‘We are the terrorists!’ — Paul Craig Roberts


Paris Attackers Fought In Syria, Trained In Israel: Report

NOTE: What follows is a personal report I received from Hosein Mortada, Lebanese journalist and director of the Information Center for Studies and Documentation.

Hosein Mortada has provided details about one of the individuals who carried out the Paris attack on Saturday November 13th with the rest of his crew of jihadists. His name is Abo Talha Al Jazaeri (Aljazaeri means ‘Algerian’).

Abo Talha, a French national, has been trained in the Occupied Golan Heights, along with his crew who carried out Paris attack operation.


Who Supports The Islamic State (ISIS)? Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar, Israel, UK, France, USA



Is ISIS Now Lifeline Of New World Order? Applying Sound Knowledge And Wisdom To Paris Attacks

Targeted Paris stadium symbolizes pitfalls of war against the Islamic State


I hate to crack jokes at a time like this, but these fools make me, so listen up folks—————————–

JOKE No. 1

9/11 : Two airplanes crash into the twin towers and explode. Everything melts in the molten burning mass including the black box of the plane. Building 7 (third tower) collapses due to the heat generated by the nearby burning towers………But, the cops retrieve the passports of the hijackers intact from the burning molten mass(?) and confirm that they were Muslim terrorists. Wow!!! Even Superman couldn’t have done that. The Jews are extremely cunning we know.. but this is more to do with Muslims being fools.

JOKE No. 2

Charlie Hebdo: Terrorists plan and execute a heinous act of terror inside an office and flee….But, they conveniently forget their IDs in their car as a present for the cops to catch them later. Wow again. How stupid of those terrorists!

JOKE No. 3

Paris attack 2015: Suicide bombers blow themselves to bits and crazy gunmen open fire, but they were carrying their passports with them just in case they get into trouble with the authorities. Really???? (9/11 Deja vu?) How is that even possible???

AND “WHY” on earth would a terrorist tug his passport inside his suicide belt if he was on a suicide mission??????? Height of Stupidity!

Either these terrorists are fools and EXTREMELY keen on letting the authorities know about their identities, or else, someone else is making a fool out of the entire world.

New World Order anyone?

Nobody said anything to Russia or Israel for their attacks on Syria and Palestine. Nobody stood in solidarity with Lebanon when bombs rocked the country. Nobody batted an eye when thousands of Muslims were burned alive in Burma. Nobody tuk the colors of the Turkish flag when Ankara had a similary bombing last month with 100 plus dead. Nobody stopped USA when it attacked Iraq following baseless, false information about weapons of mass destruction. Nobody stopped those wretched Zionists from killing innocent children and women of Gaza.

I just shudder to imagine what kind of a ruthless world our children are about to inherit. May God protect us.


On Saturday, November 14, 2015 10:03 PM, Nasiruddin Bahlol <badalabdal@gmail.com> wrote:

15 Nov 2015

Hasisah Hider
690F Woodlands Dr 75
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The Editor
Forum Page
Straits Times


Dear Sir,



I am 92 years old and a student of beloved Singapore. I have decided to join the campaign to criminalise all wars whether by irreligious death cults such as ISIS or by terrorist states such as Syria. I cannot believe that Syria can plead innocence when it has tortured thousands, used chemical warfare and killed 200,000 of its own citizens and led to millions seeking refuge elsewhere. There is absolutely no reason for a so-called Islamic Republic of Iran to support Syria nor for the latter to call in the support of Russia which itself, under Putin, who incinerated Grozny, does not have a good human rights record. By its irrational actions Iran like Saudi Arabia has caricaturized Islam i.e distorted the values of Islam horrendously. Both have no right to talk on behalf of Islam or Muslims. Saudi Arabia conquered the holy land with the help of British spies such as Hemphner and Lawrence of Arabia. In its pre-oil days through spies such as Harry St.John Philby it sustained itself with British help which ignored the fact that the Saudis had a horrible history of slaughter of fellow Muslims. (Ref: Harry St.John Philby “40 years in the wilderness”)

Categorically speaking one of the reasons for today’s problem is that for a millenia because of confrontation with its enemies, some religious teachers used distorted theology to empower their students against the enemies of Islamdom for example the usage of the palpably false tradition ” When anyone apostasises, kill him” which directly contradicts the Quran, the immutable basic Constitution of Islam. In those days these false traditions were used because apostates often worked with the enemies of the state and actually warred against it. When unpopular regimes came into power they used the most distorted interpretation of Islamic Law to sustain themselves. For example they clearly refused to use the Prophet’s explanation of Semitic idiom as one using hyperbole. When the Prophet cited the bedouin tradition , because he was raised as a child in the desert for example “Cut the tongue of the barking dog” some thought that it was meant literally until the Prophet educated them by saying that it meant getting to the root of the problem, by feeding the dog. ( Hashim Ameerali ” Tafsir Nuzuli ) We find this usage of Semitic idiom even in the Bible for eg ” It is easier for an camel to enter the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter Heaven” (Gospel of Mathew). Several scholars of scripture have pointed out this fact for example the late Rev Montgomery Watt of University of Edinburgh and Muhammad Asad a scholar of the Quran.

