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Henry Ford Exposed the Evilness of  The Jews

Henry Ford Exposed the Evilness of The Jews

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there will be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford

Overview : The contribution to American industry and culture by Henry Ford Sr., founder and owner of the Ford Motor Company, is incalculable. However, what can be evaluated is the orchestrated and vicious campaign by vested interests to tarnish and belittle Ford’s reputation, status, prestige and patriotism. This co-ordinated campaign has been remorseless in its intent and typifies the nature of a great war raging in the Arena of History: the great war between the Jew and the Gentile. That is, between the rancorous Jew and the rest of humanity but especially that part commonly called the White Race.

This infinitely organised interest – Organised Jewry- regarded Ford Sr. as a very dangerous enemy indeed. Why? Because Ford dared to use his resources and renown to publicise things that the vested interest – Organised Jewry and its Secret Masters, the Evil Jewish Leadership – has always sought to conceal from public scrutiny … its baneful presence in the historical record and its equally baneful ambitions for World Empire.The works of Organised Jewry –guided by its Secret Masters, the Evil Jewish Leadership- are many and extensive and are ancient in design. They are a constant theme in the history of the West and are predicated upon envy and hatred. An ancient rancor that is often called the “Jewish Problem,” which is the enduring and constant rancor for the Gentile that the Roman historian Tacitus commented upon 19 centuries ago and repeated by many other scholars and commentators ever since.

These commentaries all boil down to this: that from careful study of Jewish religious writings and a careful study of the behaviour of Jews towards non-Jews it can be easily discerned that the Jews are unique among the peoples of the world in their intense hatred and contempt for all peoples but their own. And, it is in this tradition that Henry Ford Sr. published his findings on the Jews in The International JEW.–> see more about Henry Ford here : http://snippits-and-slappits.blogspot.com/2009/11/international-jew-henry-ford-man.


Henry Ford

founder of the Ford Motor Company, and the editors of The Dearborn Independent

“Among the distinguishing mental and moral traits of the Jews may be mentioned: distaste for hard or violent physical labor; a strong family sense and philoprogenitiveness; a marked religious instinct; the courage of the prophet and martyr rather than of the pioneer and soldier; remarkable power to survive in adverse environments, combined with great ability to retain racial solidarity; capacity for exploitation, both individual and social; shrewdness and astuteness in speculation and money matters generally; an Oriental love of display and a full appreciation of the power and pleasure of social position; a very high average of intellectual ability.”

— The New International Encyclopedia.

The Jew in Character and Business

The Jew is again being singled out for critical attention throughout the world. His emergence in the financial, political and social spheres has been so complete and spectacular since the war, that his place, power and purpose in the world are being given a new scrutiny, much of it unfriendly. Persecution is not a new experience to the Jew, but intensive scrutiny of his nature and super-nationality is. He has suffered for more than 2,000 years from what may be called instinctive anti-Semitism of the other races, but this antagonism has never been intelligent nor has it been able to make itself intelligible. Nowadays, however, the Jew is being placed, as it were, under the microscope of economic observation that the reasons for his power, the reasons for his separateness, the reasons for his suffering may be defined and understood.

In Russia he is charged with being the source of Bolshevism, an accusation which is serious or not according to the circle in which it is made; we in America, hearing the fervid eloquence and perceiving the prophetic ardor of young Jewish apostles of social and industrial reform, can calmly estimate how it may be. In Germany he is charged with being the cause of the Empire’s collapse and a very considerable literature has sprung up, bearing with it a mass of circumstantial evidence that gives the thinker pause. In England he is charged with being the real world ruler, who rules as a super-nation over the nations, rules by the power of gold, and who plays nation against nation for his own purposes, remaining himself discreetly in the background. In America it is pointed out to what extent the elder Jews of wealth and the younger Jews of ambition swarmed through the war organizations — principally those departments which dealt with the commercial and industrial business of war, and also the extent to which they have clung to the advantage which their experience as agents of the government gave them.

In simple words, the question of the Jews has come to the fore, but like other questions which lend themselves to prejudice, efforts will be made to hush it up as impolitic for open discussion. If, however, experience has taught us anything it is that questions thus suppressed will sooner or later break out in undesirable and unprofitable forms.

The Jew is the world’s enigma. Poor in his masses, he yet controls the world’s finances. Scattered abroad without country or government, he yet presents a unity of race continuity which no other people has achieved. Living under legal disabilities in almost every land, he has become the power behind many a throne. There are ancient prophecies to the effect that the Jew will return to his own land and from that center rule the world, though not until he has undergone an assault by the united nations of mankind.

The single description which will include a larger percentage of Jews than members of any other race is this: he is in business. It may be only gathering rags and selling them, but he is in business. From the sale of old clothes to the control of international trade and finance, the Jew is supremely gifted for business. More than any other race he exhibits a decided aversion to industrial employment, which he balances by an equally decided adaptability to trade. The Gentile boy works his way up, taking employment in the productive or technical departments; but the Jewish boy prefers to begin as messenger, salesman or clerk — anything — so long as it is connected with the commercial side of the business. An early Prussian census illustrates this characteristic: of a total population of 269,400, the Jews comprised six per cent or 16,164. Of these, 12,000 were traders and 4,164 were workmen. Of the Gentile population, the other 94 per cent, or 153,236 people, there were only 17,000 traders

A modern census would show a large professional and literary class added to the traders, but no diminution of the percentage  of traders and not much if any increase in the number of wage toilers. In America alone most of the big business, the trusts and the banks, the natural resources and the chief agricultural products, especially tobacco, cotton and sugar, are in the control of Jewish financiers or their agents. Jewish journalists are a large and powerful group here. “Large numbers of department stores are held by Jewish firms,” says the Jewish Encyclopedia, and many if not most of them are run under Gentile names. Jews are the largest and most numerous landlords of residence property in the country. They are supreme in the theatrical world. They absolutely control the circulation of publications throughout the country. Fewer than any race whose presence among us is noticeable, they receive daily an amount of favorable publicity which would be impossible did they not have the facilities for creating and distributing it themselves. Werner Sombart, in his “Jew and Modern Capitalism” says, “If the conditions in America continue to develop along the same lines as in the last generation, if the immigration statistics and the proportion of births among all the nationalities remain the same, our imagination may picture the United States of fifty or a hundred years hence as a land inhabited only by Slavs, Negroes and Jews, wherein the Jews will naturally occupy the position of economic leadership.” Sombart is a pro-Jewish writer.

The question is, If the Jew is in control, how did it happen? This is a free country. The Jew comprises only about three per cent of the population; to every Jew there are 97 Gentiles; to the 3,000,000 Jews in the United States there are 97,000,000 Gentiles. If the Jew is in control, is it because of his superior ability, or is it because of the inferiority and don’t-care attitude of the Gentiles?


  1. Everything Ford said about Jews is true. Jews are the most evil group of people to ever exist on this planet!

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