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Larry Nichols will STOP Hillary Clinton to be President!

Larry Nichols will STOP Hillary Clinton to be President!

Please Don’t Vote For Hillary Clinton Just Because She’s a Woman Watch This First short version

Published on Jun 20, 2015

Feminism and Equality are obviously important, but we shouldn’t let ourselves be blinded by these claims. The historic facts, political records, and personality traits are much more important when electing American politicians.


Truth About Hillary Clinton And 2016 (Part 1)



Clinton Insider Tells All: Preview

Published on Sep 14, 2015

Infowars.com went to Little Rock, Arkansas hot bed for the early days of the Clinton Crime syndicate. One man is now speaking out on the years that he was high level insider. The crimes of the Clinton’s are legion and Larry Nichols offers a glimpse into how deep the rabbit hole goes.


Insider: Obama May Be the Last President

Published on Aug 17, 2015

Alex Jones talks with political expert and insider Larry Nichols about what’s going on in the political world and how it will determine the future of America.


Insider: Obama Plans to Cancel Election

Published on Sep 1, 2015

Alex Jones talks with former Clinton insider Larry Nichols about how Hillary will beat the email scandal.
Larry Nichols PayPal Support: nicholslive@aol.com


Clinton Insider Reveals Hillary’s Lesbian Sexcapades

Published on Jun 24, 2015

Clinton insider reveals shocking details about the real hillary clinton and how she’s even worse than her husband bill when it comes to chasing women!


Are Huma and Hillary Lesbian Lovers?

Published on Jul 11, 2015

Are Huma and Hillary Lesbian Lovers?

And even if they aren’t yet, is it possible they could become Lesbian lovers if Hillary becomes President and kicks Bill out of the Oval Office?

Let’s examine the facts: Anthony Weiner is Huma Abedin’s husband. Frankly, after being cheated on by Anthony and disgraced worldwide, could you blame Huma if she felt closer to Hillary than her cheating husband?

Bill Clinton is Hillary’s husband. Frankly, after he cheated with Monica Lewinsky right in Hillary’s home, The White House, could you blame Hillary if she trusted Huma more than her own husband?

And since homosexuality and lesbianism and divorce are nearly badges of honor these days, am I doing anything wrong by discussing these formerly taboo topics? No. In fact, I’m being politically correct!

Think about it. Upon examining all of Hillary’s emails disclosed thus far, it is obvious who she relies on most in this world for political and personal advice. Despite her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hilary’s right hand woman Huma was ubiquitous. Huma this and Huma that. Bill was virtually nonexistent.

In case you think I have an over active imagination, Hillary Clinton’s associate Richard Turley said to OrbMagazine, “Huma’s influence is so pervasive, and Hillary’s dependence on her so total that it is expected she will have her own bedroom upstairs in the White House.  After 20 years as Hillary’s gatekeeper, no one else could screen the calls and decide who gets access as ably as she does.” Even Bill Clinton has to go through Huma to get access to Hillary! Hum… …and view more videos on our website at: http://Clean.TV


Hillary Clinton body language around Huma

Published on Jun 14, 2015

Body language always tells the true story as the mouth tries to lie, so when Hillary is talking watch her eyes.


Hillary Clinton is Bisexual, Says Bill’s Former Mistress

Published on Sep 19, 2013

–Bill Clinton’s ex-mistress, Gennifer Flowers, claims that Hillary Clinton is bi-sexual

–On the Bonus Show: Public masturbation is not a crime in Sweden, France bans child beauty pageants, David’s subway stories, more…



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