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How Did the Land of “PALESTINE” Become “ISRAEL”?


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Israeli Professor Shlomo Sand talks up the ideas of his new book, The Invention of the Jewish People, challenging the underlying logic of the State of Israel as a homeland for the Jewish People.
He argues those who claim to be of the Jewish People cannot claim a blood connection with the original Jewish inhabitants of the Holy Land, but converts along the way. His book was a best-seller in Israel for 19 weeks in 2009.


Leon T. Hadar reviews Sand’s bestseller in Middle East Policy:

“Countering official Zionist historiography, Sand questions whether the Jewish People ever existed as a national group with a common origin in the Land of Israel/Palestine. He concludes that the Jews should be seen as a religious community comprising a mishmash of individuals and groups that had converted to the ancient monotheistic religion but do not have any historical right to establish an independent Jewish state in the Holy Land. In short, the Jewish People, according to Sand, are not really a “people” in the sense of having a common ethnic origin and national heritage. They certainly do not have a political claim over the territory that today constitutes Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories, including Jerusalem.”


Forbidden Knowledge – History of the Khazar Empire [Lecture by Jack Otto]

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Published on Jan 20, 2013

The history of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major but almost forgotten power in Eastern Europe, which in A.D. 740 converted to Judaism. Khazaria, a conglomerate of Aryan Turkic tribes, was finally wiped out by the forces of Genghis Khan, but evidence indicates that the Khazars themselves migrated to Poland and formed the cradle of Western (Ashkenazim) Jewry…

The Khazars’ sway extended from the Black sea to the Caspian, from the Caucasus to the Volga, and they were instrumental in stopping the Muslim onslaught against Byzantium, the eastern jaw of the gigantic pincer movement that in the West swept across northern Africa and into Spain.

Thereafter the Khazars found themselves in a precarious position between the two major world powers: the Eastern Roman Empire in Byzantium and the triumphant followers of Mohammed.
As Arthur Koestler points out, the Khazars were the Third World of their day, and they chose a surprising method of resisting both the Western pressure to become Christian and the Eastern to adopt Islam. Rejecting both, they converted to Judaism.

Learn more true history here… http://www.conspiracyking.com/1034-TH…

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The Story of Palestinians – the rout.

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The is the true story, how Palestine been stolen, this is the video that some Jews are hiding from public.

Part 3

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We must stand united to get Palestine Back

Part 4

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Zionists are proposing the world war plan…



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watch these people are not the jews of the bible

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isaiah 66: 20-:24

20And they shall bring all your brethren for an offering unto the LORD out of all nations upon horses, and in chariots, and in litters, and upon mules, and upon swift beasts, to my holy mountain Jerusalem, saith the LORD, as the children of Israel bring an offering in a clean vessel into the house of the LORD.

21And I will also take of them for priests and for Levites, saith the LORD.

22For as the new heavens and the new earth, which I will make, shall remain before me, saith the LORD, so shall your seed and your name remain.

23And it shall come to pass, that from one new moon to another, and from one sabbath to another, shall all flesh come to worship before me, saith the LORD.

24And they shall go forth, and look upon the carcases of the men that have transgressed against me: for their worm shall not die, neither shall their fire be quenched; and they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh.


Why Jews are not Khazars – Quran Prophecies

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Why Jews are not Khazars- Prophecies of the Quran. A lot of people have been making fake lies that the Zionist Jewish murderers are part of the Khazar people when Western Kazakhs are from the Khazar tribe and we look nothing like Jews, nor do we share similar cultures and languages, we are completely different, so is our DNA. Here are prophecies of the Q’uran that the descendants of the Jews (Bani Israel) would to atrocities in this land of Palestine just like they killed the Palestinian ancestors, the Canaanites in ancient times, today they are repeating this genocide and an even worst one than the one their ancestors did. The Q’uran speaks of their punishment as well and they carry the curse of their ancestors which is why the Jews will never be in peace. This video also proves how the Q’uran is the only real book and has never been changed nor will ever. Islam is the true religion. Read the Q’uran. FREE PALESTINE.


Jews are not Khazars – Real Khazarian Culture & Beauty

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There have been many false theories said out there of the Ashkenazi Jews being descendants of Khazar (Khazarian) who converted to Judaism and are the Jews of today and as a real Khazar myself from Chapaev, Kazakhstan I’m offended people are making these rejected false theories when Ashkenazi Jews have no Turkic Mongoloid feature. DNA has also shown that they don’t have the Khazar DNA like us. I made this video to show you how a real Khazar from Kazakhstan and the Turkic countries of Central Asia look like. Real Khazars like myself are Muslims just like 99% of our country and proud and we will always support our Palestinian Muslim brothers suffering under Bani Israel’s occupation. The Q’uran prophecized the descendants of Bani Israel would come back to the land to do more worst atrocities against Allah just like their ancestors did but once they follow the dajjal (Anti-Christ) they will get their punishment forever, for all the people they murdered. ALLAHU AKBAR.


