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A Civil War Looming in Israel?


Amid the seemingly perpetual turbulence and chaos of the Middle East and North Africa comes the warning of a Jewish Civil War:

“We are on the verge of an uprising of hatred, racism, darkness and upcoming killings and assassination based on the overwhelming internal hatred here. We hear hatred at every turn, whether it is directed toward women by military rabbis, by Ashkenazi Jews against Sephardi Jews and Mizrahi Jews against Ashkenazis. This way the seeds of the uprising of hatred are planted, which will lead to a civil war. This hatred is being carried out by the full support and cover of those in charge.” – Isaac Herzog, leader of the opposition Zionist Union coalition in the Israeli Knesset.

Isaac Herzog’s words, spoken on Monday 18th July at a Zionist Camp parliamentary bloc session, may strike the unerring observer as alarmist and even fanciful. How on earth could the people of Israel, a state created in the belief that it would provide the best guarantee for the preservation of the Jewish people, be set on a course of fratricidal conflict which would imperil its existence?

The often repeated warnings of Israel being a state surrounded by a multitude of enemies and which has existed under the perpetual threat of being “driven into the sea” by Arab enemies has seemingly provided the basis of an unbreakable communal solidarity whatever the cultural and ethnic differences between the disparate people that comprise it.  To many, the tendency towards fractiousness and vexation; of episodic disputes and divisions arising within the subtext of an often volatile political discourse only lend credence to the old adage of  “two Jews, three opinions.”


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Israel’s Genocidal War on Palestine Rages


The dehumanising culture of Israel

You can’t blame the Jewish colonists on the West Bank from believing they can get away with murder. For one thing, they are a privileged class with superior lifestyles subsidised by the state. For another, the ultra-religious are taught to dehumanise their Palestinian neighbours; they think of the rightful owners of the land as little more than inconvenient squatters on the territory the colonists refer to collectively as Judea and Samaria. Whereas they get to live in elevated modern houses surrounded by landscaped lawns and fountains, which are guarded 24/7 at great cost to Israeli taxpayers, Palestinians below struggle to get building licences to renew theirs and suffer from frequent water shortages preventing them from watering their orchards and crops.

Until now, crimes committed by the colonists against Palestinians — beatings, theft of water, destruction of olive groves, mosques and businesses and murders — have passed under the international radar. But a recent arson attack on the home of a Palestinian family in the town of Duma near Nablus, carried out by four as yet unnamed assailants believed to be ‘colonists’ could be a game changer because an 18-month-old infant was burnt alive.

The child’s four-year-old brother and parents are in hospital with burns covering up to 70 per cent of their bodies. Daubed on what was left of the family house were the words “Long Live the Messiah, the King” and “Revenge”. Photographs of baby Ali Dawabsheh strewn over the floor add to the poignancy of a life wasted by religious fanatics.

Israel struggles with racist underground

Who are the radical rabbis inspiring Israel’s most violent Jewish settlers?


Where Palestinians and settlers meet as equals


Trail of The Pharaohs (Ancient Egyptian & European Bloodline)

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US-Israel tension: Deep or superficial?

Many political observers in Israel view the current strained relations with Washington as the worst since the establishment of the Zionist state

As’ad Abdul Rahman, Special to Gulf News Published: 17:24 July 31, 2015

Last week, many top Israeli politicians declared that the rapid deterioration of the relationship between United States President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has negatively affected the strong and historical relations between the Zionist state (Israel) and the US, especially with regard to “how Iran’s nuclear drive should be curbed and checked”. Those politicians blame Netanyahu for that deterioration. In addition to this issue, the US and Israel are at odds on ways to end the Palestinian/Israeli conflict in a just and peaceful manner. The American administration is certain that the right-wing religious parties ruling Israel now not only pose serious danger to the survival of Israel, but they are also a direct threat to the American national security and that of the West in general. The Israeli right-wing, driven by Talmudist racism and Zionist colonialism, has effectively snuffed the two-state solution upon which the whole western world has now based its Middle Eastern policy.

The Israeli right-wing and extreme right-wing coalition are now very concerned of the possibility of Washington lifting its protective hand off Israel in the United Nations, especially in the International Court of Justice that would be looking, in the near future, into complaints of Israeli violations of international law. Another concern is the current American military budget constraints that would negatively affect quantum of military aid to Israel in the future.