In all modern wars including defensive ones, weapons with potential of collateral damage are used and inevitably innocent humans,the so-called lower creatures and the natural environment are harmed immeasurably. On our part Singapore should stop expanding its defence industries particularly the making of landmines. It is completely unacceptable and a painful fact for loyal Singaporeans who have always cherished the fact that Singapore is internationally acclaimed as a model nation in the areas of corruption, ecology , tertiary education and medical research.

As a long time measure , but it is time to introduce non violence as a subject not only in classrooms but also through free online platforms such as Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC) which NTU and NIE have come to use lately. Jesus taught us to give the other cheek , Muhammad BANNED THE USAGE of poison or fire in defensive war which is the only war allowed in Islam . He told Muslims to pray for World Peace everyday using the famous Allahumma Antassalam ( O ALLAH Thou art Peace ) prayer. He warned of the latter-day scourge of people using religion “but having the hearts of devils.” In our times Gandhi and Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan of the North West Frontier Province were famous for non-violent struggles against imperialism. When Khan also known as Frontier Gandhi was asked as to the source of his inspiration , he said clearly ” Prophet Muhammad ” (Ref: Christorpher Weeramantry : “Islamic Jurisprudence ” Sir Zafrullah Khan ” Islam and Human Rights” and Dr Tahir ul Qadri’s monumental and downloadable “Fatwa Against Suicide Bombing and Terrorism” )

But we have to start from young. Gandhi attacked the fire sacrifice of white piebald horses “even though it is in scripture” Prophet attacked the custom of sharpening knives in front of sacrificial animals. Similarly his young companion Ibn Abbas refused to eat chicken which was tied up and slaughtered. Eating turtles by pulling them up with hooks before boiling them often still alive is an abhorrent regional practice.

Clerics have to contemporise interpretations ” Communicate/ engage with the people according to their level of understanding” said Muhammad and the way we contemporise traditions even canonical traditions is crucial for communities who cherish their traditions particularly religious communities..

Only yesterday we heard our own iconic environmentalist and jurist Dr Tommy Koh talking about the role of Taoism in non-violence. Even other apostles of non-violence such as Buddha are defamed by the actions of their so-called adherents such as the extremist monks in Myanmar which is just turning the corner from becoming a rogue state to a democratic one.

Yes there are terrorist states such as Israel which are members of the United Nations who have totally disregarded the most cherished values of humanity which is peace and human fellowship and all other nations should make it clear to them regardless of historical, diplomatic,fiscal, racial , trade or cultural ties that it’s inhuman actions can never be tolerated.

Yours in humanity, always

Hasisah Hider


Israel; E-mails & Phones Leaked By MrAhSan HaXor.

Paris attacks: At least 120 killed, 8 attackers dead

Anonymous declares war on Islamic State after Paris attacks in chilling video: ‘We will hunt you down’

A Grand Bargain With Putin Against ISIS?


What follows is not very pretty. But it may be the best option available in a crisis without good options.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made no secret of the fact that he would like some kind of political settlement with the West. The German magazine Der Spiegel has just published a leaked official Russian memo outlining a proposed grand bargain in which Putin eases out its close ally, Syrian President Assad, in favor of a still pro-Russian regime that at least stops killing its own people. In return the West acknowledges what has been an open secret for several decades–that Syria is Russia’s sphere of influence in the Arab world.

Then the U.S., Russia, Iran, and the rest of the grand coalition can get on with the urgent business of eliminating or at least drastically weakening ISIS. Greater progress on getting rid of Assad was raised at a strategy conference on Syria held in Vienna earlier this week that included senior diplomats from the U.S., Russia, Iraq and several other nations. No grand bargain was reached but the idea will surely be raised again at the G-20 Summit now under way in Turkey.


ISIS : Israeli Secret Intelligence Service


Stranger Than Fiction News if they wanted world war 3 and don’t care about the rest of the world, why doesn’t obama just push the button and nuke someone instead of this long dragged out tactic?

ron johnson 2 hours ago
+MikeyDealz there would be mutiny unless it looked like a no choice situation

LookBeyondTheChatter 1 hour ago
Myriad reasons, one being we are not cavemen any longer and another being protocol set in place long ago having a certain something to do with not having just one entity with all the codes to the life ending explosion. As I recall, hmm…one of the keepers of a code/number was instructed it was ‘go’ time under the USURPER/FAKE PRES., and the blessed official declined giving her code out(thus, denying nuclear) and is now IMPRISONED. No one in their right mind sees the terrorism inflicted upon Europe(swarms, theft, property destruction, rape of women and children, etc., AND now 11/13/2015 France) and continues to allow the infestation of the country. The beast is bringing more ‘refugee'(???) no, it is mounting an army for


Will NATO mobilize in wake of the Paris Attack?

