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Israeli Snipers Killed U.S. Troops in Iraq !!!

Israeli Snipers Killed U.S. Troops in Iraq !!!

Published on Oct 7, 2012 by CrusaderLuis

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Anderson Cooper of CNN showed this video of snipers killing U.S. troops in Iraq on his October 18, 2006 show. CNN says it obtained the video from a “representative” of an unnamed “insurgent leader.” Bear in mind that Anderson Cooper used to work for the CIA.

Richard Wilson’s hypothesis: Israeli soldiers and/or Mossad agents are killing our soldiers in Iraq in order to enrage American troops so that the slaughter continues.

Proof: At the very beginning of this video clip, you see a rifle with a video camera attached to it. This weapon is made by the Rafael company, an Israeli arms manufacturer, that also makes IEDs. If you watch the video all the way through, it explains how this rifle works. CNN stated that the camera used to film these shootings was not a mounted rifle camera. But as you watch the video, you see that with each shot fired, the camera recoils. That would only happen if it were mounted on the rifle. Why is this significant? Because this kind of rifle-camera is extremely sophisticated and not available to your average Iraqi insurgent. I mean, it’s not exactly an easily obtainable Saturday night special! Something this sophisticated points to Mossad.

Mossad is a master at false flag operations, e.g., Oklahoma City, the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen, the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires, the July 7, 2005 London bombings, the 9-11 attacks in New York, the assassination of the Prime Minister in Beirut, the stoking of Muslim riots in France last year, the bombing of the Hassan al-Askari Mosque in Samarra, Iraq, etc. 

Israelis freely move among US and UK troops in Iraq, and have access to top-level US intelligence. Until July 2003, the head of all US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan was General Tommy Franks, a Zionist Jew. (He is now on the board of directors for Bank of America.) On November 7, 2006 another Zionist Jew became a principle liaison between Mossad and US forces in Iraq: Major General Richard F. Natonski of the Marine Corps. His title is Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policies and Operations. 

Because of this access, the “insurgents” (i.e., Mossad agents) know exactly where US vehicles will be and who will be inside them. This allows them to target for maximum false flag effect.

For example, on July 23, 2005, a detachment of 19 female US Marines was sent to Fallujah to check Iraqi women for bombs. An IED blew up their truck. Two of the young American women were killed, five were critically wounded, and four were captured. The bodies of the four captured women turned up later in a garbage dump with their throats cut. Americans were outraged. Islamic clerics insisted that only Israelis could be so cold-blooded. And who was in charge of US forces in Fallujah at the time? None other than Major General Natonski, the Mossad liaison. 

Americans are supposed to believe that rag-tag “insurgents” use IEDs powerful enough to kill three US troops per day, on average. An American soldier even set up a blog on how “Intel” is betraying and targeting US troops. But sometimes Mossad bomb-makers accidentally blow themselves upin Iraq. 

According to Richard Wilson, Israeli sniping and IEDs are false flag operations. He says that on March 28, 2005, Americans arrested 19 Mossad agents who fired twice on a US Marine checkpoint. The Marines beat up the Mossad agents and tore off their Star-of-David necklaces. (The US media incorrectly said the agents were Americans.) The Mossad agents said they were employees of Zapata Engineering, which helps the CIA conduct interrogations, and also manages US ammo dumps and US motor pools in Iraq. 

IEDs in Iraq are powerful enough to flip over a 70-ton tank. Some of the models shoot depleted-uranium projectiles, and are triggered by electronic devices surreptitiously planted on US armored vehicles. Zapata Engineering (which employs Mossad agents) makes this exact kind of trigger, and oversees some of the US motor pools.

Rumsfeld says the IEDs come from Iran, but Richard says they come from Mossad, and are not “improvised” at all. The Israeli company, Rafael (see above), makes IEDS, which are buried in the middle of a road. Beside the road is a device which emits a laser or radio signal. This device is manufactured by firms like Zapata Engineering, which is controlled by Zionist Jews. The IED mine, manufactured by Israel, is inert until a US vehicle (secretly planted with a triggering device) rolls over it.

Whenever Mossad carries out these false-flag operations they produce a videotape or a recording from an “unnamed source” that is “close to al-Qaeda.” Sometimes they say “the claim was posted on an Internet website, but its authenticity could not be verified.” 

But Israelis would never kill anyone in cold blood, would they? After all, the USS Liberty massacre was “an accident!”

Everyone should see it! USA Soldiers in Iraq

Uploaded by asdbsasd on Mar 1, 2008

Everyone should see it! that the American soldiers doing in Iraq while their government steals oil

Wake up america! Soldiers are speaking out!

Uploaded by entimes777 on Sep 21, 2009

This video was created by the user ranger4usa83
He is a genuine patriot….Link Below
The truth shall set you free! We are in perilous times!

Even The Troops Are Waking Up

Uploaded by 3usall on Jan 17, 2010

No description available.

NAVY Veteran says GET OUT NOW

Uploaded by williamwagener on Nov 9, 2009

Ask a 11 year SERVICE Navy Vet. Do the current WARs in Iraq and Afghan “DEFEND” America? NO. This Navy man loves his Navy and USA , but hates the way Politicians are using the military
for retaliation for false flag operations of the current BUSH-CLINTON-BUSH-OBAMA dictatorships.

