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Foreign powers behind violence in Myanmar

Foreign powers behind violence in Myanmar


Mass grave of 28 Hindus found in Myanmar: Army (Updated)

Malaysians might be in Rakhine to help armed rebels, says veteran journalist





Terror in Myanmar as US Faces Off Against China’s “Belt and Road”

China’s Belt and Road Initiative portends a monumental transformation of the global economic order; one which poses an existential threat to the Pax Americana which has existed since the end of the Cold War. Understanding this context is critical to making sense of the current hysteria gushing from the NGO-Industrial complex and being fuelled by Western liberal punditry.

As I’ve argued previously, decisions taken by the Trump administration since January indicate a shift in US foreign policy. No longer concerned with waging petty wars on behalf of the Israel lobby and the billionaire class, attention has been focused acutely on Asia, and in particular China. Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon was quite forthright about this in his August 16 interview with American Prospect magazine:

“To me, the economic war with China is everything. We have to be maniacally focused on that. If we continue to lose it, we’re five years away, I think, 10 years at the most, of hitting an inflection point from which we’ll never be able to recover.”

Without a hint of irony, Bannon later added

“China right now is Germany in 1930. It’s on the cusp. It could go one way or the other.” “A hundred years from now, this is what they’ll remember — what we did to confront China on its rise to world domination.” “We have to reassert ourselves as the real Asian power: economically, militarily, culturally, politically.”

China’s BRI is an $8 trillion infrastructure project which aims to rebuild the ancient Silk Road, integrating the Eurasian continent in a vast network of road, rail and sea routes across 60 plus countries, and absorbing much of China’s current overcapacity in what President Xi Jinping describes as an open, innovative path to win-win cooperation. It also signals the end of permanent US global hegemony.


It’s Not Buddhists Killing Muslims In Myanmar, Its Rohingya Muslims Killing Buddhists From 1947

https://www.facebook.com/1256179071089700/videos/1826606180713650/?hc_ref=ARSlmlIrTpqdZsadP7Jhj4jBSPqnyUUIeKPg5fYstM3eg2ja6lJWr4YrgM275fBA8Gk&fref=gs&dti=1817622635159721&hc_location=group (must read evil Zionist Joos don’t let me post it!)


Ok, I found the images that the evil Zionist Joos been blocking me!

Bangladesh: Chakma woman killed by illegal Bengali setter in CHTs

Suphot Pott Boonprasert they are animals, they will do as animals, and forever, how do will can live together, they are devil animals. (and I add my thought, just like the EVIL ZIONIST JOOS! genocide the Palestinians!)


Foreign powers behind violence in Myanmar

Ko Naing Winn Bangladesh is their original land, they merely entered to Myanmar illegally. There’s no way to accept them all but the one who shown the identification only would be accepted. This’s our LAW and our RIGHT.


Israel has continued to sell weapons to Myanmar as thousands of Rohingya Muslims flee the military’s violent crackdown


Israel’s War on Africans [FULL]


Rohingya (Bengali Muslim) = Zionist Joos (Fake Jews)

Burmese Buddhists = Palestinians

The Truth About Myanmar’s Rohingya Issue

In even a cursory survey of Rohingya history, it is clear that the Rohingya are not an ethnic, but rather a political construction. There is evidence that Muslims have been living in Rakhine state (at the time under the Arakan Kingdom) since the 9th century, but a significant number of Muslims from across the bay of Bengal (at the time a part of India, now Bangladesh) immigrated to British Burma with the colonialists in the 20th century. They are, as defined by Benedict Rogers (himself a prominent critic of the military regime’s persecution), “Muslims of Bengali ethnic origin.” The group referred to as “Rohingya” by contemporary Rohingya scholars (and most of the international community) today actually display a huge diversity of ethnic origins and social backgrounds, and, as Leider argues, the existence of a “single identity” is difficult to pinpoint.



It’s Not Buddhists Killing Muslims In Myanmar, Its Rohingya Muslims Killing Buddhists From 1947

Fake news images add fuel to fire in Myanmar, after more than 400 deaths

Before You say Aung San Suu Kyi is a cruel, heartless leader, Read these facts first

Channel 4 News added a new video: Muslims around the world protest violence against the Rohingya…Like Page
September 6 at 3:36am ·
People worldwide protest violence against the Rohingya Muslim minority in Myanmar.