Many political observers in Israel view the current strained relations with Washington as the worst since the establishment of the Zionist state. American-Jewish observers (and others) agree with this view, foreseeing that the effect of such tensions would make the European Union (EU) free to confront Israel on all fronts, politically, economically and culturally, without expecting any serious opposition from the American administration. The EU views the steady Judaisation of the Palestinian West Bank as a catastrophe in the making, which will unleash takfiri fundamentalists (those who accuse others of apostasy) who falsely claim Islam as their creed, wreaking havoc across Europe and the US, extracting revenge from the western world for its support of the Zionist state.

In warning notes, Jeremy Ben Ami, president of ‘J Street’, the lobby of America’s Reform Jews who discarded the Talmud from their religious services and who strongly oppose the religious right-wing ruling Israel now, has said that “what the Prime Minister of Israel is doing now is something that is extremely shameful and very disgraceful and will negatively affect the Israeli/American relation for a very long time”.

Another prominent American Jew, Aron Miller, who had served in the Republican and Democratic administrations in his capacity as an expert on Middle Eastern issues, reminded Tel Aviv not to forget that “America has other friends in the Middle East besides Israel”. Israeli writer Ben Kesbit said that “Israeli leaders who differed in the past with American leaders made history by their actions not by their words only. David Ben Gurion announced the independence of the state of Israel contrary to American view that wanted more time. Levy Ashkol started the 1967 war when America opposed it and Menachem Begin attacked and destroyed the Iraqi nuclear reactor when the then US president Ronald Reagan was against such an act”. He concluded his article, asking: “What did [Benjamin] Netanyahu do of any historical importance in this case? He did nothing except speak empty words and when real actions are needed to eradicate threats putting Israel’s survival on the line; Netanyahu disappears and instantly dissolves into a small insignificant puddle of liquid.”

Despite our belief that the strained relationship between Obama and Netanyahu would not in the short term affect the strategic military alliance between Israel and the US, yet, that does not rule out the possibility of further deterioration as a result of the rogue policies enacted by the ruling colonial, ultra-religious and ultra-nationalist right-wing parties within the Zionist state.

Right from the start, Palestinians have maintained that Israel is an apartheid/racist and takfiri state that can never accept any solution except the complete Judaisation of West Bank. Israeli leaders never failed or attempted over the years to change such a firm belief. On June 25, 1982, Israeli prime minister at the time, Menachem Begin said in the New Statesman, that “the Palestinians are beasts walking on two legs”, in reference to the racist Talmud’s description of non-Jews. His predecessor, David Ben-Gurion from A Biography, by Michael Ben Zohar, published in New York in 1978, addressing the general staff, said: “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation to get rid of the Arab population.”

In the years that followed, more proof came of the Zionist aims and plots, some from Israelis themselves … Michael Ben-Yair, the attorney general of Israel from 1993-1996, wrote in the Israeli daily Haaretz that “the Intifada is the Palestinian people’s war of liberation. We (Israel) enthusiastically chose to become a colonialist society, ignoring international treaties, expropriating lands, transferring [colonists] from Israel to the Occupied Territories, engaging in theft and funding justification for all these activities … We established an apartheid state.”

It sounds fit within this context to quote Israeli pundit Shmuel Rosner, who said: “It is assumed that we have to wait for two more hard years till President Obama finishes his term, but my American conversant asked me: ‘Why only two years? And who assured Israel and whispered into Netanyahu’s ear that the next American president is going to be more loving and understanding towards Israel, while Netanyahu continues on his path of sabotaging the peace process?”

Professor As’ad Abdul Rahman is the chairman of the Palestinian Encyclopaedia.



Mar 3rd 2012


Rakan (12), from Jericho, was kidnapped while working in his father’s field. His family had no idea where their son was until almost a week later.The 12 year old’s journey started with sexual abuse, torture, a long list of threats, solitary confinement for 13 days, where he was allowed only one visit to the toilet each day, at 10 pm.The Israeli military court postponed Rakan’s court-hearing 4 times, since law forbids that any child under the age of 14 to be sentenced for longer than 6 months. Rakan waited 2 years behind bars, becoming 14 before the trial. His parents were present each time the boy was taken to court, but they were never allowed to speak to him or even come near him.Not only did Rakan try to commit suicide twice in prison, his parents were also in continuous stress and grief, feeling unable to do anything for their son.


Evil Zionist Settler

Illegal Israeli settlers release sewage on Palestinian farms

Israeli Settlers Speak

Settlers take over Palestinian house

Watch how israeli settlers treat the palestinian children (part 1)

Watch how israeli settlers treat the palestinian children (part 3)

Israeli settlers & soldiers intimidate young shepherd


Israeli settlers storm al-Aqsa Mosque


The local paper on 4 February 2012 by Washington Post-Reuters Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak, speaking on Thursday at a security forum attended by some of Israel’s top intelligence and military leaders, declared that time was running out for stopping Irans’s nuclear advance, as the country’s uranium facilities disappear into newly constructed mountain bunkers.

