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illegal israel Endgame is to DESTROY Russia, Period!!


UK’s new plan to ‘topple Putin’ – Israel & US spawned by UK, three thorns in the side of humanityhttps://youtu.be/9dMcd1S7FsM

Henry Kissinger on Nuclear Deterrencehttps://youtu.be/8SJikzUwwOY


Why Zionist Choose Russia in World War-3!!!

Seek Daily

Published on Jun 24, 2017

Failure plan of Zionist!!!https://youtu.be/uuJJ5ROdAvU

Zionist Setting a trap for USA [By Quran]!!!https://youtu.be/F20uM-QIsWY

Universal Corruption by Israel [100% Proved]!!!https://youtu.be/4SryWPCNg_w


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The Definitive Guide To Trump Scandals 1973-2016


Mission of Donald Trump’s [100% Proved]!!!


Assad: Why talk to Trump if he doesn’t control the US?

#ICYMI: Trump risks chaos in the Middle East, but come on… he is a US president! (VIDEO)

By wrecking the Iran deal, Trump has politicized Israel and exposed Zionist influence over US policy


Kissinger Predicts Nuclear War with Iran – Henry Kissinger on Iran – WSJ CEO Council

The REAL Middle East Nuclear Threat


Fuck You Satanyahu, You are not “Guest of Honour” but SHITHOLE!!

An Open Letter to Vladimir Putin
by Stephen Lendman / Dateline: May 9, 2018

MAGNIFICIENT: Putin Listens The Russian National Anthem At His Presidential Inauguration


BREAKING: Defining Moment for Putin: Stand up to US/Israel Empire of Chaos, or Fold?

Kremlin slams Washington’s withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal as protectionism in disguise http://tass.com/politics/1003684

Trump Is Blinking on Syria – Russian Ability to Hit Back Is Too Risky for Him


You Fucking Liar Satanyahu You will Go to Hell as a TRANSGENDER!!!!!

Israeli protesters urge ‘crime minister’ Netanyahu to resign over bribery allegations


Netanyahu: Prime or Crime Minister?

RT America
Published on Mar 16, 2018

RT America’s Anya Parampil reports on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s rise to power in this exclusive documentary special. Parampil explores his corruption scandals, his rise to power, and speaks with Israelis and Palestinians to ask: Is Netanyahu a Prime or Crime Minister?


From Targeted Assassinations to Sniper Fire, How Israel Eliminates Palestinian Resistance

“Its view is that, for Israel to survive, Palestine’s possibilities must be wiped out, whether the means used are targeted assassinations, sniper fire, or precision targeting of a civilian population.”  Ramona Wadi

What Utter Rubbish?

for Israel to survive, Palestine’s possibilities must be wiped out,

Donald Trump must convince illegal israel to accept the 78% of the stolen land if they want to be legitimate. And most importantly, Donald Trump should advise Satanyahu not to lose this opportunity of a 78% Jewish State because it might not come back again if illegal israel is still so greedy. This good offer by Yasser Arafat accepted by Yitshak Rabin in 1993 is recognized by the whole World and you cannot just change it as and when you want because when a contract is signed just like Iran deal you must honor it! So illegal israel should forget their dream to build a greater Israel.

Explanation of Greater Israel Project!!! – https://youtu.be/lGv3cgLI1a8


Is The Trap Being Set In The Middle East? Breaking Down The Plan – Episode 1565b


You should place a HUGE Star of David in the middle of that web because Israel is sucking us all into a third world war. This is the path they’ve chosen to take to accomplish their Messianic drive for Greater Israel –– and they’ve decided to destroy our world and many of its inhabitants to do so. May God damn them!

PSA: Cultural Boycott of Israel

Artists and musicians who perform in Israel are breaking ranks with those who respect the international call for cultural boycott for freedom and equality.

Posted by Jewish Voice for Peace on Wednesday, 2 May 2018


Israeli activists support the #GreatReturnMarches and reject the violations of the occupation army on the Gaza borders


Patrick Little expelled from GOP 2018 convention for refusing to serve Israel. 


