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God Save Humanity “The World is Run by a Satanic Cult!!”

God Save Humanity “The World is Run by a Satanic Cult!!”


David Icke Exposes George H W Bush

Published on Dec 4, 2016

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David Icke Exposes George H W Bush

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Anonymous – To the Complacent Masses – Anonymous Message #oppedohunt #oppizzagate

Published on Dec 1, 2016

Anonymous – Pizzagate Investigation Update #OpPizzagate Anonymous Message

Published on Nov 24, 2016

Anonymous – Pizzagate Investigation Update #OpPizzagate
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This is an Update on the first video if you have not seen it I would advise you watch it to understand what Pizzagate is about.

First video: https://youtu.be/M8NPH2kqtzY

The people world wide who have been exposing the pedophile rings, sex trafficking rings, human trafficking are being threatened, the investigators, activists are being threatened, the professionals, are being threatened. Their entire families threatened.


Podesta and his brother were in Spain.

AnonymousOP Deatheaters confirmed Podesta and his brother stayed 1.3 miles from the hotel where Mcanns stayed.

An FBI insider confirmed the Intelligence community indicates John and Tony Podesta were in Praia da Luz, Portugal on May 3rd 2007– the day Madaline McCann vanished.

The Podesta brothers were staying with a friend named “Clem” . Clement Freud, the grandson of psychopathology sex expert Dr. Sigmund Freud, who was known to be a pedophile. This is a quote from our insider: “Of greater interest is that fact that Freud owned a villa in Praia da Luz.”

That girl in the video is not Madeline McCann it matches up to a girl kidnapped by a human sex trafficking ring in Australia and taken to Europe. From Western Australia in 2007. It is believe to be the same ring that took McCann.

She is thought to be Leela McDougall, who went missing in Australia in 2007 or Amanda Adlai, an American who was abducted in Michigan in 2008.

Human trafficking rings, kidnap children from all over the world, many are the same ring with networks in many countries, then those children are quickly taken out of the country


Start Here

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4qQY… (Introduction Video)


Children in Scotland have been filmed being murdered by paedophiles in so-called ‘snuff movies’

‘Repulsive’ woman faces jail after admitting having sex with her pet dog http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/733960/woman-jail-sex-dog-bestiality-drug-pet-film-crime

Satanic Pedophilia Network Exposed in Australia — It Starts at the TOP, Just Like in the USA and UK http://humansarefree.com/2016/02/satanic-pedophilia-network-exposed-in.html

Australian 60 Minutes exposed the Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network

American Psychiatric Association States: It Is ‘Natural, And Normal To Be AROUSED By Children’ http://joeforamerica.com/2016/11/american-psychiatric-association-states-natural-normal-aroused-children/

Elaine • 2 days ago
Trying to normalize deviant behavior seems to be a hallmark of the liberal left. I read an article awhile back where some loony tune liberal “psychiatrist” was trying to say that it’s much better on a child’s psyche if their first sexual experience is with a relative. That way, there’s no fear because they know the person. That’s right. If old Uncle Festus wants to have his way with little Sissy (or even little Bubba) behind the barn, it’s hunky dory. How sick are these people?????

‘We can’t prove sex with children does them harm’ says Labour-linked NCCL

Nelda Seidel • a day ago
Disgusting… I notice it’s ALL male doctors who are saying pedophilia is “normal”… smhhhhh… sick… worse even still, the more muslims that enter the country the more this type of vulgar behavior is going to be pushed onto society as “acceptable”.. grrrrrrrrrr!!


Illuminati Ritual at Vatican today will SHOCK you! (R$E)


Russian Documentary LGBT EXPOSED: Scott Lively, American Activist, Explains the Homosexual Agenda



Published on Oct 27, 2016

LIFE or DEATH INFO that YOU NEED to WATCH! My YouTube page, like my life, is dedicated to exposing EVIL & sharing the TRUTH! Our Pres. is the ANTICHRIST! JESUS, ( Yahusha), is OUR SAVIOR & HE is the ONLY WAY to the FATHER, OUR CREATOR. All HELL is about to break lose. YOU better be on TEAM JESUS…or you will face OUR CREATOR alone…& TRUST ME….You don’t want that. PLEASE share my videos with everyone that you know! Share my videos on your facebook page, etc. “Their blood will be on YOUR HANDS, if you don’t warn them”. I AM a WATCHMAN of the WALL.