Over 35,000 refugees arriving in Bangladesh have been identified in the last 24 hours.


Former State Dept Diplomat on Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar: ‘I Don’t Accept the Narrative’ https://pjmedia.com/homeland-security/2017/09/08/former-state-dept-diplomat-rohingya-muslims-myanmar-dont-accept-narrative/

“There was indeed a terrorist attack in Rakhine. It came from outside, it was perpetrated by people in the Rohingya diaspora living in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia coming in through Bangladesh. And they have killed a lot of security forces.”

Rohingya Crisis: ”There was indeed a terrorist attack”

I AM POSTING THIS AGAIN WITH MORE CLEAR INFO ABOUT WHAT YOU SEE. Bengali Muslims planted landmines as part of their warplans, when they launched an all-out Jihad on Aug 25.

Here’s Another evidence that Bengali Muslims planted land mine in their Village.


Nima Esfandiari the crisis in Myanmar may have created by the US for another Balkanization and another Yugoslavia scenario to create chaos in south China and threaten China it also might be ethnic cleansing. I don’t know many journalists even can’t go there and report what’s going on we should wait and see what will happen I strongly condemn killing of innocent women and children in every war including Myanmar whether Muslim or Buddhist I only pray for peace.

Chinese Special Envoy Meets Myanmar Vice President Over Rakhine Attacks

Pepe Escobar

Pepe Escobar's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, standing
Yesterday at 1:42am ·

This meeting happened a week ago but it’s still relevant.

The Burmese analyst nailed it:

“China’s concerns over Rakhine State are related to interests in its One Belt One Road Initiative (OBOR), said political and ethnic affairs analyst U Maung Maung Soe.

“Rakhine plays an important part in OBOR, as it is an exit toIndian Ocean and the location of planned billion-dollar Chinese projects—a planned economic zone on Ramree Island, and the Kyaukphyu deep-sea port, which has oil and natural gas pipelines linked with Yunnan Province’s Kunming.”

“Therefore, the stability of Rakhine State is important for this project. The meeting shows China’s concerns over its One Belt One Road Initiative.”

That’s exactly how I frame it – geopolitically. Apart from the extreme, thorny, actually intractable issues of genocide/not genocide, de facto ethnic discrimination, Suu Kyi muzzled or backing up the military, ARSA as a jihadi “moderate revel” outfit, the main geopolitical issue is CUI BONO to disrupt the Myanmar branch of the New Silk Roads.


Myanmar bloodletting: Malaysia and OIC are hypocrites, says report

Su Di Wen Via Andrew Wai Yen Ng


“One senior regional intelligence official noted to Asia Times that a group of senior Rohingya clerics based in Saudi Arabia has already played an important role in fundraising and facilitating money transfers.

According to the same source, Malaysia has emerged as both a major clearing house for ARSA funding and, given its Muslim-friendly visa regime, as a transit point for the movement of militants.”

I made this video in 2013, after finding these videos by Bengalis in the West teaching Muslims how to get quick asylum in Western countries by pretending to be ‘Rohingya’.


Recap: (wow!)
“According to the same source, Malaysia has emerged as both a major clearing house for ARSA funding, and, given its Muslim-friendly visa regime, as a transit point for the movement of militants.”

.. • AL-HAM 🐷-DO-IT-LA • ..

Please do share this far & wide for tyranny has NO place in any well-informed society … Sometimes, opening our eyes could be the most painful experience ever.


Photos emerge of Bengalis who are setting fire to their houses

If these photos are really what they’re supposed to be, then one really needs to be careful before believing the MSM narrative on who are perpetrators really are.”

Umnuay Saehau According to a local I met in Yangon three years ago, monks were frequently decapitated, their heads sent to the temples where they lived.


Sunny Chong Yes this is big power play and they wanted Myanmar to abandon China so you think they CARE for the Rohingya they are just using them:(

Kevin M. Borbon Rohingyas are closely related to the Bengalis of Bangladesh and West Bengal state of India. Their language belongs to the Aryan branch of the Indo-European language family.