A brief history of America’s dumb policies towards Iran

EU wants to ‘replace’ US after it ditched Iran nuclear deal. But can it?

Iran nuclear deal will remain valid regardless of U.S. decision, says EU policy chief


U.S. Soldiers Sacrificial Lambs


9 May 2018

Dear American Brothers & Sisters,

Israel and Trump Are Lying About Iran’s Nuclear Activity It looks like WW3 is unstoppable ISRAEL’S DIRTY SYRIAN AIR STRIKE SECRET REVEALED  & The US and UK may be in industrial decline, but their Lying Industries are as active as ever but I strongly believe the American soldier can STOP WW3, why?

Read here JEWISH HISTORY OF PEDOPHILIA – HOLLYWOOD’S DARK SECRETES: THE CASTING COUCH. In this video, it reveals Trump deepest secret and it seems Melanie was a whore in Milan and she is naked in this video. The video also questions whether Trump was involved in Pizzagate and Pedophilia:( The evil Zionists got Donald Duck Trump by the balls that’s why he must obey evil Rotschild Zionism.  THE ROTHSCHILD SYRIA CONNECTION – MAJOR REVELATIONS

Trump has sold his soul to evil Rotschild Zionism and he got to pay back but why should you good soldiers fight for the evil Zionists behalf whose ultimate aim is to bring down America!! My English not so good so I hope you can spare a min to read what Saker had written Americans Should Ask Themselves – Do I Want to Die for Israel? and you should also ask Trump is
America First or illegal israel First. Allow me to share with you 2 paragraphs of the conclusion. Conclusion: Accursed are the warmakers, for they shall be called the children of Satan

The Israelis can eat falafels, create “Israeli kufiyeh” and fancy themselves as “orientals”, but the reality is that the creation of the state of Israel is a curse on the entire Middle-East to which has only brought untold suffering, brutality, corruption and wars, wars and more wars. And they are still at it – doing all they can to trigger a large regional war in which many tens or even hundreds of innocent people will die. The people of the US have now allowed a dangerous cabal of psychopathic Neocons to fully take control of their country and now those, who Papa Bush used to call the “crazies in the basement” have their finger on the nuclear button. So now it all boils down to the questions I opened this article with:

Dear US Americans – do you want to die for Israel? Do you want to lose your job for Israel? How about your pension? Maybe just your stock options? Because make no mistake, the US Empire will not survive a full-scale war against Iran. Why? Because all Iran needs to do to “win” is not to lose, i.e. to survive. Even bombed out and scorched by conventional or nuclear strikes, if Iran comes out of this war still as an Islamic Republic (and that is not something bombs or missiles will change) then Iran will have won. In contrast, for the Empire, the failure to bring Iran to its knees will mean the end of its status as the world Hegemon defeated not by a nuclear superpower, but by a regional conventional power. After that, it will just be a matter of time before the inevitable domino effect breaks up the entire Empire (check out Richard Greer’s excellent book “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” for a very plausible account on how that could happen)

Why President Putin will not attack illegal israel?

illegal israel Endgame is to DESTROY Russia, Period!! President Putin must not give them the opportunity to do so, therefore President Putin must use his intelligence and skill with precision to make sure the evil Zionists cannot achieve this end goal.

I’m not a politician but a caring soul for our one World. We as the citizens of the World has a lot of expectation of President Putin and to me, this is not right and fair why? This World belongs to us the 7 billion humanity and President Putin as the leader of Russia key job is to protect his country and people. As long as illegal israel does not attack Russia, President Putin will not attack illegal israel that was why the line in Syria is drawn very clearly between Russia and illegal israel.

Therefore to get Golan Heights back, unfortunately, is the duty and right of the Syrian people and frankly speaking at this very moment we do not know how they are going to achieve it unless Iran comes to the assistance. And I believe this is the very reason illegal israel is not letting go of Iran because they are a force to be reckoned. Allow me to share this conversation on Facebook with my Palestinian sisters.

Louisa Mubarak Sedin – Sunny Chong what do you think about Putin inviting Satanyahu as a guest of honor to the victory day in Moscow?