Published on Nov 13, 2015

Numerous reports are linking the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris, which left over 150 civilians dead in the French capital, to the Islamic State. But what would such a connection mean for France and, potentially, for NATO? Journalist and international analyst Patrick Henningsen talks with Sean Thomas about the global impact of the Paris attacks.


Who Is Really Behind the Syrian War?

Published on Aug 30, 2013

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=7893

Given that the pretext for attacking Syria is falling apart before the public’s eyes, why is the US preparing to wage war on that country? Who benefits from the ongoing destabilization of Assad’s government? What will the Middle East look like if the Sunnis take over Syria? What is Israel’s role in this? What do Turkey, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have to gain from a war in Syria? And what does Bandar Bush have to do with all of this? Join us today on The Corbett Report as we discuss these and other pressing issues as the world stands on the brink of yet another US-led Middle Eastern military adventure.


Bandar Bush and the Syrian Subversion

Published on Sep 3, 2013

CONTINUE WATCHING: http://ur1.ca/fd20a
TRANSCRIPT AND SOURCES: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=7921

It has long been acknowledged that the Saudis have been one of the key players funding, arming, training and smuggling terrorists into Syria during the conflict. A February 2012 report from the BBC alleged that Saudi Arabia was one of the key states bankrolling the Syrian jihadis. An October 2012 follow-up confirmed Saudi weapons were being used by the so-called rebels. In February of this year, the Saudi ambassador to Jordan, Fahad bin Abdul Mohsen al-Zaid, admitted that Saudis were involved in arming and training terrorist groups in Syria. But the Saudi connection to the fighting in Syria took on a new dimension in the wake of last month’s chemical attack on Ghouta. The Saudis are now being blamed for supplying the chemical weapons that the rebels used in the attack. In one key report, veteran AP correspondent Dale Gavlak and on-the-ground reporter Yahyah Ababneh interviewed rebels in Ghouta who alleged that the weapons had been supplied by Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi intelligence chief.


Paris Attackers Weren’t Refugees, According to Top EU Official

(NO FREAKING WAY) OBAMA Released THESE 5 Terrorists DURING Paris Attacks

Our lovely President has done it again! To add insult to injury, he chose to release 5 detainees from Guantanamo Bay DURING the Paris attacks. What a scumbag. At least we have pictures/files and information on all of these royal terrorist a$$wipes that we can share and better know our enemy.

The inmates were all Yemeni, one of whom (Terrorist #5) was a bodyguard to bin Laden.

According to VICE,

All five men, who were never charged with a crime, were captured in late 2001 at the Afghanistan-Pakistan border. They were accused of being members of Al Qaeda, who attended a training camp, and then traveled to Afghanistan to fight against the US and coalition forces, according to US military intelligence assessment reports on the captives published by Wikileaks. (The integrity of the documents have been called into question by human rights groups and lawyers representing Guantanamo detainees.)


Op-ed in official PA daily: Israel carried out Paris attacks

The op-ed was translated by Palestinian Media Watch, a media monitoring group.

“It is not a coincidence that human blood was exploded in Paris at the same time that certain European sanctions are beginning to be implemented against settlement products, and while France leads Europe in advising the [UN] Security Council that will implement the two-state solution, Palestine and Israel — which the Israelis see as a warning of sudden danger coming from the direction of Europe, where the Zionist, occupying, settling endeavor was born…” the piece states.

“The wise and correct thing is to look for who benefits,” the op-ed continues. “In short: They need to search the last place reached by the octopus arms of the Mossad… It is clear that its ‘Mossad’ will burn Beirut and Paris in order to achieve [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s goals. He, who challenged the master of the White House, hides in his soul enough evil to burn the world.”


RT Just Destroyed Fake News on Paris, ISIS and the NWO! Wow!

Political author Gearoid O Colmain discusses the Paris attacks with RT International

Published on Nov 14, 2015


Paris Attacks: History of false flags, the media war & build-up to WWIII

Published on Feb 3, 2015

Just released! A new 50 minute documentary exploring the events that transpired in Paris, historical false-flags, the rise of anti-Islamic and Neo-Nazi group PEGIDA in Germany, the American Sniper, U.S covert ops and proxy wars with groups like the Islamic State, the role of media in false flag operations and much more!

ALSO! A leaked audio, which has not been circulated much in English, of current Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, discussing near plans of false-flag operations from Turkish Intelligence!


David Icke On Jeremy Corbyn, Syria And The Reality Behind The Refugees Crisis And More.

Published on Sep 16, 2015


MH17 FULLY EXPOSED!! You Won’t Believe The SHOCKING TRUTH About the Ukraine FALSE FLAG

Published on Aug 26, 2014

SHOW NOTES AND MP3: http://www.corbettreport.com/?p=11947

When Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 went down on July 17, 2014, we were immediately inundated with base propaganda trying to convince us that the shootdown could be traced back to the Kremlin. But what was this rush to judgement based on? What have we learned about the crash since then? Why has MH17 completely disappeared from the news cycle? And who really stood to benefit from the disaster? Find out the answers to these questions and more in this week’s edition of The Corbett Report.


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