Rusty Womble Myanmar needs to proceed as Syria has and damn the consequences... These Wahabbist agents of the Anglo-Zionists need to be extirpated with extreme prejudice…to hell with what the Western press have to say… to hell with what NWO interventionists have to say. Hopefully, they can count on China and Russia to help prevent the catastrophe that arose in Kosovo, Libya and Iraq and would very well have transpired in Syria were it not for Russia, Iran and Hezbollah…

Su Di Wen's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sunglasses and closeup

20 hrs

The RSO has links with other terrorist groups like Aqa Mul Mujahidin (whose leader Havistoohar attended a “six-month Taliban training course in Pakistan”), JeI in Bangladesh and Pakistan, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar’s Hizb-e-Islami in Afghanistan and Hizb-ul-Mujahideen (HM) in Jammu and Kashmir.

In April 2017, Atta Ullah, the leader of another newly formed terrorist group called Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) issued a video challenging Aung San Suu Kyi that his group would kill millions and would continue to fight against the military crackdown. As a result, ARSA carried out a massive attack in August 2017, which left 21 insurgents and 11 security personnel dead. The group warned about more future attacks. The army said- “In the early morning at 1 a.m., the extremist Bengali insurgents started their attack on the police post … with the man-made bombs and small weapons”.

The history of terrorist attacks in Rakhine state of Myanmar is a long one. It all started when Pakistan was torn out of India in 1947. The Muslim leaders from Arakan, Burma met Mohammad Ali Jinnah to insist him to annex Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships into East-Pakistan. Jinah refused saying that he could not interfere with Burma’s internal matters. After the refusal, the Muslim leaders approached government of Burma to let the two townships merge with Pakistan. Naturally, the proposal was rejected. This led to the formation of local Mujahidin groups against the Burmese government. The leader of Mujahidin group Mir Kasim began to conquer territory and forced the non-Muslim Rakhine people to flee. This prompted the Burmese government to crack down the Mujahidin movement, which lasted more than one decade. After some years of gap, former Mujahidin leader Zaffar Kawal founded the Rohingya Liberation Party on 15th July 1972 by collaborating with various Mujahidin factions. This group started terrorizing the region until the Burmese government started the Operation Red Dragon to expel the Rohingya insurgents from the region completely.

From time to time, the Rohingyas have started new insurgent groups. The RSO was formed in 1982 and the ARSA was formed more recently, in 2012 following the 2012 Rakhine State Riots. The 2012 Rakhine State Riot happened due to the gangrape and murder of a non-Muslim Rakhine woman by the Rohingyas, which was followed by the burning of Rakhine Buddhists, who carried out the notorious activities after offering Friday’s prayer.

The Rohingya insurgent groups like RSO, ARSA, Arakan Rohingya nationalist Organization (ARNO), etc have direct links with Taliban, Al Qaeda, Harkat-ul-Jehad Islami-Bangladesh, etc. In 2002, a videotape surfaced which showed Rohingya militants receiving training at Taliban camps in Afghanistan. What is currently thought to be a struggle of existence for the Rohingya minorities in Myanmar, will soon become the Islamic Jihad movement in the region- the same thing happens with any Islamic terrorist organization which claims to fight as a liberation group but later carries out the eternal aim of Islamic expansion. The Rohingyas consider themselves to the descendants of Arabic traders who settled in Rakhine state centuries ago. These people never tried to blend themselves with the local culture and tradition. There are many instances of forcefully marrying Buddhist women and converting them to Islam. The intolerance shown by these groups towards the neighboring communities is the prime reason why a separatist movement started in the first hand during 1947.

Clearly, Aung San Suu Kyi is just cleaning her home and protecting her people. Why do people think that a Nobel Laureate should not think about her people and stop the military crackdown on the terrorists just to please the World liberal community?

To end the answer with, here is a question for the readers. Rohingya insurgent groups like RSO and ARSA has direct links with Hizbul Mujahidin of Jammu and Kashmir. The Rohingyas settled nowhere in India, but in Jammu and Kashmir. Is there something we are missing?


