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If You’re an American you should see THIS! for real

If You’re an American you should see THIS! for real

Uploaded by on Apr 19, 2009

At last one has spoken out !


The Greatest Speech Ever Made

Uploaded by thelakeysisters on Jul 15, 2011

(Song: Window by The Album Leaf) One of the most inspirational speeches in recorded history was given by a silent comedian by the name of Charlie Chaplin. If you like what you see please share the video any way you can and pass the message on. (Translations below)

Albanian – http://www.youtu.be/DFR-hXFJldU
Amharic – http://www.youtu.be/TikYB1IEPKE
Arabic – http://www.youtu.be/kltOjef71_8
Bosnian/Serbian – http://www.youtu.be/3cbdhGNOPYw
Bulgarian – http://www.youtu.be/U0ToV9-mOf8
Chinese – http://www.youtu.be/ehBTKbGBvHc
Croatian – http://www.youtu.be/uMmYuP-EZoM
Czech – http://youtu.be/OPKR0ISKK30
Danish – http://www.youtu.be/juMpQTSLgow
Dutch – http://www.youtu.be/dPmRsEsISE8
Estonian – http://www.youtu.be/SzYFXxjQgMI
Filipino – http://www.youtu.be/pNH5pbMXs-I
Finnish – http://www.youtu.be/oN93hUdVT2g
French – http://www.youtu.be/JhiMZIh3XiA
Georgian – http://www.youtu.be/HvdOHuJjx9k
German – http://www.youtu.be/gMwYhgoHUVM
Greek – http://www.youtu.be/nR0ZRMZ9y_I
Hebrew – http://www.youtu.be/07KB1S10dpk
Hungarian – http://www.youtu.be/5J0D1cHARMc
Italian – http://www.youtu.be/OjQs9jLjsBs
Japanese – http://www.youtu.be/RzTmkoR6mMQ
Korean – http://www.youtu.be/SR8Y7tO8yrI
Macedonian – http://youtu.be/qHjhn3qBRuc
Polish – http://www.youtu.be/Tuqbony9RiE
Portuguese – http://www.youtu.be/7CE35ka2daM
Romanian – http://www.youtu.be/OrrK37VfdIo
Russian – http://www.youtu.be/WKCWu8FYFQY
Slovenian – http://www.youtu.be/iXnmyhVcsBg
Spanish – http://www.youtu.be/gEAp8HRyjxo
Thai – http://www.youtu.be/eqTu_OWwgs4
Turkish – http://www.youtu.be/9tY4CYSKoZA
Vietnamese – http://www.youtu.be/LhyGQw2zwHY


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