Ashkenazi Jews are not Khazars

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As a real Khazar from Chapaev, Kazakhstan I have heard of these lies that the Zionist Jews who occupy Palestine are converted Khazars and as a real Khazar I’m offended to hear this nonsense. The Jews look nothing like us, they don’t share one bit of Turkic Mongol culture or language. DNA has also proven that they are not even related to us, they are the same descendants of the cursed Bani Israel that is mentioned in the Holy Q’uran. This Khazar convert Jewish theory is Haraam and is not accepted in Islam. Anyways besides the Historic and DNA proof, the Q’uran itself has said prophecies of the atrocities the descendants of Bani Israel (Jews) did and still are going to do in the Holy Land of Palestine including in following the dajjal (fake Messiah) as their Messiah and ever since the time of Musa (pnuh) Allah cursed the Jews for their disobedience and one of them was that they were going to be dispersed all over the world from the land Allah was going to give to them and that they were going to come back to Palestine to do more atrocities which today includes the Palestinians being murdered by them. A true Turkic Khazar also doesn’t have a huge nose like the Jews do, it is obvious that Middle Eastern people have big noses. Here we have Sheikh Ahmed Deedat talking of the evilness of the Israelite Jews that they did before and are repeating today, they never learned their lesson from being slaves in Egypt, they enslaved Canaanites (Palestinians Ancestors), from the Holocaust, they are killing Palestinians still today.
Other verses of curses given to the Bani Israel and their descendants are:

5:20 And when Moses said to his nation: “You my nation mention/remember God’s blessing/goodness on you when He put/created between you prophets, and He made you kings, and he gave you what he did not give anyone from the creations altogether/(universes).
5:22 They said: “You Moses, that in it (is) a nation (of) tyrants/rebels , and that we will never/not enter it until they get out from it, so if they get out from it, so we are entering.”
5:24 They said: “You Moses, we are never entering it, never, as long as they continued/lasted in it, so go you, and your Lord, so you both fight/kill, we are here, here sitting/remaining.”
5:26 (God) said: “So that it truly is forbidden/prohibited on them forty years, they stray/wander in the earth/Planet Earth, so do not grieve on the nation the debauchers .”
From the verse above, it seems like the God have wrote that “Holy Earth” to be assigned to the Bani Israel
Because they have disobeyed God’s orders, they are prohibited and wonder on the earth for forty years
Is the “Holy Earth” still theirs after fourty years?
17:3 Descendants (of) whom We carried/loaded with Noah, that he truly was a thankful/grateful worshipper/slave.
17:4 And We informed/carried out/completed to Israel’s sons and daughters in The Book ,(that) you will corrupt/disorder (E) in the earth/Planet Earth twice, and you will become high and mighty (E) great height, might and dignity.
17:5 So if their (B)’s first/beginning (of the two times) came, We sent on (to) you worshippers/slaves for Us of strong (severe) power/mighty, so they went through/corrupting/destroying in between and around the homes/houses , and (it) was a made/done promise.
17:6 Then We returned to you the repeat/second time/repetition over them, and We extended/spread you with properties/possessions/wealths, and sons/sons and daughters, and We made you more (a larger) supportive tribe/family/group.
17:7 If you did good, you did good for yourselves, and if you did bad/evil/harm so for it (your selves), so if the last’s/end’s/other’s promise came, they will cause God evil/harm (to) your faces/fronts, they will enter the Mosque like they entered it (on) the first/beginning time , and they will destroy/ruin/break (E) what they (the worshippers/slaves) rose over (with) destruction/ruin/breakage.
17:8 Maybe/perhaps that (E) your Lord has mercy upon you, and if you returned, We returned, and We made/put Hell confining/surrounding for the disbelievers.

Bani Israel is the is carried together is Noah’s arc
Bani Israel will cause corrupt on Earth twice: It is understood that this “prophecy” have passed as they are defeated by Babylonians and the Romans
Mosque mentioned in 17:7 perhaps refers to their the temple that their are trying to build in Jeruselem?
17:104 And We said from after him to Israel’s sons and daughters: “Reside/inhabit the land/Planet Earth , so if the ends’ (other life’s) promise came, We came with you (in) mixed crowds/huge gatherings .
This seems like another prophecy, that when the end(Akhirat) promise came, Bani Israel’s will be came with huge gathering. This is what is happening now to Gaza. These prophecies are coming true, proving Islam is the right religion as well as the Q’uran and that Ashkenazi Jews and all Jews today are descendants of the cursed Bani Israel.


Ashkenazi Jews are Fake Khazars

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There have been Anti-Jewish racist theories that today’s Jews are related to some Asian tribe from today’s modern Kazakhstan. This theory has been proven to be not true many times, not just the fact that Jews don’t look like Khazar Turkic Mongols, but the fact that the Khazar never went as far as Poland, Germany. European countries have had Jews living in Europe long before the Khazar Khaganate.