All You Need to Know About the Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar

Stuart Cleary

Stuart Cleary's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

The controlled media got a dose of Clapp which they deserve, the completely one sided ‘new'(BS) was the first thing people should have noticed, a little investigation shows Rakhine province has shown to be rich in oil & gas which China has begun laying pipelines to…therefore the corrupt cabal wanted an excuse to invade and take control as they did in Syria- “fill it with terrorists, start killing people, get the media to support the BS propaganda and then blame the Government …” The cabal keeps using the same tactics, people should be onto them.

Stuart Cleary perhaps in very small numbers but it was the influx during the British occupation that saw a large increase, after 1947 the Rohingya have been fighting with – killing and being killed – the Burmese. Since 2004 Oil & Gas has been found in Rakhine and NOW the conflict gets huge coverage??? It is now reported that Soros is funding the Rohingya which means the CIA is involved and “Foreign Fighters” (aka terrorists) will be infiltrating the Rohingya ranks as has occurred in Serbia, the Balkans, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria… which are all conflicts over Oil and economic control. Look passed the BS headlines and think about what has happened in those other countries!!! US democracy and freedom usually means destruction & death for those countries effected.

Soros and Hydrocarbons: What’s Really Behind the Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar

Myanmar, Gas and the Soros-Funded Explosion of A Nation State.

This is a somewhat lengthy and very thorough look at what is going on in Myanmar. It basically says that the Rohingya refugee crisis has been instigated and is being used in a bigger game of global terrorism run by the likes of SOROS and CIA/NATO in order to capture oil and gas reserves in Myanmar and add to the encirclement of China. Same devils, different place.

“The criminal abuse of the displaced Bangladeshi Rohingya population in Rakhine State had the direct approval of the USA.

The plan was designed by the Military Leader of Bangladesh, General Ziaur Rahman with assistance from the CIA. The execution of the subversion was delegated to Brigadier general Nurul Islam Shishu. Diplomatic ties between Myanmar and Bangladesh froze when Myanmar expelled the military attache of Bangladesh and the Burmese military forced many of the militant Rohingya to flee back to Bangladesh. Atrocities were committed on both sides. The government of Myanmar however, was positioned as the villain by western governments and became the focus point of a western media coverage which at best can be described as one sided and less euphemistically as well designed propaganda to cover up the fact that the USA and Bangladesh had criminally abused a refugee population to manufacture a subversion. The situation escalated in border clashes.



Su Di Wen I still don’t know how US would approach it. It could potentially support both sides, with more helps for the weaker side. The only thing that matters to USA is to maintain the chaos to disrupt the Chinese oil import.

JC Martínez Re: #Myanmar and the #Rohingya

JC Martínez's Profile Photo, Image may contain: one or more people and text

Arindam Mukherjee: “MYANMAR”

Two statements to begin this:

1. Suddenly, the West driven MSM that did not want the world to hear/see/speak about Yemenis or the Kurds, or The Drones of Obama (sounds like a Hollywood B-grade, eh?), wants everyone to take to the streets against the Myanmar Government. And judging by the sudden enlightenment among a large section of the left, and sundry liberals who ardently feel that Ms Suu Kyi should immediately return her Nobel Prize – the media moghuls can relax; their grip around the balls of the post-modern “enlightenment of convenience” agents is pretty secure.

2. According to a retired diplomat (whose grasp on global affairs is enviably admirable), Pakistan, KSA and Turkey are the joint world-record holders in butchering of fellow Muslims. They have inevitably ended up as “the cats-paw of the West in most conflict situations in the Muslim-majority regions on the planet – Chechnya, Libya, Syria, Bahrain, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Xinjiang, etc.”

OK. I have made my points. And since such agents seldom get here to read my posts; the few that I have as ‘friends’ here on FB, avoid me….. now for some geopolitical updates for those who have been left untouched by post-modern liberalism of convenience!

Modi and Xi have serious common interests aligned on this one. One reason why China was forthright this time round in BRICS Summit on the issue of Islam Terrorism is because of the East Turkestan Islamic Movement and Pakistan’s apparent inability (read unwillingness) to rein them – we can catch up on that later. And since the Doklam incident has eaten away some of that Indo-China mutual trust – this could be a golden opportunity for Mr. Modi to “build” something – I am given to understand that he prefers demolition more, nonetheless.

