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Jordan Maxwell – The Illuminati Exposed

Jordan Maxwell – The Illuminati Exposed

Uploaded by PrometheanReachXVI on Apr 8, 2011

Jordan Maxwell lectures at the Granada Forum in Los Angeles, California. It says “January 3rd, 2001” at the beginning but that can’t be right because they talk about 9/11. They meant 2002.


You are property of the ROTHSCHILD family! (wake up!!!).flv

Uploaded by veritasrising on Nov 20, 2008

Excellent piece with Jordan explaining the monetary manipulation of the American humankind.

The Real Truth – Government owns YOUR clone- Jordan Maxwell

Uploaded by xbusymom on Oct 11, 2009

Jordan Maxwell (clips taken from 2003 seminar and Bay Area interviews and condensed to address one issue).

Full videos can be seen on channel :


Wake up and do your research!

So, here’s a question for ya… If you sign your legal papers with Upper and Lower case letters in your name, can THEY hold you accountable for the debt?
(somebody let me know what the signature “line” on the checks really says)

Jordan Maxwell – The Law

Uploaded by PrometheanReachXVI on Mar 6, 2011

Jordan Maxwell and Victor Varjabedian talk about government, religion, and the truth about the Law.


The Human Deception – Jordan Maxwell – Truth Frequency Radio

Uploaded by linuxfrik on May 26, 2011

Jordan Maxwell at Truth Frequency Radio.

Truth Frequency Radio – Saturdays 10:00 PM – 12:00 PM CST – Oracle Broadcasting – TruthFrequencyRadio.com.

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