“Whoever says ‘later’ may find that later is too late,” Mr Barak said. He switched from Hebrew to English for the last phrase: “later is too late’.

Instead of trying to spend every waking moment how to BOMB IRAN why don’t the Israeli government look into the uncontrolled behavior of the settlers before it is too late and not, not bombing Iran is too late. Instead of believing the Palestinians are their greatest enemies, the Israeli government may find that their greatest enemies are at their doorstep in the guise of Jewish extremists. All these terrorists have been emboldened by the Israeli government’s hate of the Palestinians and so they have allowed them to take the law into their own hands, and now it has backfired. This is the same situation as with Pakistan’s government supporting the extremist terrorists group because they used them to fight the Indians in Kashmir. They are playing a dangerous game because without law and order it will be the end of any peace within Israel.

The Israeli government signed the peace contract but have refused to implement it and are now trying to use any excuse to opt out of the contract by diverting our attention to Iran just like how they had done in Iraq under George Bush government with the help of those ‘HAWKS’! If they want to be recognized as ethical and moral people, the Israelis must honor their word and the agreement and grant the Palestinians their rightful homeland. Not only are they not honoring their word, it now seems the Palestinians are an “invented people”, are careless and insensitive comments like that meant to justify that the Palestinians are not entitled to a state and now worse not entitle to – ‘Referencing Palestine is fine, but implying that it is not free is the contentious issue’. Please read the article below and you know what I am talking.

BBC Trust rules in favour of censoring ‘Palestine’

The BBC has denied it was wrong to edit the word ‘Palestine’ from an artist’s peformance on Radio 1Xtra, but has said its producers may have been ‘overcautious’.This final ruling issued at the end of January, marks the end of an eight month campaign by PSC to hold the BBC to account for its bias in censoring the lyrics ‘I can scream Free Palestine for my pride/still pray for peace‘ from a rap performed by the artist, Mic Righteous, on 1Xtra.

In an extraordinary exchange of correspondence, during which the BBC’s excuses for cutting out ‘Palestine’ grew ever more bizarre, one producer wrote: ‘Referencing Palestine is fine, but implying that it is not free is the contentious issue’.

The settlers’ movement is a threat to Israel’s existence

12/30/2011 16:31   By ALON BEN-MEIR

Above the Fray: The settlements represent more than a security and political disagreement.
Photo by: REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

The attack on an Israeli military base in the West Bank by hard-line Jewish settlers must not be seen as an isolated incident that can be dealt with simply by punishing the perpetrators, as Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said in the Knesset.

This dangerous and most deplorable incident is a byproduct of the hypocritical settlement policies Netanyahu and his hard-core coalition partners have zealously been pursuing for the past three years. Netanyahu condemns the attacks on settlers while such policies continue to focus on the rapid expansion of the settlements, further strengthening the settlers’ movement, which, for all intents and purposes, has acquired de facto veto power over policies affecting the future disposition of the West Bank.

This will not be the last such incident and is bound to escalate to the detriment of Israel’s very existence as long as the settlement issue remains the most contentious issue between Israel and the Palestinians.

Any future peace agreement will require the evacuation of scores of settlements scattered throughout the West Bank. Here is why: Far more than a manifestation of the territorial dispute between Israel and the Palestinians, the settlement problem is intertwined with Israeli and Palestinian identities.

Every housing unit built beyond the 1967 Green Line has physical, psychological and political ramifications, making the issue a formidable obstacle to overcome if a two state solution is to be achieved.

From the Palestinian perspective, the settlement issue is the albatross that undermines any prospect for a viable Palestinian state. Since the Oslo signing of the Declaration of Principles in September 1993, the number of Israeli settlers in the West Bank has nearly tripled, from approximately 116,000 in 1993 to over 300,000 today. This number does not include more than 200,000 settlers in east Jerusalem, where Palestinians seek to establish a capital for their state, and where the Netanyahu government continues to build thousands of new housing units.

Physically, settlement construction confiscates land that Palestinians seek for their future state, bit by painstaking bit. Psychologically, construction sends the Palestinians a clear message: that Israel does not accept their claim to the land or their national aspirations, and has no interest in a two-state solution. Herein lies the rationale for the continued Palestinian insistence on a complete Israeli settlement freeze in both the West Bank and east Jerusalem prior to their entering into negotiations.