There is a jihadi army. It is called Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army. The outfit’s main guy is an Ataullah. He has an interesting background, most of which – as you would suspect – got created in Pakistan. [Personal Note: Pakistan’s enviable record of churning out successful students beats Doon School, St Paul’s Darjeeling… even Yale, LSE etc hands down; Pakistan makes these schools and universities pee in their diapers.] He was born in Karachi. And someone in the ISI spotted him at a young age and trained him to be a jihadist. He learnt guerrilla warfare in Pakistan, and practiced being a Wahabi Imam somewhere in KSA. He was then supplied to Myanmar silently where he got to work. And now it is said that he wants an Islamist state there. This had its usual trajectory, which included killing and displacing Buddhists and Hindus – none of which received any media focus. (Gearoid Coleman has been covering that for some time now.) And Suu Kyi government’s reactive crackdown on the entire province and its population – which reeks of inexperience in conflict-handling – is duly getting all the attention the Western agenda driven MSM want.

Because of China.

Rakhine is crucial both for India and China, even for Bangladesh. It’s common borders with Bangladesh is an issue; I have a few friends from Bangladesh that have shared how Cox Bazaar and other adjoining areas are being infiltrated by Rohingyas – who are quickly destroying the ecosystem that is the source of sustenance of the natives there. With India the angle is geopolitical. It is in India’s interest that Bangladesh remains stable. There have been in the past years a few unsettling signs of the average Bangladeshi demonstrating his more radical hues. And India has some big investments in Rakhine.But because Pakistan is overbearingly successful in churning out non-state actors… simply put: Terrorists who call themselves Islamists to draw sympathy and legitimacy from the MSM, the different Human Rights NGOs, the lefts, and the enlightenment-of-convenience agents… these port and infrastructure investments look threatened.

As regards China: Same story, bigger dimensions. Major investments in Myanmar – Rakhine is a crucial BRI spoke with planned SEZs, ports, oil and gas pipelines linked to Kunming province in China.Old Uncle’s idea – that I had deduced and shared in a book of mine some 5-6 years ago – is to destabilize the country when the time comes.So it has a restive border along west thanks to East Turkestan Islamic Movement; dispute with Japan along north-east; South China Sea trouble along east; India’s issues with CPEC down south west; add to that Rakhine corridor disruption along the south east, and you get the country nearly surrounded.

While Ms. Suu Kyi has been cavalier in her approach, and there are better ways to resolve the issue other than cracking down on hapless guys and disbalancing the entire region with refugees – she is still the best choice that there is, and Mr. Xi and Mr. Modi need to jointly put their full weight behind and help resolve Myanmar crisis for the best interest of their countries.

For New Delhi: this is one rare opportunity where its interests align with that of Beijing’s; it would be completely moronic to throw it away.”




Rick Heizman added 5 new photos.

September 8 at 7:43pm

These are reality about Rohingya muslims in Rakhine state of Myanmar.

Posted by Rick Heizman on Monday, 4 September 2017

Posted by Rick Heizman on Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Yesterday at 7:54pm ·
The “Bengali terrorists” are killing Buddhists and Hindus, but we don’t see MSM reporting this.
.Armed Bengali Muslims stormed the village, setting homes on fire, villagers ran for their lives

Bengali Muslim kids are ready and eager to kill, kill, kill

Karen people are also sick and tired of Bengali Muslim violence

People speak of the horrors that the Bengali Muslims are committing against Buddhists, Hindus,  Mro and Khami ethnic tribes


Who is Ashin Wirathu, the Buddhist monk behind the anti-Muslim movement in Myanmar?

Rick Heizman added a new video: MAUNGDAW-June 8, 2012-Violence Erupts-Buddhists Attacked.Follow

December 1, 2013







Suphot Pott Boonprasert

Suphot Pott Boonprasert's Profile Photo, Image may contain: 1 person
35 mins
‘FYI my colleagues & friends ”

Suphot Pott Boonprasert myanmar’s friend said to me,in rakhine have local muslims and bengali(rohingya) local muslims have no problem there happy live together but rohingya not,they try to share land,in myanmar have 8 ethic not addition rohingya

ROHINGYA : myths & facts.