“US heroism” or “US terrorism?” Afghanistan 2011

Uploaded by ericlinks on May 9, 2011

http://komwebcamchatten.blogspot.com join us send your news updates

The clip presented here is excerpted from ‘Motorcycle Kill,’ a video collected and shared by members of the “kill team” of U.S. soldiers who murdered civilians in Afghanistan and mutilated the corpses. The jumpy, 30-minute video — shot by soldiers believed to be with another battalion in the 5th Stryker Brigade — shows American troops gunning down two Afghans on a motorcycle who may have been armed. Even if the killings were part of a legitimate combat engagement, however, it is a clear violation of Army standards to share such footage. The video was taken on patrol with a helmet-mounted camera; at one point, the soldier shooting the images can be heard boasting, “I got it all on camera.”

America: Who or what is radicalizing US soldiers?-The Agenda-03-18-2012

Published on Mar 18, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews

Since his last combat deployment in Iraq, Jeremy Hall has had a rough time, getting shoved and threatened by his fellow soldiers. The trouble started there when he would not pray in the mess hall.

“A senior ranking staff sergeant told me to leave and sit somewhere else because I refused to pray,” Hall, a 23-year-old US army specialist, told AFP.

Later, Hall was confronted by a major for holding an authorized meeting of “atheists and freethinkers” on his base. The officer threatened to discipline him and block his re-enlistment.

“He said: ‘You guys are being a problem and problems can be removed,'” Hall said. “He was
yelling at us and stuff and at the very end he says, ‘I really love you guys, I want you to see the light.'”

Now Hall is suing the major and Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, accusing them of breaching his constitutional rights.

A campaign group, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, is waiting for the Pentagon to respond to a lawsuit filed in a Kansas federal court on Hall’s behalf.

In this edition of the show we discuss whether the US Army is putting ideas in soldiers’ heads that Afghan life is not important.

Watch this video on our Website: www.presstv.com/Program/232269.html

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Soldier Refuses To Return To Iraq For Immoral Duty

Uploaded by truthed on Feb 24, 2009

WBAYs Adam Aaro reported talked to a Wisconsin soldier who says he is refusing to return to Iraq on the grounds that is immoral. Christopher Walker has been a soldier with the Army since 2002. Early this morning, I made a decision not to go back to Iraq, Walker told Aaro. AS SEEN ON

U.S. Marine Jon Turner tosses his medals

Uploaded by solarbus on Apr 1, 2008

U.S. Marine Jon Turner strips his medals at the “Winter Soldier” hearings.
NOTE: The comment section is NOT a forum to attack Jon Turner or to use profane language. I posted this video and I have the right to delete any comment I want. If you have something negative to say about Jon Turner, then do it respectfully. My personal opinion is that his actions are the result of his training and the mindset that the military wants our soldiers to have. While I do not condone his actions in Iraq, I personally think Jon Turner is brave, to publicly condemn what he has done, and to stand up and let people know the kinds of things that are happening in Iraq. This is not an isolated incident. At this event alone, many other soldiers told similar stories. We killed many innocent people in Iraq and this is just part of the story. So you are free to express your thoughts about this but be civil and respectful or I will delete your comment.

US Army Sergeant refuses to deploy to Iraq-1/2

Uploaded by IWantDemocracyNow on Jun 18, 2008

US Army Sergeant Matthis Chiroux Refuses to Deploy to Iraq

Sergeant Matthis Chiroux served in the Army for five years, with tours in Afghanistan, Japan, Germany and the Philippines. Last month, Chiroux announced he would not deploy to Iraq. On Sunday, Father’s Day, the deadline for him to report for active duty expired. [includes rush transcript]

US Army Sergeant refuses to deploy to Iraq-2/2

Uploaded by Watandar2000 on Apr 22, 2009

U.S. Sergeant Matthis Chiroux, 25, was in military service for many years before he came to the conclusion that the wars and occupations in Iraq and in Afghanistan are wrong and found the courage to speak out. Since last summer he has been a key activist in the U.S. veterans’ organization, Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW).
From April 1st to 5th, Chiroux and Malalai Joya joined peace activists in Germany and France to speak out against NATO and the war and occupation in Afghanistan.

On April 4th, at a large demonstration in Strasbourg, France, Chiroux planned to publicly apologize to Afghan peace activist Malalai Joya for participating in the occupation of her country; however, before he could do so, the demonstration was disrupted by attacks of the French police. He made his apology instead on April 5, 2009, at the NATO Congress in Strasbourg.

Matthis Chiroux: I want to tell you, Malalai, how sorry I am for the violence that my Army has done to your people, to your country. I want to apologize to you for the role that I played in it.
Malalai Joya: And I want to tell you that it is your government that must apologize first of all to great people like you: they are deceiving you and they use you for not a good cause; they use you for a war.

Full transcript: http://malalaijoya.com/joya_matthis_chiroux.htm

Thanks to by Paula Geraghty for making this video public at: http://vimeo.com/4262108

Malalai Joya – ‘Palestinian of My Own Country’

Uploaded by PHubb on Oct 31, 2009

Afghan women’s rights, human rights, peace and democracy activist, Afghan MP
Malalai Joya speaks. Filmed by Paul Hubbard at Brown University 10-25-09

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