From the Palestinian view, if Israel were truly willing to accept a Palestinian state, it would cease its construction that encroaches further into would-be Palestinian territory.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his cabinet ministers reinforce the Palestinian assertions that Israel is not interested in accepting a Palestinian state by continually invoking Israel’s historic connection to the West Bank by referring to its biblical Hebrew name, “Judea and Samaria,” a position that strengthens the fervent nationalist settlers who believe they have biblical birthright to live wherever they choose in the West Bank.

Politically, continued settlement construction has moved Palestinian leaders further away from compromise with Israel. For any Palestinian leader to enter into negotiations without a construction freeze would amount to political suicide. As more Palestinians question whether negotiations can truly lead to a Palestinian state, compromising on an issue that contradicts the very notion of the creation of their state has become a political impossibility.

From Netanyahu’s perspective, settlement construction is linked with national identity.

He has repeatedly placed the idea of Palestinians accepting Israel “as a Jewish state” at the center of the deliberations over renewing peace talks. From his perspective, until the Palestinians and the Arab world accept the legitimacy of this claim, peace will be impossible.

Furthermore, Netanyahu can easily point to his 10-month construction freeze, during which time Abbas failed to enter into negotiations, as a justification for his refusal to accept another freeze, especially if it includes east Jerusalem.

NETANYAHU FUNDAMENTALLY differs from his predecessors, Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon and Ehud Barak, who used the word “occupation” to describe Israel’s continued hold on the West Bank. Netanyahu does not view the ancient Jewish lands of “Judea and Samaria” (and certainly not east Jerusalem) as occupied and thus does not believe them to be off-limits to Jewish construction. This explains why he has expended so much political capital in opposing a settlement freeze, despite continued pressure from Washington and the international community.

Netanyahu hypocritically condemns the attacks against settlers while simultaneously justifying his refusal to freeze construction by linking the settlements to Israel’s national security, which an increasing number of Israelis accept at face value.

Netanyahu has repeatedly claimed that Israel cannot accept “indefensible borders,” based on the 1967 lines. He highlights that Israel would be only nine miles wide if it were to relinquish its territory in the West Bank. However, this security argument is undermined by the reality that for any agreement to be reached, Israel will have to relinquish land.

Unless Netanyahu claims that a 12- or 15- mile width is more “defensible” with today’s missile technology than a nine-mile width, it is difficult to comprehend what Netanyahu’s “defensible borders” look like without a continued, substantial Israeli military presence in the West Bank.

If the dispute over settlements was solely based on security or political issues, it could be reconciled through good-faith negotiations.

However, the settlements represent more than a security and political disagreement.

The issue is viewed as a matter of the inherent historical rights and existence of each side. This is what makes this conflict so intractable and this is precisely why the hard-line settlers feel that no one can impede their activities, including the military, which is stationed there for their protection.

All of this begs the question: Will the Netanyahu government recognize that its blind policy on the settlements has set the stage for further escalation of violent confrontations not only between the settlers and the Palestinians but between the settlers and the Israeli military? There is no doubt that Jews will kill other Jews in the name of a messianic mission. Those who think that this simply is unthinkable, better think again. Nothing will stop the zealot settlers as long as they believe that they are pursuing God’s mission and that the Almighty is testing their resolve, tenacity and willingness to sacrifice before He once again grants them the Promised Land.

This is no longer just a small group of criminals and vandals who are out to burn or daub inflammatory graffiti on the walls of Palestinian mosques or vandalize an Israeli military base. This is a clear manifestation of a movement determined to control any future political agenda in the West Bank and will not be, as Netanyahu seems to believe, easily eradicated.

Notwithstanding the Netanyahu’s government “revulsion” at the settlers’ criminal acts, these settlers know where Netanyahu and his cohorts really stand as long as the government continues to authorize construction of a new housing in the heart of Palestinian neighborhoods. What is needed here are fundamental policy changes that must first cease construction and secondly commit in deeds (and not in empty rhetoric) to a two-state solution, or the Netanyahu government runs the risk of the settlements becoming a self-consuming cancer.

The behavior of these radical settlers must be condemned in the strongest possible terms, but the real culprits are not the settlers but the Netanyahu government, which was committed from day one to defying the Palestinian reality and the international community and has, above all, engaged in excessive self-denial to the detriment of Israel’s future. No one but Netanyahu is to blame for this horrifying development. If he has one ounce of integrity left in him he should resign.

The writer is professor of international relations at the Center for Global Affairs at NYU. He teaches international negotiation and Middle Eastern studies.



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