Published on Nov 14, 2016



Get Ready for A Grand Deception

Published on Nov 18, 2016

The reason why there’s a huge contrast between the biblical end time prophetic events and what’s actually happening today and the future is this. Christian organizations have totally ignored the history behind the book of Revelation and its author, a gnostic Rabbi named Cerinthus. The simple fact that all scripture has passed through the hands of the canonical decrees of the Roman Catholic Church (Satan’s counterfeit version of Christianity), should race a flag to proceed with caution to use our God given Spirit of discernment specially when it comes to future prophetic events. The version that was canonized into the bible was a version that was authored by Cerinthus. Here’s the true history behind the book of Revelation………Historian Eusebius was commissioned by Roman Emperor Constantine and given the responsibility of creating the official Christian Bible and by 331 AD the first 50 bibles were created and delivered to the Churches of Constantinople. The Bibles did not contain the Apocalypse of John (Revelation).

Eusebius recorded the words of Dionysius, Bishop of Alexandria in the late 200’s AD claiming that Revelation was a forgery. There were other scholars and writers of the first three centuries who were also on record testifying in regards to the falsehood and authenticity of the book of Revelation and to the involvement of a Gnostic Rabbi named Cerinthus .

A Christian sect called the Alogi stated that it was clear that Cerinthus was the true author of the book of Revelation after analyzing and comparing his writing style to that of Johns. According to the Catholic Encyclopidia Caius: “Additional light has been shown on the matter VI, p. 397″ Caius maintained that the Apocalypse of John was the work of the Gnostic Cerinthus”

Cerinthus, a man who was educated in the wisdom of the Egyptians, operated a school that followed and used the Gospel of Cerinthus. He denied that the Supreme God had made the physical world, and denied the divinity of Jesus.
Cerinthus was a follower of the Zealot party, a group which had a strong political agenda. The Zealots taught that a military-political Messiah would soon appear to conquer the world and rule for a thousand years from Jerusalem.

This concept of millennialism was promoted during the second century by Montanus who according to historian Eusebius of Caesarea entered into an ecstatic state of convulsions and began prophesying that the New Jerusalem would shortly descend out of the clouds and land in a town called Phrygia thus becoming one of the first “Prophet” to predict when the end of the world would occur.

Montanus was a priest of the Oriental ecstatic cult of Cybele, the mother goddess of fertility. She was partially assimilated to aspects of the Earth-goddess Gaia, her Minoan equivalent Rhea, and the Harvest-Mother goddess Demeter. Some city-states, notably Athens, evoked her as a protector, but her most celebrated Greek rites and processions show her as an exotic mystery-goddess who arrives in a lion-drawn chariot to the accompaniment of wild music, wine, and a disorderly, ecstatic following.

Uniquely in Greek religion, she had a transgender priesthood. Many of her Greek cults included rites to a divine Phrygian castrate shepherd-consort Atis. In Rome, Cybele was known as Magna Mater (“Great Mother”). The Roman State adopted and developed a particular form of her cult after the Sibylline oracle recommended her conscription as a key religious component in Rome’s second war against Carthage. Roman mythographers reinvented her as a Trojan goddess, and thus an ancestral goddess of the Roman people by way of the Trojan prince Aeneas. With Rome’s eventual hegemony over the Mediterranean world, Romanised forms of Cybele’s cults spread throughout the Roman Empire.

Ultimately, 36 years of fierce opposition and multiple Councils, the book of Revelation was included at the Council of Laodicea in 367 AD and 30 years later under the tutelage of the Bishop of Carthage and with imperial and papal approval, issued a definitive canon (legal decree) of Scripture setting out all the texts that form what is now universally called “The Bible” at the Council of Carthage, held on 28 August 397. This canon has remained unchallenged for over a thousand years.

The Roman Catholic Church was successful in pushing Cerinthus’s Revelation into the bible canon which would eventually allow the powers that be, bloodline of the serpent seed, to execute their NWO depopulation agenda and crimes against humanity with minimum resistance from the Christian community. All of Revelation Prophetic end time events have been DENIED by our Creator Incarnate Jesus.
We’re taking our earth back

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