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Good Jews must save the World


Jeff Blankfort Tells All Regarding Zionist/AIPAC Control Over Congress and the Media

Published on Mar 11, 2015

Blankfort is a Middle East analyst who has written extensively on the Israeli- Palestine
confloct. He is the former editor of the Middle East Labor Bulletin, a photo journalist and currently hosts a program on international affairs called “Takes on the World ” for KZYX, the public radio station of Mendocino County in California.


Ex Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney speaks out about AIPAC

Published on May 21, 2013

Watch this important 10 min: 46 sec. video to know of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — AIPAC continued mandatory demand that all U.S. Congressional Representatives pledge: – that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, to Israel’s military superiority and that they vote for funding of Israel. Ms.McKinney affirms that the Jewish Anti-defamation League assisted in the political tactic of redistricting, which caused her to lose her re-election bid to Congress.



Put Palestine first – By A.B. YEHOSHUA

Young American Jews are Questioning their blind loyalty to Israel

‘The Palestinians Tragedy were Ignored by AN UNCARING WORLD’

Who are the Real Jews?

An Israeli Soldier’s Story – Eran Efrati


Jewish Woman tells the Truth about Israel

Honest Jews sending a message to the world

Jewish Man Exposes Israel’s Lies

Israeli soldiers told to ‘cleanse’ Gaza – C4 News exclusive

Anna Baltzer a Good Jewish American

illegal israel can’t Fool the World anymore!



Lyndon Larouche is a very deep an intelligent man and his perseverance is his success and Almighty God had blessed him with a bright and intelligent wife and soon God will make his dream comes true for humanity.  https://larouchepac.com/20180212/larouche-meaning-our-existence-nation-pursuit-happiness

So please join Larouche to save America thus the World  https://action.larouchepac.com/


BAE: The Worlds Biggest Loose End

Published on Mar 25, 2013

June 21, 2007 Washington DC A Lyndon LaRouche webcast. Destroy the British/Saudi axis!
LaRouche and EIR have long exposed the British-Saudi role, with the complicity of de facto traitors like Bush and Obama, in 9/11 and its coverup which continues to this day. In his March 8 2013 response, LaRouche insisted this coverup must end now.

“We know that the 9/11 operation, as it’s been called, was organized by a trio of agencies: the British monarchy, the BAE military institution, and the Saudi government. And we also know that the ambassador of Saudi Arabia to the United States was involved in organizing the funding of the pilots who participated in those attacks. And we also know that the Bush Administration knew that this was this case, because it was the Bush Administration that organized the safe exit of those Saudi families which were tied to that part of Saudi business in the United States. The whole nation was shut down at that point; no one could fly in or out, except the Saudis, who were escorted out from Texas and other places where they had been, meeting with the Bush family, for example.

“So this whole operation then, was entirely that. But what’s the significance? The significance is very simple: Who could get the United States, which had just suffered a major attack from Saudi and British forces, who were involved in this because the British institutions, the BAE, and the Saudi institutions, were all part of this operation? So, who could do that? We know exactly who did it: It was done by the British monarchy! The British monarchy set the whole thing up. That’s the guilty party, and that’s what the coverup is all about.

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