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Geena Exposed the 7 Zionist JEW Witches!

Geena Exposed the 7 Zionist JEW Witches!


“The People Around The World Are Not Afraid Anymore In Fact We Are Fighting Back With COURAGE & CONVICTION That Fairness And Justice Must Prevail!”

Vicious Zionist Jew Women’s Humiliation Attack


Geena in her salon

On Tuesday, April 29, 2014 11:23 AM, Geena Eng <geena@yahoo.com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower (and All),

Good for you! You should be proud of yourself! I can’t wait to see the blog.

I wanted you to know that you struck a nerve with posting of my creaming happening on your blog. Here is part of an e-mail I received from the Jew Bitches:

Geena, you miserable Chinese slut! How dare you pass the photos we took of your Jew Shampoo and give them to that bitch, Sunflower Chong!!! That chink bitch posted them on her blog and your stupid story of being punished by us. You know you deserved it and you even admitted that to us, just like your long haired boyfriend did when we were giving him his shaving cream shampoo and facial. We made him eat a lot of cream, just like you did, and he whimpered his surrender through a mouthful of cream just like you did! How could you allow your creaming to go public, you idiot?….we thought you would be too humiliated to admit what we did to you, ignorant slut! Now we are getting messages condemning our creaming you into humiliating submission. That bitch, Sunflower, better stop this publicity campaign against us Zionist Jews!

That is part of what I received, the rest is so filthy, I will not pollute everyone’s inbox with their Jew profanities. I think they are getting some flack from the ladies who got their e-mails about me. I have been quietly directing my women clients to your blog, Sunflower, and so is Hairdresser.

Love you all,



By invoking God’s name, the Zionist Jews want to justify stealing the entire land of the Palestinian people, and the world just looks on as if this is a normal phenomenon. This is not normal, this is outrageous! How can this possibly happen? Well, perhaps it happens because the world seems to do nothing to stop the cunning evil Zionist Jews from taking all the land from the Palestinians. It is time that the influential politicians and all the citizens in the world to call out Israel on their actions, or this will never be settled.

Because of this Petition http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/call-for-support-for-a-palestinian-state.html, two of my friends Steve and Geena from America were attacked by 7 fierce Jewish women because they supported the petition they got their head creaming humiliation by the women. They were told that if they didn’t stop promoting the petition, worse would happen to them and the Jewish women threatened to shave their heads bald. These types of humiliation tactics and intimidation are an example of why I am promoting a fairer view for the Palestinians and a more realistic view of the bullying tactics of the Jews.

On facebook a guy said that I don’t look Palestinian. I said,”My DNA is PALESTINE.” An older gentleman I believe must be a Jew said that there is NO SUCH THING! My reply was that MY DNA IS FAIRNESS and JUSTICE and I believe that many people with that same DNA will change our world from Fear and Hatred to one with a great Love for Humanity! The simple act of  caring about the suffering of the Palestinians means we care for our one and only world! I cannot stomach this kind of intimidation in this day and age. Thus, I must continue to fight for Fairness and Justice for the Palestinian people and so must all of you who CARE!


On Saturday, April 12, 2014 4:14 PM, Geena Eng <geenaeng@com> wrote:

Dearest Sunflower,

I wish to confess to you the happening in my salon and my public humiliation at the hands of the Jew Bitches who attacked me. As Hairdresser already told, we started getting phone calls in the salon from a Jew woman after we signed and supported the petition that you started to help the poor mistreated Palestinian peoples that have had their land stolen by the Israelis. I did not take her stupid threats seriously and told her if she came anywhere near me, I would shave HER Jew head bald. Then I told her to go to hell.

I always arrive at the salon early to get everything ready for my customers, who are mostly women. I didn’t realize the happening of Hairdresser getting his head creamed the night before, but on the morning after his humiliation, I got to the salon and started preparing things, and I never lock the door again after I arrive.

I had my back turned and was running some water and did not hear the 7 Zionist Jew Witches enter my salon. When I turned the water off, I felt this scared feeling and when I turned around, I got this shaving cream pie in my face. The head Jew Bitch said, “So you are going to shave MY head, you dumb Malaysian bitch?” and they all laughed. I couldn’t see anything and I had my mouth open from fright when I turned around, so I had my mouth full of the shaving cream. I couldn’t say any single thing!

Then, a couple of them (or maybe more) grabbed me by my hair at the back of my head and dragged me along and pushed me into a salon chair. Then one of the women laughed and said, “Let’s give this Palestinian lover who helps that Chinese slut, Sunflower Chong who tell lies about Jews, a Beauty Salon Zionist Jew Shampoo, then maybe we will shave her head!” and then, “OK, girls, let’s put a shampoo cape and a towel on her, so this Goyim beautician has a proper salon shampoo!” I felt the cape and towel go around my neck and shoulders.

Then I felt the shaving cream cans against my head and them foaming up my hair. I was so humiliated and worried about having my head shaved, that I said through a mouthful of shaving cream, “Please don’t shave my head, I will do anything, please I beg you.” They laughed and the head Jew Bitch who pied my face, said, “If you sit there and take your creaming like a good little Malaysian slut, we won’t shave your head, OK slut?” and before I could agree, she said, “And you have to ask us to please cream your Chinese head, and humiliate you, as you deserve it!”  I was in such a state, so embarassed and so shocked by the happening, I said, “Please cream my head and humiliate me, I deserve it!”

After I said that, they burst into laughter, and they started scrubbing my head with all the cream. I know I moaned and whimpered while I was getting shampooed as they called me a whore for the Palestinians, I just sat there and let them humiliate me. They took a lot of photos and laughed at my surrender and my moaning. Then, the lead Jew Bitch said to me, “Do you retract your support of the bitch Sunflower Chong and her petition for her homeland shit and accept that you will no longer talk of the petition to your customers?” and I shamefully said, “Yes, I retract my support and will not talk up the petition in the salon and I accept this punishment for doing that. Please don’t shave my head.” Then the head Jew woman said to another Jew bitch, her e-mail is open on the computer…send the whole mailing list to my e-mail address.”

The whole group laughed, and then my women customers started coming in and I think they were shocked to see me getting my head creamed, and the Zionist Jew woman, said, “Geena asked us to cream her head for all of you, she told us every beautician needs to get creamed in front of her customers from time to time, just to keep them happy and laughing, isn’t that so, Geena?”  I said, “Yes, I asked to be creamed for your fun, ladies.”  And they ALL laughed and my feeling of public humiliation was so unbelievable.

Then, the Zionist Jew Gang Leader said, “OK, Geena are you happy with your head creaming? Let’s make sure all the ladies here know that you wanted us to shampoo you for their arrival!” and I said, “Thank you for creaming my head and I am very happy with the shaving cream shampoo and head creaming you gave me.” and then I almost cried in humiliation at that point because my lady customers were applauding and laughing at my public humiliation not knowing that I was being forced to take this punishment.

The Zionist Jew Bitches left then, laughing all the way, leaving me to clear the cream out of my eyes and go over to the shampoo bowl to wash the cream off my face and out of my hair. I couldn’t stop thinking about what would be said by my lady customers about my “asking to be creamed” as the Jew Bitches told my ladies and made me admit…they would all talk to their friends and say I liked having my head creamed and this type of humiliation happening.

I confess to Sunflower Chong that this happened and ask Sunflower to please publish this story and all the photos of my creaming that they have been taunting me by sending, and one of which were e-mailed to all of my customers. I also provide a photo without the cream. I want to take this public humiliation in order to support our cause.

Everything I have said is true of the happening in my salon.

Signed, Geena Eng, completely humiliated by Zionist Jew Bitches.



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