DNA taken in countries such as USA, Canada, Israel, Argentina, Kazakhstan,Georgia,Saudi Arabia & Germany has proven Jews have J1 & J2 DNA. Ashkenazi Jews have a history of inter racial marriages that occurred between Jewish men and their local gentile wives they chose to marry and when they had kids, they were mixed. That is why today more Jewish men (88%) from Europe have Semitic DNA, than Jewish women (50%) today. In Israel, most Ashkenazi Jews have married with Sephardim & Mizrachim.

The Jewish “hooked” nose which is common in all Jewish people is part of their Levant Semitic genes.


Ashkenazi Jews are Turkic Khazars

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Khazars were originally Turkic peoples. Related to the people in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Iran, Iraq, and other parts of the Middle East. Ashkenazi Jews boast of having the DNA haplogroup of some Arabs. What they fail to realize thats because some Arabs especially the ones in Iraq have Turkic admixture.We must not forget the Ottomon Turks ruled the so called Middle East and mixed their genes with the Arabs and Iranian peoples. To prove Khazars are genetic descendents of the Israelites without a doubt old Israelite fossils would have to be dug. Sephardic Jews are primarily descendents of groups of people that lived in Palestine/Israel and the Middle East. They to may be a mixture of many different peoples, for example Berbers, Arabs, Turks, Iranians, and ancient tribes that lived in Israel/Palestine.However, the Ashkenazi Turkic Khazar Jews found Sephardim that are mixed with Turkic peoples to run DNA test. To falsify the claim of them being descendents of the ancient Israelites.

I am not saying Ashkenazim Turkic Khazars aren’t Jews, but what I am saying they aren’t the physical descendents of the ancient Israelite tribes as they taught the world. Being a Jews = one that has the covenant of Avraham, Yitzaq, Yacov. Ashkenazi Turkic Khazar Jews are spiritual descendents of the ancient Israelites…They ought to stop teaching they are the physical descendents because history can not prove they are.
Ashkenazi Jews are Turkic Khazars(Aşkenazi Yahudileri Hazar Türk’leridir)

Published on Jul 12, 2013

Türkçü-Turancı Aşkenazi Yahudisi : Hermann Bamberger(Arminius Vambery)
_____Not all of the Ashkenazi Jews, but the Ashkenazi Jews who’ve Y-DNA haplogroup: R1b.. they’re probably descendend from ‘Judaist’ Turkic Khazars_____
Khazar(Turkic tribe) Y-DNA: R1b(Ashkenazi Jews)
Cuman(Turkic tribe) Y-DNA: R1b
Wusun(Turkic tribe) Y-DNA: R1b (Genghizid descended: Nogais etc.: Arslanbek Sultanbekov the singer)
There was a man from Austro-Hungary who was a Turcologist, Turanist, and an Ashkenazi Jew .. it was possible he believed his ancestors were Turkic Khazars i think..
He was Hermann Bamberger(Arminius Vambery)

The “jews” are Khazars as has been confirmed by Johns Hopkins University geneticist Dr. Eran Elhaik, PhD
gbe . oxfordjournals .? org
“The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses”
Genome Biol Evol (2013) 5 (1): 61-74. doi: 10.1093/gbe/evs119
Dr. Elhaik “Both mtDNA and Y-chromosomal analyses yield high similarities between European Jews and Caucasus populations rooted in the Caucasus (fig. 7) in support of the Khazarian hypothesis.”
Dr. Eran Elhaik on the Khazar, fake “jews”! watch?v=XsqvWKTrsLg
google . com
Gene study settles debate over origin of European Jews
(AFP) — Jan 16, 2013
PARIS — Jews of European? origin are a mix of ancestries, with many hailing from tribes in the Caucasus who converted to Judaism and created an empire that lasted half a millennium, according to a gene study.

Jews of European descent, often called Ashkenazis, account for some 90 percent of the more than 13 million Jews in the world today.

Dr. Eran Elhaik
“The Missing Link of Jewish European Ancestry: Contrasting the Rhineland and the Khazarian Hypotheses”
watch?v=XsqvWKTrsLg Dr. Elhaik busts and destroys zionist myths and lies!
watch?v=4DTT-okan4w 87% of ‘Jews’ are not Seed? of Abraham, go to around minute 21:00 of this video
watch?v=drErjw5De0o Khazar DNA, go to around minute 19:00 of this video
Kipchak – Oghuz(Turkmen) : two Turkic(Hun) tribe ..
Oghuzes: Ottoman-Safevid-Seljuk-Ghaznavid-Khwarezmian founders etc.
Kipchaks: Mongol-GokTurk-Uyghur-Khazar Khaganate-Crimean Khanate-Golden Horde founders etc.

Colored eyed&haired Kipchak/Turkic tribes:

Cuman/Kipchaks : Blue-eyed, red(auburn) haired Kipchak Turks.
Wusun/Kipchaks : Green-eyed, red(auburn) haired Kipchak Turks.
Khazar/Kipchaks : Green&Blue-eyed, red(auburn) haired Kipchak Turks.
We’re blood brother!…
Kipchaks(Mongols,European Huns,Magyars, Khazars, Sultan baibars etc.) – Oghuzes(Ottomans,Seljuks,Safevids, Seladin Ayyubi etc.)


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