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Illuminate – Dark Secret World Exposed

Illuminate – Dark Secret World Exposed

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Uploaded by theanswerman69 on Jun 21, 2008

This extraordinary documentary is yet another work of wonder and knowledge filled films directed and produced by Mr. Chris Everard. It goes into great detail about the Ether that surrounds our planet for which the dead souls of once living humans dwell, awaiting to be reincarnated into another living being. Our world is not just a physical realm, but we all live amongst a realm of which that is invisible to the naked human eye, and that is the realm of ghost, spirits, etherical entities, a demonic troubled souls. This is a documentary that is filled with great knowledge about the alternate world we live amongst each and every day

interview with an ex-illuminati member pt 9

Uploaded by 1asheepawake1 on Sep 28, 2010

This interview was conducted on January 18, 2006 by Greg Szymanski.

Svali was once a programmer for the Illuminati, where she lived a double-life. She herself has gone through trauma-based mind control since she was a new born, which split her personality in thousands of fractions as a result. From these fractions, her programmers then built a whole new brain structure; implanting commands, false memories, amnesia and a lot of other things to create a total Illuminati mind controlled slave.

Her task was then to program others in similar ways, so each and every person within the group could be assigned different tasks and accomplish them without hesitation or protest. These tasks could be anything from prostitution to brutal murder.

Like many others born into the Illuminati, from her birth in Germany Svali had no choice in her future, as her wealthy, rich and powerful parents charted her course as a “Chosen Child” from an early age.

Told she was “special and born to rule over the masses” to make a better world, Svali recalls going to regular Illuminati meetings with other “chosen children” at least three times a week after moving from Germany to Virginia and then finally to San Diego.

Svali later managed to escape from the Illuminati, after she started “waking up”, realizing how destructive it was what she was doing. She kept herself in hiding for years and was very reluctant to giving interviews, afraid of being caught.

However, in January of 2006 she decided to do an interview with the anti-New World Order radio host Greg Szymanski. Approximately six months after the interview, Svali disappeared and has not been heard from! A friend of hers said she suspect the worst. Either the Illuminati killed her or she is brought back into the cult to be ‘tuned up’ as they call it. It means she will be re-programmed so she can stay within the cult. Maybe time will tell what happened to her.

In this first interview with Greg Szymanski, Svali explains how the Illuminati organization is structured, in general. It is of course much, much more complex than this, but she lined out the backbone of it.

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