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JFK praises Adolf Hitler

JFK praises Adolf Hitler

Uploaded by IrishAustrian1488 on Jul 25, 2009
JFK praises Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler by Webster Tarpley

Uploaded by paulagloria on Sep 21, 2006
Today I am more satisfied by sites like: http://exulanten.com/hell
Fascinating insight into the rise of Adolf Hitler that could never be seen on mainstream media (unfortunately for present world conditions). Many “Ah-Ha’s” as you listen. History was never so interesting and now with clear knowledge HOPEFUL.Be sure to catch Webster Tarpley on the Peak Oil Fraud which al Gore a consumate oligarch is pushing….

The true Adolf Hitler – I still cry

Uploaded by deephiddentruth on Jun 24, 2011

If there is one video on U tube which shows the other side of Hitler that you will never see in any History channel documentary, this is it. Because he is always shown angry and backed by horror music it is a shock to most people to see him as he really was.

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