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Ex Zionist Jew Says the truth

Ex Zionist Jew Says the truth

Khazars are NOT descendants of Jacob and are therefore NOT Israelites. They hold NO claim to any part of The Holy Land.


















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Benjamin Freedman declared in 1961 the truth about the Jewish of today. For more information go to http://www.iamthewitness.com

Some said something about genetics studies. here is one of 1000’s:
“The Jewish World: This Week in Israel.” Global Jewish Agenda (Jewish Agency for Israel). Excerpts:

“A new study by the Hebrew University in Jerusalem reveals: the Kurds are the people closest to the Jews genetically. Scientists who carried out the study, including Prof. Ariella Friedman [sic: Oppenheim] and Dr. Marina Fireman [sic: Faerman], say that according to the findings, the Jews and the Kurds share common ancient forefathers, who lived in the northern part of the Fertile Crescent (a part of contemporary Iraq and Syria). Some moved southward in pre-historic times and settled along the eastern seaboard of the Mediterranean. The researchers say that they were surprised to find that the Jews were closer genetically to the Kurds (and to the Turks) than to their Arab neighbors. The findings of the study, which for the first time included a comparison between DNA samples from Jews and DNA samples from Muslim Kurds, also surprised historians such as Prof. Bezalel Bar-Kochba of Tel-Aviv University and Dr. Gunner Lehman of Ben-Gurion University in the Negev, who said: “`It is difficult to explain the findings within the context of the knowledge we have about material and historic culture.'”
“Evrei i kurdi – brat’ya po genam.” MIGnews.com (Media International Group)
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A Speech by Mr. Benjamin Freedman, who changed his name for the Jewish name Friedman to Freed-man.


The Story of Palestinians – the rout.

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The is the true story, how Palestine been stolen, this is the video that some Jews are hiding from public.


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We must stand united to get Palestine Back

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Zionist are proposing the world war plan….

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