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Published on Feb 19, 2013

Infamous Assassinations is a 2007 British documentary television series about high-profile murders and attempted murders of public figures. It is currently being shown on Yesterday.

This series takes a closer look at some of the world’s most talked-about assassinations and near misses. Always a fascinating and macabre subject, assassinations can damage a nation’s confidence, create wars and shock the world.

Throughout this series some of the 20th century’s most outrageous attempts can, thanks to rare archive footage and reconstructions, be seen first hand and viewers are brought closer to the events than ever before.

From the assassinations of John F Kennedy and Mahatma Ghandi, to attacks on royalty, politicians and media celebrities, this series uncovers the real reasons behind these events and how they unfolded.

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Rabin assassination evidences-reopen the investigation- Part2

Rabin assassination in hebrew-evidences-to reopen the investigation

Yitzhak Rabin – Unclosed Case – Official Trailer

Uploaded by on Jun 27, 2010


The official trailer for the controversial, conspiratory film on Israeli Prime Minister Rabin’s assassination.

Ten years after the Rabin assassination, new findings about the night of the murder are revealed and powerful questions arise.

For the first time, the film discloses the late Prime Minister’s clothes, in which a third hole is discovered in the front of his shirt and undershirt respectively, and which was never spoken of, seen or investigated.

The film includes interviews with the State Prosecutor in the murder trial, Pnina Guy, the physicians who attended to Rabin in the emergency room, pathologist Prof. Yehuda Hiss, Chief Justice Meir Shamgar who headed the Official Commission Inquiry, GSS top officials Hezi Kalo, Savinoam Avivi and Rafi Malka, General Yaacov Shoval of the Israel Police Central District and many others involved in the case. In addition, the film introduces the expert opinions of two top forensic investigators, one from Israel and the other from Britain, who examined the third hole.

After 10 years, we have the right to know the truth about the most traumatic event in the history of Israel and the Middle-East.

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