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Hillary the Polish Joo Bitch & TRUMP the Illuminati Joo Drumpf!

Hillary the Polish Joo Bitch & TRUMP the Illuminati Joo Drumpf!



ROME’S TRUMP: Told you so

Trump controlled by Mossad

Trump controlled by the Mossad – Part II


The survival of America as a great country is not in Dump Trump hand but in your hands! Wake up for heaven sake  ‘DUMP TRUMP’ IS DANGEROUS FOR AMERICA IF ELECTED, PERIOD!!

Please ask Drumpf how he is going to make America great when he is taking money from evil Zionist Joos and AMERICA IS STILL CONTROL BY ROTSCHILD ZIONISM! Look he got to bow down to Rotschild Zionism by letting the whole world know that he will recognize JERUSALEM AS THE CAPITAL OF ILLEGAL ISRAEL WHEN HE IS THE PRESIDENT!


Trump 2016: Not so great again?

Let’s be honest. Trump is not going to make America great again. Neither is Hillary going to make us stronger together in unity. Instead, you can expect America to be ripped apart at the seams and not great at all, regardless of which candidate wins. Even if Trump were a gentleman more like Pence, would Democrats like him? Most wouldn’t. Most want a thug like themselves, and Hillary is a thug.  She represents their values.  Is that possible? Isn’t Hillary accused of everything from visiting pedophile islands to murdering scores of people to treason to more scandals than any Presidential candidate in the history of the United States? Yes, but in this way, she does represent many of her constituents. Is half of the American population really this depraved? Yes, and getting worse as television, the internet, and cell phones allow people to have the most illegal, vile, and sickening content on which to feed their mind at an arm’s length and a second’s notice. We really are that deprived. And Trump’s followers aren’t much better with the exception of those who are voting for him while holding their nose, in order to avoid voting for a known felon like Hillary. I applaud this latter group; however, even they had best not think they are going to be saved by Trump any more than the Democrats will be saved by Hillary.

We humans can never make America or this whole planet ‘great again’.  Only GOD can.  But this takes repentance on our part. In a sense, we humans hold the answers to most of the problems in the world today – if we could just stop sinning and love GOD and others. Are you part of the problem or the solution? Only the Spirit can take the scales from our eyes and show us the metaphorical ‘wooden beams’ in our own eyes, so we can see clearly to pray for the ‘splinters’ in others’ eyes. In this way, we can watch Jesus do what He wants to do so very much in the lives of mankind – bring “peace on earth and good will toward men”.


David Icke “Trump V Clinton Is Just A Circus Designed To Hide The Reality Of The System!”

Published on Nov 3, 2016

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TRUMP: Patriot or fascist?

Donald Trump Would Withdraw U.S. From United Nations?

Zionists Use Donald Trump to Fix Another Election

Donald Drumpf – Illuminati Jew

NEVER TRUMP: Third party?

Freemasonic Forces Led By Donald Trump Launch “Soon To Be Deadly” American Coup d’état

Donald Trump Freemason Forces Retaliate Against Vatican, Kill Pope Francis Secretary


HILLARY 2016: The unelection

Wikileaks BOMBSHELL Hillary Clinton Linked to Satanic Pedophile Cult

Published on Nov 5, 2016
Published on Nov 4, 2016
A Wikileaks email belonging to Hillary Clinton’s close friend and campaign chairman, John Podesta, proves that he has participated in satanic sex rituals and is likely connected to a global sex trafficking network.


BREAKING: Hillary’s DOJ Mole Exposed! This Is How She Got Off AGAIN!

Published on Nov 6, 2016

BREAKING: Hillary’s DOJ Mole Exposed! This Is How She Got Off AGAIN! Peter Kadzik is the Mole in DOJ.
“WikiLeaks just revealed Hillary’s mole for certain! We all knew that she had to have a mole in the Department of Justice to try and avoid any charges and Peter Kadzik has been rumored to be that for several weeks now.”



Published on Nov 6, 2016




‘I just wanted to show a sign’: self-proclaimed Republican anti-Trump protester, Austyn Crites, relives the violent attack he suffered at Trump’s Nevada rally.


VIRAL: New Wikileaks PROOF Trump Rally Shooter is HILLARY’s Paid Man!

Published on Nov 6, 2016

VIRAL: New Wikileaks Just Revealed SICK Secret About Trump Rally Shooter! He’s HILLARY’s Paid Man!
“Wikileaks, it has now become apparent that Mr. Crites not only supports Hillary Clinton, but even appeared on a list of paid fighters hired by Clinton. This list was leaked DIRECTLY from John Podesta’s emails…”


Donald Trump Exposed By Anonymous Banned Documentary 2016


Is Donald Trump Playing the Jews?


