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Iran Is Not the Problem; Stop War on IRAN

Iran Is Not the Problem; Stop War on IRAN

Published on Mar 3, 2012 by doostava

IRAN (Is Not The Problem) is a feature length documentary film responding to the failure of the American mass media to provide the public with relevant and accurate information about the standoff between the US and Iran, as happened before with the lead up to the invasion of Iraq.
We have heard that Iran is a nuclear menace in defiance of the international community, bent on “wiping Israel off the map”, supporting terrorism, and unwilling to negotiate. This documentary disputes these claims as they are presented to us and puts them in the context of present and historical US imperialism and hypocrisy with respect to Iran. It looks at the struggle for democracy inside Iran, the consequences of the current escalation and the potential US and/or Israeli attack, and suggests some alternatives to consider.
This 79 minute documentary features Antonia Juhasz, Larry Everest, and other activists and Iranian-Americans. The goal of this movie is to promote dialog and change the debate on Iran, so please consider organizing a screening, big or small, in your area.
Produced by Aaron Newman, an independent film-maker and part of the Scary Cow film co-op in San Francisco. He is an anti-imperialism/pro-democracy activist, founder of the SF Chomsky Book Club, and a member of Hands Off Iran. There are differences of opinion between many of the voices in this film, but all agree that a war would be unjustified. Below are brief video introductions for each of the people who participated.


2012 IRAN STRONGER THAN EVER-Uncontained (Documentary)-مستند مهارنشده

Published on Jul 28, 2012 by 313GroupProductions


“Uncontained” has documented the quest of a Pakistani student in Iran between 2010 and 2011. After the assassination of two nuclear scientists in November 2010, “Mohtashim” gets involved in Iran’s nuclear case to investigate allegations that Iran is building nuclear weapons. He encounters with different people such as the controversial Member of Parliament “Ahmad Shirzad”, an expelled French author, Thierry Meyssan and Marzieh Hashemi (Milani Franklin) an African American journalist.

A work by Safir Documentary Center with the assistance of Group 313 Productions

Directed by: Mostafa Rezvani
Produced by: Mohammad Hassanpur
Cinematography: Amir Taheri
Music: Hamid Reza Allahyary
Associate Producer: Mohsen Akhavan
Executive Producer: Arman Group


Jew telling the truth about Iran and Israel

Uploaded by Airforcebz on Nov 14, 2011

No description available.


Ron Paul questions Hillary Clinton- IRAN, IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN

Uploaded by PSNy2kUK on Feb 29, 2012

02/29/12 Foreign Affairs Hearing: Ron Paul questions Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.
You must read this. Ron Paul – Iran: The Next Neocon Target April 5, 2006

Ron Paul was born August 20, 1935, in Pittsburgh, PA. He received a medical degree from Duke University in 1961. After five years in the U.S. Air Force, he began practice as an obstetrician in Texas. He was elected to Congress over 3 different periods of time beginning in 1976. Although a Republican, Paul’s political views are closely aligned with those of the Libertarian Party, and he was the Libertarian nominee for president in 1988. Paul’s actions frequently differ from the rest of Congress. He never goes on overseas fact-finding trips, and he does not participate in the generous Congressional pension plan.
International Experience:

I was unable to determine if Paul’s Air Force service included time overseas. Paul currently serves on the House International Relations Committee and its subcommittees on the Western Hemisphere and Asia/Pacific. He is the author of “A Foreign Policy of Freedom.”
Ron Paul’s Foreign Policy Positions:

Congressman Paul is the only Republican presidential candidate to vote against the Iraq war authorization in 2002. He consistently opposes legislation supporting America’s role in international agreements and organizations including the North American Free Trade Agreement, the International Criminal Court, the World Trade Organization, the United Nations, and more. His Web site says, “We must withdraw from any organizations and trade deals that infringe upon the freedom and independence of the United States of America.”
Ron Paul’s Statements on Foreign Policy:

American Independence and Sovereignty, statement from the Ron Paul 2008 Web site
War and Foreign Policy, statement from the Ron Paul 2008 Web site
Iran: The Next Neocon Target, remarks by Ron Paul to the U.S. House of Representatives (April 5, 2006)

Google – Fahrenheit 9/11

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Ron Paul is America’s leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low taxes, free markets, sound money, and a pro-America foreign policy.

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