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Evil Zionists want to Bomb Iran instead the Conscience will wipe them off!!

Evil Zionists want to Bomb Iran instead the Conscience will wipe them off!!


What the Media Won’t Tell You About Iran

Published on Nov 22, 2017

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Natalie Portman pulls out of Israel award due to ‘distressing recent events’ there


Ahmadinejad interview: End of the Zionist Regime!

The Conscious World will Free Palestine

N. Carolina city bars cops from training in Israel after pro-Palestinian protest

illegal israel wants to Bomb Iran instead the Conscience will wipe them off from the face of the world very soon!!

Portman’s representative said: “[R]ecent events in Israel have been extremely distressing to her and she does not feel comfortable participating in any public events in Israel” and that “she cannot in good conscience move forward with the ceremony”.

If the evil Zionists still refuse to accept the 78% of the land Arafat had signed off to illegal israel in 1993 then it will be a One Democratic Palestine, period!

Satanyahu constantly repeated that the Palestinians miss the opportunity of a state because they rejected the UN partition of 45% to the Palestinians and 55% to the israelis. I Sunflower Chong Sun Wah is telling Satanyahu not to miss this opportunity of a Jewish state of 78% if not the world will Banish you to Guantanamo prison do you hear me you greedy asshole!!

You want israel to be a legitimate state only the Palestinian people can give it to you and they did in 1993 and not Donal Trump, UN or EU or even War can you take over Palestine because if you can you already did it in 1967!!


Ayaz Islahi

Yesterday at 1:47am

JEWISH Students of US College
Call for Boycott of the Companies Work for Israel

The number of BDS supporters is increasing in US, as this trend has been clearly seen in a recent survey of an American college.
We observed the change when an overwhelming 64 percent of the students voted for pulling out of several Israeli Companies includingb Hyundai, Boeing, and the Israeli national water carrier Mekorot.

It is, indeed a major win for the international Palestinian Boycott campaign against occupying Israel,this boycott which is called as Boycott Divestment, and Sanctions movement , or BDS movement,.The students at the Barnard College, an elite women’s liberal arts college in New York City which has a high percentage of Jewish students, have voted to boycott eight US companies that work in coordination with Israel and do business in this Zio state.

The Mekorot, is a water company.which according to the BDS movement’s spokesperson , practices “water apartheid for Palestinians.” violating international laws………what a tragedy?

The supporters of Palestinian BDS against the racist state describe the criminal act of Mekorot saying:
“Mekorot steals water from Palestinian aquifers, supplies water to illegal settlements and sells Palestinians their own water, often at exorbitant prices,” the campaign says on its website adding that it has been accused of violating international law.

The Palestinian activists also launched a Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) and the campaign was usefully supported by prominent academics in US and UK… this boycott campaign was introduced in Ramallah in April 2004 by a group of Palestinian scholars and academics . A statement came from this Palestinian movement (PACBI), rads:

“all Israeli academic institutions, unless proven otherwise, are complicit in maintaining the Israeli occupation and denial of basic Palestinian rights”.

It is our humanitarian duty to support Palestinian
boycott movement against Israel and its expanding occupation to free Palestine and al Quds from the Satanic grip of tyrant occupiers
Ayaz Ahmad Islahi.


Iranian Jews to Israel: Our National Identity is Not for Sale

Uploaded by ARDESHIRAN on Dec 31, 2007

Iranian Jews to Israel: Our National Identity is Not for Sale


70000 Jews of Isfahan and The Kaaba In Iran

Uploaded by on Jan 20, 2011

70000 Jews of Isfahan and The Kaaba In Iran


Jews in Tehran, Iran

Uploaded by reekelme17 on Jan 5, 2011

Jews in Tehran, Iran.

Host : Diego Buñuel

“Meeting with a Jewish antiques dealer in Tehran, Diego shares alcohol made from grapes before visiting one of the city’s synagogues and heading over to the Iranian parliament with one of its Jewish members.”


being jewish in iran

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