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Goldman Sachs-Robbing and Thieving The American Sucker-AGAIN

Goldman Sachs-Robbing and Thieving The American Sucker-AGAIN

Uploaded on Oct 16, 2009

The Blue Blood front Investment company is at it again as they rob and steal from the hard working American Sucker..Do they the American Sheeple need to be homeless on the streets b4 they take down these scumbags ???

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“Goldman Sachs Steal US$150millions daily” Max Keiser Passionately Speaks Out Against GoldmanSachs 1

Uploaded on Jul 23, 2009

VIDEO UPLOADED for educational purposes ONLY
French TV: Goldman Sachs Are Scum
Max Keiser tries to bring some sense to the table applying the U.S. law. He makes a good point, how every top power just helps and support treason (U.S. Constitution)
Max Keiser shoots straight to the point, exposing Goldman and Sachs of stealing $150 000 000 daily.
It is all reported to switzerland, that reminds me of the Swiss Guard the Vatican has, enjoy the interview.
Wall Street: Has it Learned its Lesson?

Understand that the information you are receiveing has to be digested, make your own opinion, your own research.

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