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MUST SEE! Libyan War Is For Water NOT Oil

MUST SEE! Libyan War Is For Water NOT Oil

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MUST SEE REAL STORY … Libya’s Great Man-Made River Project. Gaddafi Develops Largest Fossil Water Reserve in Libya.

“The 1st of September marks the anniversary of the opening of the major stage of Libya’s Great Man-Made River Project. This incredibly huge and successful water scheme is virtually unknown in the West, yet it rivals and even surpasses all our greatest development projects.” Click on link below to read more …

Source: http://www.goumbook.com/4729/libyas-great-man-made-river-project/

Commentary by WikiIntelNews | Saturday April 30, 2011 :

So the whole front about Gaddafi being an Evil War Lord out to kill his own people is just one big lie!

Zionist are controlling every move that Obama takes. Israeli Zionist Agents are using US Military forces under Obama’s authority to destroy the Libyan people; just like they destroyed the lives of Iraqis in the war with Iraq. *”More than 4.2 million Iraqis have fled their homes, around 2 million to neighboring states, mostly Syria and Jordan, and another 2.2 million displaced inside Iraq.” The US invasion in Iraq was not a war on terrorism. It was a war against humanity. It was a genocidal war against innocent civilian lives, 2.3 million dead, 1.8million under 5-years old. So why did the US go in and engage in this theater of warfare in Iraq? The same reason the US is engaging in this theater of warfare in Libya … for Israel’s Interest.

The only lawful war that the US and the International community ought to be waging war against to destroy is with Israel!

Americans need to realize that America is no longer an American Government; it’s an Israeli-Zionist occupied government. Israel is calling the shots. We don’t have an American President of the Untied States of America. Obama is a Zionist President of the United States For Israel.

Israel, the British Empire and the Vatican are the principal architects to the policy of genocide on humanity and the New World Order. They don’t care if millions of people die. These elite forces sit in their Ivory towers while stupid minions like Obama, Gordon Brown carry out their orders. And stupid military Generals carry out their insane orders to kill innocent lives. Oh, that is why they are dropping uranium bombs in populated regions to contaminate the land with radioactive material which has been proven to cause birth defects in children and destroys the DNA in people. This attack in Libya is GAHT-DAMN GENOCIDE!

Those people behind the New World Order oppose human advancements and planetary development apart from their control. If it is not within the Establishment’s control they device wars to destroy projects and or to loot resources or assassinate world leaders that don’t bow down to their new world order agenda.

NAWAPA Project –The North America Water And Power Alliance Project
This is the national and international policy that Lyndon LaRouche is pushing for a New World Economy. No matter how well intentions are to make the world a better place for everybody … none and I mean NONE of this will ever happen as long as these insane New World Order elites remain in power.

So let me make this clear to all Patriotic Military, and civilian citizens of the United States of America … Humanity will not have a happy future if the powers that be –in the Vatican in Rome, the Royal Crown in Great Britain, and the Rothschild Zionist State of Israel remain in power.

These New World Order ruling elite are the source and cause of every inflection on the planet. If you don’t destroy the power structure of these forces –naturalize them all then humanity will not have a chance to develop this planet under the principles of freedom, world peace, and a way of developing national relations amongst nations under a Federation of Sovereign Nation States (FOSNS).

Putting an end to the New World Order could be the beginning of a flourishing of a new global golden Renaissance where by the process of scientific and technologcal progress paves the way for humanity to advance to higher orders of economic systems that peacefully sustains the needs of a growing population.

All it takes is the will of the people to develop smart systems and to put them in place of systems that no longer serve us well; but NONE of this will ever happen while these evil forces remain as the world leading powers that be. We need to crush them and we need to crush them NOW!

The original source of this video is unknown [DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO AND TAKE IT VIRAL] *CNN Report : Internet Source

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