Sunny Chong – I think he is going to give him an ultimatum if he does not stop his attack in Syria Russia will attack illegal Israel because Putin must take action if not he is seen to be weak.

Louisa Mubarak Sedin – But he a guest of Honour is too much for that ugly short man it made me sick it looks like Putin is treating this war criminal as a King.

Louisa Mubarak Sedin – Yes Putin is weak I can see that he never strike back they killed Russians too.

Sunny Chong – Don’t understand estimate, Putin. Look he played the game with the Rotschild but at the end, he took Russia back right under their nose.

Louisa Mubarak Sedin But not any more Netanyahu is his guest of honor means VIP to Purin. I do not trust Putin anymore I might leave I used to love Russia wanted to visit Russia next year but if Satanyahu goes as a guest of honor I am leaving unacceptable hope it will not Happen because he was the only one I trusted. I will wait until the 9th to find if it is true, you don’t care you are not Palestinian but we Arabs we care and I pray for Assad because Putin is changing his policy from Assad to Satanyahu money.

Sunny Chong – ok let’s see what happens next.

Louisa Mubarak Sedin – I am very worried.

Sunny Chong – I m also very worried but I m trying to be positive. I know deep in my heart and soul President Putin will not sell out the Palestinian people and he will make sure Satanyahu will honor the 1993 Peace Agreement and President Xi also firmly stand on this principle including most of the countries.

The reason I am writing to my America brothers and sisters is to let you know Donald Trump campaign slogan is AMERICA FIRST AGAIN, but now it’s illegal israel FIRST AGAIN 🙁 Can you ask him the question directly because when a jounarnalist asked him a question on Iran he cannot answer.

Trump was asked the most basic question about his Iran deal decision. He had no answer.

Trump abandons ‘defective’ Iran nuclear deal, will revive sanctions

‘US wants Iraqi-style regime change in Iran’


Don’t ever forget you are a force that the evil Zionists are afraid of because you can either make or break America and not Donald Duck Trump!!

You see, Satanyahu cannot fight this battle in Syria on their own because the soldiers they have created are crying babies bullying the Palestinians and killing the Palestinians children besides bulldozing all their houses! In short, they are not soldiers in every sense of the word because if they are they would have won the war they had created in Lebanon in 2006 and don’t forget they even lost to Hamas!

What are the devils good for except sucking Miriam Adelson cunt beside now sucking Donald Duck Trump dick if he does have any left for them to suck! http://illegalisraeltimeisup.com/smelly-cunt-miriam-needs-an-electric-shock/ That is all that the israeli soldiers can do for now that is why Satanyahu needs to rope in Trump to do the dirty job on their behalf.

My mother who was a Jehovah witness dream of a new world where she said can plucked fruits from the tree no need to pay. I told her God gave us one world and I see this world is our paradise and it’s our duty and responsibility to make this world a better place for our children’s and children.

I am not well educated so my understanding of the end of the world is the end of the evil Rotschild Zionism domination of the world and the Paradise will be at our doorsteps.

In short, this means not only President Putin and President Xi must make the world right but all of us and this means 7 billion humanity must take action to bring down evil Rotschild Zionism!! So don’t sit on the fence take action! Sign up to join Larouche Movement to bring about a beautiful World https://larouchepac.com/20180509/tensions-mount-keep-eye-big-picture#.WvRQ5v_rtag.facebook


Join ABEL DANGER to Save America!!

Field and David Sound OFF on Criminal Cabal Roots – 3.05. 2018  https://youtu.be/P1Cd0wdq5Rg


PrepareForChange.net Interview Benjamin Fulford May 3, 2018


I believe after 9/11 and especially the Iraq war Americans are kind of awake and will not do their bitting anymore, so I sincerely hope all of you who have family members working in the army, navy, and airforce please convince your family members to BOYCOTT WW3!! So this means don’t sacrifice your lives for illegal israel and instead lets us all join the Peace Train, ok?

Yusuf Islam – Peace Train – OUTSTANDING!



With great love always,

Sunflower Chong Sun Wah

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