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Karen Hudes: Whistle-Blower Or Deceiver?

Karen Hudes: Whistle-Blower Or Deceiver?

“The real truth is she is a Jewish ‘disinformation agent’ or ambassador of the bankers themselves working for the British. What she is saying is briefly this: “I am here to forewarn you all that the old, out-dated, corrupt, Bretton Woods banking system has had its day, and is about to be replaced with a new world order financial system and World Currency Unit.” It is really as simple as that.”


Published on Jan 30, 2014

THE BANKSTERS SCENE WITH WHISTLE BLOWER. Past Senior Council of the World Bank for 20 years interviewed by Edmund Druilhet Executive Producer. See complete film at http://vimeo.com/ondemand/5639/
World Bank Whistleblower – Karen Hudes – Truth Warrior

Published on Sep 21, 2013

Time to Tell these Crooks they’re Fired-Karen Hudes.

World Bank attorney Karen Hudes says she is one of a group of global whistleblowers. Hudes contends, “We’re running out of time. It’s time to tell these thugs and crooks that they’re fired.” Hudes goes on to say, “We don’t have to wait for anybody to fire the Fed or Bank for International Settlements . . . some states have already started to recognize silver and gold, the precious metals, as currency . . . there are other alternatives like Bitcoin . . . We, the consumer, can choose which currency to use, and that’s what we’re going to do in very short order.” What’s really going on in Syria? Hudes, who was Senior Counsel and worked at the World Bank for 20 years, charges, “Qatar, who has all this natural gas, wanted to run a natural gas pipeline through Syria to reach the European market. Who’s supplying the European market with gas? Russia. . . . All this business about dead babies and sarin gas is just all to keep us confused.” Hudes says this is not a fight about money but survival of the planet. “We’re dealing with whether we can continue as humanity and have an earth or whether we blow ourselves up. . . . whether we love each other enough to save the world, or we all go to hell in a hand basket,” says Hudes. Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes.

source : http://usawatchdog.com/time-to-tell-t…

World Bank a security risk to the world order?

Former senior legal counsel at the World Bank turned whistleblower Karen Hudes talks about the corruption inside the World Bank and her personal saga to find out about it. She says a worldwide currency war is certain and NATO in jeopardy, if the wrongdoing isn’t finally addressed.

By Lars Schall 1:36:21

Karen Hudes studied law at Yale Law School (J.D.) and economics at the University of Amsterdam (M.Phil). She worked as a corporate and securities lawyer at a major New York law firm and for several years at the Export Import Bank of the US, before she became a senior counsel in the legal department of the World Bank (1986 — 2007). Her personal web site can be found here: http://www.kahudes.net.

source : http://www.larsschall.com/2013/05/08/…




= Interview mit Weltbank Whistleblowerin Karen Hudes :


playlist : Truth Warrior – Karen Hudes World Bank Whistleblower


By Tír na Saor Radio

Mad World (Karen Hudes – World Bank Whistle-Blower) 008



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