1. Rohingyas are not Burmese. They called themselves as Rohingya. There are no such people in Burmese history and census.

2. Rohingyas are in fact Bengali who speaks Bengali dialect, dress Bengali clothes and eat Bengali food and have Bengali cultures.

3. Rohingyas are illegal immigrants who illegally entered to Myanmar from Bangladesh.

4. The Burmese government gave citizenship to many Rohingyas, but more and more illegal immigrant Rohingyas comes from Bangladesh every year.

5. When they became citizenship, they are equal under the law. No one may be discriminated against on the basis of their race, religion, ethnic group, or gender.

6. Rohingya raped underage girls (under 13 years old), tortured them and killed these little girls.

7. Rohingya bullied Rakhine people, did several arson attacks, killed hundreds of Rakhine people and burnt thousands of houses.

8. Rohingya has been trained by fundamentalist Taliban and Al Qaeda (cited from wikileaks and other credible news).

9. Rohingya owns thousands of guns to shoot Rakhine people. (Please go to Rakhine state and research it. Dozens of Rakhine people are killed by Rohingya bullets)

Myth 1. They cannot marry and have children. The Government restricts them.
Fact : Rohingya population extremely increases every year in Myanmar. The rate is higher than Myanmar population rate. How come their population increases every year?

Myth 2. They have discrimination on religion. They don’t have freedom of religion.
Fact : There are many mosques built by Rohingya in Rakhine state. If they have a restriction on religion, how come hundreds mosques in Rakhine state?

Myth 3. They are so poor that they don’t have anything to eat.
FACT : The truth is they just want to get free money from UNHCR or organizations. They built a lot of nice houses and mosques. They bought a lot of guns and rockets. How can they build houses and mosques? How can they buy guns?

Myth 4. Rohingya are not Bengali.
FACT: Rohingya are in fact Bengali. Please check DNA. Please listen their dialect. Please research their language. According to the research, they are not Arab or Burmese ethic. How come they speak Bengali if they are not? Why cannot they speak Burmese if they are Burmese. How can they wear like Bengali and have Bengali cultures.

Myth 5. They are tortured by Rakhine people.
Fact: There are many Rohingya in Rakhine state. Their population is more than Rakhine people population. Rohingya population increases every year and Rakhine population decreases every year. If they are tortured by Rakhine, they will run away from Rakhine state and they won’t be sticking around like a super glue.

Myth 6: Rohingyas are so peaceful.
Fact : Rohingya raped, tortured and killed Rakhine little girls. Rohingya bullied and killed hundred of Rakhine people. They burnt thousands of houses and dozens of Buddhist temples. How come the whole Rakhine towns and villages go to Ashes? Why are many Rakhine people killed by Rohingya?

Myth 7: Government should recognize Rohingya as citizenship.
Fact: Bengali government denied its own people. Burmese government accept them and gave them citizenship and equal rights. However, more and more Bengali Rohingya illegally enter to Myanmar every year. They are rude and aggressive. They don’t respect native Rakhine and bullied Rakhine people. Then, they pretend to be like poor and nice guys. Why did Burmese government have to accept these kind of rude hypocrite terrorists? Burmese government already gave out a lot of citizenship to these so-called Rohingya and they are equal under the law. Nevertheless, government cannot accept any more illegal immigrants since they don’t do any good for Myanmar.

Myth 8: Burmese hate Rohingya so much because they are Muslim.
Fact: There are plenty of Muslim people in Burma. Burmese people treat with respect to those people who are not rude, aggressive and murderers. Burmese people treat with respect to those Rohingya who entered Burma legally, and who are not murderers.

Short and Sweet:
Rohingya are Bengali who illegally entered Myanmar and killed thousands of native Rakhine people. Government gave citizenship and equal rights to thousands of Rohingya. They built hundreds of mosques and thousands of houses in Rakhine State. Their population extremely increases every year due to illegal immigrant Rohingyas. They bullied, raped, tortured and killed native Rakhine people every year. In this case, they are systematically attacking Rakhine state and Rakhine people. They killed many Rakhine, and burnt thousands of Rakhine’s houses. They made over 30,000 Rakhine people homeless. They were trained by Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Their Purpose:
Even though government gave citizenship and equal rights to many immigrant Rohingyas, their desires cannot be fulfilled. They want to make Rakhine state to become their state. They want to claim that they are native people. They allied with Taliban as well as Al Qaeda, and they want to kick Rakhine people out of Rakhine state. They want to govern Rakhine state as their own state.