Donald Trump EXPOSED


Donald Trump MASK OFF


Scenes from the Democratic convention – The ones you didn’t see

#NEVERHILLARY: Thousands of Pissed off People Crash the DNC, Boo Every Time They Hear “Hillary”

Published on Jul 26, 2016

The system is so obviously rigged at this point, our so-called elections are beyond a joke. At least people aren’t laying down and politely taking this b.s.


Young Donald – Same as the Old Donald


Donald Trump Takes on Hillary Clinton, Miss Universe Error

Published on Dec 22, 2015

The GOP presidential front-runner says Clinton “lies” and calls Steve Harvey’s Miss Universe error “just a mistake.”


Hillary Clinton targets Donald Trump during AIPAC address

Published on Mar 21, 2016

Democratic presidential frontrunner slams Trump’s ‘neutral’ views on Israel


Confessions Of A Hillary Shill

The Clinton Foundation and other scams


BREAKING: Hit Man Admits To Murdering People On Command For The Clintons



Clinton should be in The Hague, not the Oval Office: Analyst

Daniel Patrick Welch interview with PressTV on the Killmeister’s unhinged assertion that she is the most transparent public official in modern times… But in the body of the article they cut the important–maybe only to me–disclaimer that I laid out first. I transcribe it below, and it is in the whole audio. Please read, listen and share.

“Well the first thing, before you can analyze any of the horse race aspects of what we call this quadrennial circus that is American politics, is that you have to stop and acknowledge that it is just that: it’s a popularity contest, a kind of a showcase of political personalities and theatrics that is designed to muddle and confuse the issues and make the population feel that they are part of a vibrant democracy–when nothing could be further from the truth. It’s an established oligarchy–it’s very clear–that has almost nothing to do with democracy at all.

“And the reason the establishment perpetuates this fraud on the people is so that they can then project this idea that the US is the *standard* of democracy, and is therefore allowed to project that around the world by destroying countries in the name of democracy, etc, etc. Now, that said, in these times we are always asked to comment on a particular campaign or candidate…”

Former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has got so much blood on her hands that she should be in The Hague, not the Oval Office, an American writer and political analyst says.

On Friday, Clinton condemned Republican critics of her email practices, and went on to describe herself as the “most transparent” public official of modern times.

“I said, ‘make them all public,’” she said of her emails from her time as secretary of state on Friday. “I’ve been the most transparent public official in modern times as far as I know.”

Daniel Patrick Welch said, “This thing that Hillary Clinton comes out with now is just a gem of pathology and outright lying that ‘she is the most transparent politician in modern times.’”

“What the Clintons have done is to raise the art of pathological lying to stratospheric levels throughout their careers, and she stands accused of this wrongdoing on the issue of her private server, with someone about to be given immunity that could have some bearing on her presidential race, but the bigger lies are in what she says and what she does,” he told Press TV on Saturday.

“Right now she is running a campaign, a supposedly liberal campaign — even though it’s not all that left, because she is trying to fend off an actual populist candidacy from Senator Sanders – nothing she says is the truth,” the analyst added.

“She’s been completely disingenuous, because once she gets in the office she will do what exactly what she espoused in the nineties with these trade agreements, that have decimated American infrastructure, American jobs, what she did in the Senate in terms of never meeting a war she didn’t like, what she did as a secretary of state, which is to prosecute and push hard for the destruction of Libya, and the mass murder of tens of thousands of people,” he stated.

Welch said Clinton “has the blood on her hands that these Republicans, who are, for the most part, outright racists and proto fascists, can’t even dream about.”

“Everyone is talking about how awful it would be if Trump won or if the Republican nominee won, what the Republicans are doing is threatening to do what the Democrats have actually been doing for the last eight years – this mass murder campaign, this regime change campaign, the death squad projects, all hidden in the artful dodge of the humanitarian intervention, which Hillary Clinton herself was foremost in projecting with the other two — what a wittier analyst than I once called ‘The Three Witches of Eastwick’, she, Samantha Power, and Samantha Rice — this evil trio that put a moral veneer over something that is completely just imperial arrogance, and hubristic intervention, just the killing, killing in the name of democracy, and taking credit for it as being helpful, just as old as the British Empire, as old as you know occupying India to save women from Sati. It’s just an ugly and sadistic legacy,” he noted.

Clinton, who is running for president of the United States, has come under fire from her Republican rivals since it emerged in March 2015 that she used a personal email account on an unsecured private server for official business.

The former first lady has denied handling classified information on her private server. However, federal investigators, looking into the latest batch of Clinton’s emails released by the State Department, have determined that at least some of the emails contain classified information.

Clinton’s decision to use a private server potentially put thousands of pages of State Department emails at risk, but it also shielded her correspondence from congressional and Freedom of Information Act requests.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reportedly expanded its investigation of Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state.

The ongoing investigation is now reportedly focused on determining whether the possible “intersection” of Clinton Foundation affairs and State Department business may have violated public corruption laws.


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