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Great China & Great Russia are our SAVIOR!


Before Putin Showed up, 11 Other Countries Were Already Bombing Syria


Chinese warplanes join air strikes in Syria as Russia gains Iraqi air base

China Joining Russia In Syria While Germany Prepares to Leave NATO In Advance of World War III

Russia sends world’s largest submarine, with 200 nukes, to Syria

Russia establishes ‘no fly’ zone for NATO planes over Syria, moves to destroy “ISIS” – Pentagon freaks out

US pulls aircraft carrier out of Persian Gulf as Russian ships enter

US Complains As Russia Bombs its Terrorists

US ‘created ISIL for sake of Israel’: Ex-CIA contractor

Brzezinski’s comment exposes US assets in Syria: Scholar

There Are U.S. Special Forces In South Syria


WWIII – Syria, Russia & Iran – The New Equation

Published on Oct 8, 2015

Sources & Transcript: http://stormcloudsgathering.com/russi…


Ricky Dean • 8 days ago

The U.S. Government cant bull-shit us anymore,the whole world is tired of it.

Dave Taaffe Ricky Dean • 8 days ago

Exactly, the Federal bank has gone too far for too long…Now the world is waking up. I have never heard a word of threat from Russia, and Putin has shown that a strong leadership and harvest trust. His tactics have out classed the Bankers America.

BrunoFehr • 13 days ago

Germany leaving NATO? Yeah right. Germany cannot decide on anything, it is still a vassal state through the Chancelor Act until 2099. Examples: Germany asked for it’s Gold back, the US said “no”, Germany said “OK then”. Germany asked the US to remove their nukes from Germany, the US replied by bringing new ones while Germany tax payers will pay for the renovation of the infrastructure harbouring the new nukes!

Rana Ghosh BrunoFehr • 7 days ago

That’s why they gonna leave Nato. IN WAR THERE IS NO RULES.

O’ChiefHusseinChimp Malcolm Jackson • 13 days ago

Amen to that! Putin is absolutely outclassing him at every turn. Great to see.

Anti • 6 days ago

I really enjoy Putin and Lavrov’s speeches, they ae ALWAYS factual, straight to the crux of the matter, never exagerated and actually tell the truth and suggest,not dictate, ways to solve the problem with others, so unlike the out right lies and hyperbol that spew from USA and particularly the W.H.( Obamas UN speech was so embarrassing for USA, all his discrediting was about what USA is actually doing and Obama was saying it as if he didn’t know the USA was the warring faction doing these illegal acts of war).

BlackhawkRider553 • a day ago

Hey Russia! bomb those stinking goat-humpers all the way back to the stone age! I’m sure our military would have loved to, but out goat-humper-in-chief will not allow it!


Israel braces for Russian aerial intrusions over its Golan border


Editor’s Note…

A repetition of the Russian probing of Turkish air defenses this week could happen in the Israeli border the coming week, according to the below report by DebkaFile. It’s not clear what kind of security arrangements were agreed upon during the discussions in Tel Aviv between high-ranking Russian and Israeli Generals to prevent such a dangerous development, which could be the first armed skirmish between Russia and Israel since Operation Rimon 20 in the ‘war of attrition’ over the Suez canal in 1970.

Regarding the recent incidents in Turkey: according to Tarpley.net – 

“The incidents between Russia and Turkey are probably deliberate. Just before Russia began the current attacks, Moscow had congratulated the PKK Kurdish forces for their struggle against ISIS/Daesh. This amounted to a threat to Turkey to help the PKK. Some Turkish bombardments hit a group of Chechen fighters, and also struck some other fighters who were led by Turkish soldiers, some of whom were killed. After that, there were not one but several border incidents. It seems that the Russian planes were checking on the amount of aid which Turkey is giving to the jihadi fighters which are forced to fall back into Turkish territory. Concerning “Palestine”, since the signing of the Iran nuclear accord, Hamas (now called the Palestinian Section of the Muslim Brotherhood) has been marginalized on the international level. Its only way to get back into the game is to provoke a new intifada. They have been trying to do that for the last three months.”


Debka File

Uncertainty still hangs over Moscow’s precise intentions regarding its air force flights over the Golan close to Israel’s border – even after two days of discussions on coordination ended in Tel Aviv Thursday, Oct. 8 between the Russian Deputy Chief of Staff Gen. Nikolay Bogdanovsky and his Israeli counterpart Maj. Gen. Yair Golan. A coordination mechanism between the two air forces was left as unfinished business for further discussion, debkafile’s military sources report. So it is still not clear to Israel what is supposed to happen if Russian fighters and bombers enter the Syrian-Israeli border district and slip over into Israeli air space.

The bilateral talks left Israel with the impression that this was a distinct possibility.

Israeli and Western aviation and intelligence experts don’t see how Israel can prevent Russia providing air cover for Syrian and Hizballah forces when the war moves close to the Israeli and Jordanian borders of southern Syria.

Last week, Russian SU-30 and Su-24 warplanes twice violated Turkish air space in the southern province of Hatay (called Alexandretta on Syrian maps). Although after the Russian defense ministry apologized for the the first intrusion as accidental and lasting just a few seconds, our military sources are certain that the Russians were in fact deliberately testing Turkish air defenses.
This scenario may well repeat itself over the Golan in the very near future.

Gen. Bogdanovsky made no secret of Moscow’s intention to use its air power against rebel targets in battles taking place near the Israeli border. According to our exclusive military sources, Israel braced for this eventually Wednesday night, Oct. 7. Syrian, Hizballah and pro-Iranian Shiite forces then launched a ground offensive with Russian air cover against Syrian rebel forces in the Hama region. This was their first ground operation since the start of the Russian military buildup in late August. Intelligence was received that a second Syrian-Hizballah offensive, covered by Russian fighters and bombers, was scheduled to start at the same time in the Quneitra area, directly opposite the Israeli Golan.

For some reason, it was not launched when expected, but it is unlikely to be deferred for long. After firing Kalibr-NK-SS-27 Sizzler cruise missiles last week to soften rebel resistance to the Syrian government offensive in the Hama area, the Russians may well aim them at the Quneitra arena too in support of another Syrian operation.


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