BANNED INTERVIEW with George Bush Jr. US President

Uploaded on Nov 8, 2010

Found on Irish TV… Banned in the USA…
George Bush does his best to stop the tough questions from rebuttle. It is common practice for the news station to provide a list of questions and potential questions to the President. On every single rebuttle question the interviewer asks, George Bush cuts her short, and they never return to her real questions.




I’ve got a perfect solution for Everlasting Peace


Dear President George Bush,

Do You Have A Heart For The World At Large?

My name is Sunflower Chong from Singapore. Mr. Kofi Annan already said that the world is in a very uncertain period and we cannot afford another war. Why not use the war money by investing it into education to improve the present and future generations that will think kindly of America.

I still believe in America and I always believe in the American people. I cannot thank America enough for liberating the world; I say this from the bottom of my heart. My girlfriend who lives in Washington DC asked me, “Do you know why the whole world loves America and wants to come to America? She said because America represents ‘Freedom’ which is so lacking in many parts of the world.

I fully agree with her. America represents the freedom of self-expression. I profess this ideology and I embrace this belief and value with all the blood in my veins. With this belief as my anchor, I am writing to you to express my views of what has happened to the world recently. You will be surprised to hear that when America held its elections, I personally voted too. I did not vote for Al Gore because he did not show statesmanship when he ignored the Prime Minister Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad in his own country during the APEC convention. Instead I had voted for you because I believed you are a man of PEACE. Do you still believe this?

America is more than capable of waging not just one war but several – her strength in all areas cannot be underestimated – she is a Force to reckon with, we all acknowledge and recognize this Fact. My concern is for the Third World countries that cannot afford nor endure the violence and destruction of yet another conflict. This will be a hard blow to Peace and all the hard work for Peace that has been undertaken especially since the tragedy of Sept. 11th. Are you being fair to the world, just because of the need to take vengeance for the dead at the WTC and the Twin Towers in New York? The families of the grieving are coming to terms with their lost so why can’t the American Government demonstrate that it is magnanimous?

From my recollection, your entire birthdate 6-7-1946 comes to 6+7+1+9+4+6 = 33 = 3+3 = 6. 6 represents humanity and God is one. And 6 also stands for the Planet Venus which symbolizes popularity, partying, winning ways and diplomacy. Never in my wildest dreams would I have associated your popularity with wars! If I knew this, I would have pray to God for Al Gore to win instead! Is that the way you want history to remember you, a man of hate and vengeance?

In the case of former President Bush Sr., it was an entirely different scenario, when he went to War; he obtained the approval of the United Nations. Concerning the war on Iraq, many have voiced their disapproval (please refer to www.internationalanswer.org and www.worldharmonyday.com). Please think of the consequences, because the repercussions for America will be very grave. Though Mr. Scott Ritter’s (the ex-weapon inspector posted to Iraq), primary concern is not Iraq.. but he is an American and he knows that waging this war would be a big mistake! So he is doing whatever he can to stop it, not because he is against you but because, like the majority of the world he believes in his heart that only peaceful means to the resolution of this ‘crisis’ is the correct path to follow.

May God help America and the whole world if really you decide to bomb Iraq! If I could give you my life in exchange for not bombing Iraq I am ready to do so without any hesitation. If I can capture Saddam and hand him to you I will be so happy to do so. If America, such a powerful Nation could not capture him with all the latest armaments and technology, how could any country or anyone do the job? Let us be realistic, how could you allow yourself to be convinced by the military to bomb the whole country just to capture one man whom you believe is evil. Why don’t you challenge the military to capture Saddam in a conventional way that is fighting him on the ground?

I keep asking God what has happened to George Bush Jr., the man I prayed for so hard to be the 43rd President of the United State? 4+3 = 7, you should be a spiritual man but instead you are a warmonger. It is only after reading the annual horoscope 2002 of Bejan Daruwalla that I got a better understanding of your recent action.

I found out that your Mars is in Virgo – Virgo is a sign of intelligence and perfection. Also it is a sign of attention to detail. These three attributes taken together make for very stern qualities of will and determination. If applied blindly and ruthlessly it could lead to dictatorship and egomania. Lyndon B. Johnson, Fidel Castro, Chiang Kai-Shek, Napoleon Bonaparte, Joan of Arc and Alexandra the Great, all had Mars in Virgo.

