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Global Alert! GMO Ticking Time Bomb [Full Documentary]

Global Alert! GMO Ticking Time Bomb [Full Documentary]

Published on Nov 10, 2012 by Awakeningearth

This Gary Null production delves into the reality of GMO health risks. Gary Null calls it a “GMO ticking time bomb.”

The video reveals some of the health problems caused by GMOs, including infertility, accelerated aging, organ damage, immune malfunction and more.

In the film, Rima Laibow also explains how Monsanto and DuPont formed a joint venture to create the “Epicyte gene” that causes permanent, irreversible infertility in both men and women.

GMO Ticking Time Bomb is a must-see video offering an information-rich overview of the situation with GMOs. It features interviews with people like Jeffrey Smith, Ronnie Cummins, David Murphy and more.

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What people are saying about Seeds of Deception, the world’s best-selling book critical of genetically engineered food:

“Outrageous! That’s what you’ll say over and over again when you read how the biotechnology companies have manipulated the government, our food, and the media, and put an entire generation at risk.”
—Ben Cohen (of Ben and Jerry’s)

“This is a brilliant book which combines shrewd dissection of the true nature of GM technology, a devastating critique of the health and environmental hazards of GM crops, and scarifying examples of the manipulation of both science and the media by the biotech industry… What is so exciting about this book is that it is no dry text of scientific exegesis—it positively fizzes with the human drama of the cabals and conspiracies behind the scenes… It is meticulously documented and powerfully written, somewhere between a documentary and a thriller.”
—From the UK Edition forward by Michael Meacher, former UK environment minister

“Clear, profound, and unerringly accurate… If you care about the future of life on this dear planet… this is the book to get.”
—John Robbins, Author, The Food Revolution and Diet For A New America

“The revelations in this book are being made public at a pivotal time in the global GM debate, and could tip the scales against the biotech industry. The evidence in the book refutes U.S. science and safety claims, and undermines the basis of their WTO challenge.”
—Andrew Kimbrell, director of the Center for Food Safety

“The best written on the subject.”
—Ronnie Cummins, Director, Organic Consumers Association

What people are saying about Genetic Roulette, by Jeffrey M. Smith:

This book, prepared in collaboration with a team of international scientists, is for anyone wanting to understand GM technology, to learn how to protect themselves, or to share their concerns with others. Genetic Roulette offers fully referenced text, describing both research studies and theoretical risks. As the world’s most complete reference on the health risks of GM foods, Genetic Roulette is also ideal for schools and libraries.

“Jeffrey Smith raises serious questions concerning the production of genetically modified foods. Based on meticulous research, Genetic Roulette offers a chilling reminder that the effects of GM foods on human health are largely untested. And, whilst we cannot assume that all such foods are dangerous, nor can we assume that they are all safe, especially in the long term. Yet in the US there is no labeling, so these products sneak into households in many different foods. If you care about your health and that of your children, buy this book, become aware of the potential problems, and take action.”
—Dr. Jane Goodall, DBE, founder of the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace, www.janegoodall.org

“The most comprehensive, well-documented, and highly readable exposé on the serious health dangers of GM foods.”
—Samuel S. Epstein, MD, professor emeritus of Environmental Medicine, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health and chairman, Cancer Prevention Coalition

“Smith has to be the best science communicator alive today, and this book stands as the final word on GM health risks. It’s the definitive answer to those who don’t know, those who don’t want to know, and those who know but don’t want anyone else to know.”
—Claire Robinson, GM Watch


Everything You HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods from Jeffrey Smith on Vimeo.

Everything you HAVE TO KNOW about Dangerous Genetically Modified Foods

Expert Jeffrey M. Smith, author of the #1 GMO bestseller, Seeds of Deception, and Genetic Roulette, entertains a wildly appreciative audience with shocking facts about how genetically modified organisms (GMOs) entered our lives. Smith links GMO to toxins, allergies, infertility, infant mortality, immune dysfunction, stunted growth, and death. Whistleblowers were fired, threatened, and gagged, and warnings by FDA scientists were ignored. Start today to protect yourself by joining the Campaign for Healthier Eating in America—a plan that gives the consumer the power to end the genetic engineering of our food supply.

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