@ Credit to original uploader.


Solidarity between Rohingya Muslims and Turks dates back to WWI, deputy PM says

By Sohel Nadeem Rahman

September 5, 2017, at 10:15pm · Dhaka, Banglades

FYI: Prior to the British colonization of United Bangla and later Burma, the Arakan state was one autonomous and/or semi-autonomous entity under the protection of various Muslim Sultans and Nawabs of United Bangla.
The western part of the state was Chittagong, a predominantly Muslim area populated by the ethnolinguistic Bangali of all faiths including Buddhist, whilst the eastern part of the state was populated by the predominantly ethnolinguistic Rakhine and overwhelmingly Buddhist population with the tranquil and navigable Naf river separating the dominant ethnolinguistic clusters.

The dialect of Bangla spoken by the Chittagonian Bangali is heavily influenced by Tibeto-Burman (Burmese) languages just as the Rakhine dialect of Burmese is similarly influenced by Magadhi-Prakrit-Pali (Bangla) languages. The trade and cultural relations between the two groups have pre-Islamic Buddhist roots when both Bengal and Burma were ruled by Buddhist dynasties before the sectarian Brahmin-Kshatriya conquest and ethnic cleansing of Buddhists first by Shashanka in the 7th century AD and then by the Senas in the 11th century AD before the Muslim conquest of United Bangla in 1203 AD which put a decisive end to such sectarian persecution by offering state protection to all faiths under the Muslim Sultanate of United Bangla, Bihar, Orissa, Assam, Tripura, and Arakan. The protection continued after the Mughal conquest of our homelands.

The Buddhist Rakhine have settled on the now predominantly Muslim Bangali side of the river for centuries, just as Muslim Bangali have settled on the Buddhist side in a unified and multi-ethnolinguistic Arakan state dominated by the Chittagonian Bangali (their descendants are known as Rohingya in the Buddhist part carved out by the British), and the Rakhine (still known as Rakhine in their many settlements across the Chittagong region in Bangladesh). The natural migration across the Naf river didn’t “begin in the 19th century colonial British-Bengal” nor was it forced as a part of some nefarious scheme as claimed by the genocidal Burmese regime and their allies in Sputnik and similar 4PT publications and propaganda outlets with their selective treatment of the moral and empirical truth, similar to their New World Order 2.0 partners in the west.

Furthermore, prior to the British demon imposing the “Permanent Settlement Act of 1793” upon our people, land couldn’t be bought or sold in our homelands. We never had a “landed gentry” in the Eurocentric sense.
Whenever someone cleared out a part of the forest and built a farm, that person owned what he or she produced, period. He or she paid 15% tax during good harvest, we continue to have 3 per year, SubhanAllah — to the King or the regional Governor for protection against foreign raiders, public services, and as insurance during bad harvest. That means all Rakhine land in what is today Bangladesh belong to the Rakhine, and all land belonging to the Rohingya in what is today Burma belong to the Rohingya.

Now the Rohingya, who have developed a distinct cultural identity over those centuries including their own script, are being ethnically cleansed from their homes in their homeland of centuries by the genocidal Burmese regime and the sectarian death squads under their supervision.

Suddenly “credible” Sputnik propagandists, none of whom are reporting from the border, are simply parroting the Burmese regime’s conjectures and propaganda in order to convolute and outright deny their crimes against humanity and the Rohingya people, and many Muslims in the so called “anti-imperialist resistance” are uncritically buying into the designs of their Duginist Russian masters whilst the revolutionary Islamic Republic of Iran is firmly supporting the Rohingya. Shame on them!

Reference: গোলাম মুর্শিদ, “হাজার বছরের বাঙালী সংস্কৃতি” (Golam Murshid, Hajar Bochhorer Bangali Shongskriti, A Thousand Years of Bangali Culture); Richard Eaton, “The Rise of Islam and the Bengal Frontier”

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