Part 6 http://www.youtu.be/JFGWNxt5avM

Part 7 http://www.youtu.be/rWjpINnsRm4

Part 8 http://www.youtu.be/pJEa_mT1vSc

Part 9 http://www.youtu.be/NPE4-XEInqY

Part 10 http://www.youtu.be/8jrBqIg2TDw

Part 11 http://www.youtu.be/_F0dReCJ3SQ

Part 12 http://www.youtu.be/5atSPNJzZiI

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YouTube PlayList: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ejb4-EY_DPo&feature=PlayList&p=9B97B9A

FULL Playlist: http://adf.ly/2veSe

My channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/MrPacmanpacks

No guests today. Alex covers a wide range of topics, including law enforcement in D.C. using pre-crime software, the latest developments on the economy and the IMF, and the continued militarization of society. Phones will be wide open for your calls.

Proves of Adolf Hitler’s Jewish Heritage


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This video show the proves regarding Adolf Hitler’s Jewish heritage.
Feel free to download and distribute this video around.

DNA Test Proves Hitler Had Jewish Roots


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Source: Bloomberg (By Steven Fromm – Aug 24, 2010 7:39 AM PT)

Hitler DNA Tests Show He Likely Had Jewish, African Roots, Daily Mail Says

Adolf Hitler may have been descended from both Jews and Africans, DNA tests are indicating, the Daily Mail reported.

Journalist Jean-Paul Mulders and historian Marc Vermeeren used DNA to trace 39 of the Nazi leader’s relatives earlier this year, the Daily Mail said.

The relatives included an Austrian farmer, indentified only as a cousin named “Norbert H,” the Daily Mail reported.

A chromosome called “Haplogroup E1b1b,” or Y-DNA, in the relatives’ saliva samples is rare in Germany, as well as Western Europe, the newspaper said.

“It is most commonly found in the Berbers of Morocco, in Algeria, Libya and Tunisia as well as among Ashkenazi and Sephardic Jews,” Vermeeren said.

Mulders told Belgian magazine Knack that “[o]ne can from this postulate that Hitler was related to people whom he despised,” the Daily Mail reported.


Jews Created Hitler


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You can’t have antisemitism without first having semitism (racism)

Bible Quote:

“For you are a people [the jews] holy to the LORD your God; the LORD your God has chosen you to be a people for his own possession, out of all the peoples that are on the face of the earth.” (Deuteronomy 7:6)


In order for anti-semitism to exist, you first have to have semitism. germany was flooded with illegal immigrants, immigrants that stuck to their own, and were buying up, and starting, businesses during a time when germany was in such a low point from ww1. There are a lot of illegal immigrants here in the US, whole city blocks are sometimes full of their homes and buildings built in their home country’s style. Sometimes English isn’t spoke in them.

Many americans would like to round them up, sort them out ie legal or not, and deport the estimated 15 million illegal immigrants. No doubt many here would just rather shoot them. Especially if they raged a financial warfare on us like the jews did in germany. With our financial “crisis” now would be a good time. No doubt 100’s of thousands of jews were murdered in cold blood, and that is wrong, one death is to many.

I’m sure many in that type of position of power over those you held captive abused their authority tremendously. As did the russian jews in charge of the german prisoners in poland murder Nazi captives in cold blood, a war crime that has never been held accountable. It’s also important to note that thousands of jews were drafted into the Nazi army, many became officers, and there were 11 jewish Nazi generals. Everyone knows if you had money you could buy your way out. This was often do to the thousands of Jewish Nazi soldiers. A plan to kill all the jews, doesn’t sit to well with that.

Keep in mind when Hitler came to power the US closed off her borders, as did many nations. Some still were allowed in, sure. Depending on who you were, and if you had money. The whole time the majority of the world had a boycott on germany. There was a jewish owned and run company called Havra that did deal with germany and made quite a lot of money, which financed Hitler. You see the top rabbi zionist at the time, had lost control of the jews, and needed Hitler to round them up, and ship them to Palestine, which they did do, to fulfil a prophecy, and for some to reclaim land they think is rightfully theirs. The jews were offered a state of their own in Africa long before this, but they refused. They want the holyland, and they got it. Unfortunately a lot of people died, and are still dying, as a result of this move by the zionist and god’s chosen people (rolls eyes)

You asked who takes Zundel serious, considering the plaque at one of the camps number being changed from 4 million deaths to 1 million because of zundel’s trial, I’d say a lot of people take him serious. Does he make mistakes, is he bias. absolutely. But not everything he says should be ignored, only taken with a grain of salt is all. 😛


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