He also predicted that it would not be smooth sailing for Cancerian Bush Jr., born on 6th July 1946. The destiny of America will no doubt be affected Your leadership – Saturn, the planet of sorrow, limitations and the serpent or boa-like constrictions present in your sun sign, cancer may cause problems. Thus, the period from Junes 2002 till after June 2003 will not be so healthy or dynamic for the American economy and this will be reflected in the change in mood and attitude of the American people. (It also stated that by 2004 you will be in deep trouble.there is much more, I am afraid it is not so positive. I know you can change your destiny and the destiny of the world too!)

Does it mean you are a coward by not taking vengeance? As history has taught us, vengeance comes to nothing, instead forgiveness is the triumphant word of the day. What about forgiveness and understanding are they just words? Have you not read this quote, “You who want peace can find it only by complete forgiveness.” – A Course In Miracles.

Is God testing your ability and capability to lead the world and not just America? In short, do you see yourself as a leader for America or the leader for the whole world? If you see yourself as the leader for the world then you will know how to fix this world by calling for forgiveness instead of vengeance.

Please do not forget, the world is not just America; it is make up of 191 countries? Don’t you have any thought for all of us if GOODNESS is in you? Where is justice for the world? Is the world at large at your mercy? Please listen to your inner voice, because God is in you! Do not make the same mistake of the past administrations. Let me share with you this article written by Gar Alperovitz, “In another Gulf crisis, a lesson to be learnt”. (The Straits Times Wednesday, September 25, 2002)

“I was a young senate legislative aide in 1964, at the time of the gulf of Tonkin crisis. Just as the Bush administration is now looking for a “reason” to go to war, in 1964 the Johnson administration was desperately looking for some “reason” to expand the Vietnam War. It was also clear that the Johnson leadership team was not above creating or embroidering a reason – or at least so it seemed to many of those working in the Senate then.

When the reason occurred – two alleged ‘unprovoked” mosquito-boat attacks on United States destroyers in the Gulf of Tonkin – a national crisis atmosphere was created and a resolution was introduced for congressional approval that gave the president authority to respond.

It seemed obvious there were many questions about the alleged events. The senator I worked for, Mr. Gaylord Nelson put forward an amendment we drafted to the gulf of Tonkin resolution. Its purpose to only that which was ‘limited and fitting” to the actual provocation (if there actually was such a provocation).

Among other things, the amendment stated that US policy should be limited to the ‘provision of aid, training assistance and military advice”. It concluded that it was ‘the sense of Congress that, except when provoked to a greater response, we should continue to attempt to avoid a direct military involvement”. Like the Bush administration today, the Johnson administration 1964 wanted no restricting amendments.

It was interested in creating a crisis atmosphere and a rush to judgment. To buy off opponents, it permitted the then chairman of the foreign relations committee, Senator William Fulbright, to create a legislative record that could serve as a less-than-formal interpretation of the meaning of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution.

Senator Fulbright, in turn, stated on the senate floor that his understanding of the resolution’s intent was that it was to permit only a response appropriate to the alleged provocation. With such assurances, Mr. Nelson withdrew his amendment.

The Johnson administration went on to use the gulf of Tonkin resolution to justify its massive expansion of the war in Vietnam. We now know that the incidents used to ram the resolution through Congress were highly dubious: The first appeared to have been provoked (the US fired first), and the second may never have occurred.

We’re now faced with another administration urging another congressional resolution that will be used to authorize war. There will be many opportunities for “interpreting” alleged violations of agreements concerning disarmament inspections. There will be many ways for the Bush administration to exaggerate, dramatize and publicize what may or may not be attempts to conceal weapons of mass destruction.

The lesson of the Gulf of Tonkin resolution is clear: There is every reason for tough and explicit limiting language that does not allow for the usual rhetorical gambits that thereafter can be used by an aggressive administration to claim support for whatever it wants
to do, no matter what.”

I hope the article written by Gar Alperovitz had enlightened you to make the right decision for the world and not just for America. Henry Kissinger said, “History did not say that there would be only one superpower forever in the world. And the United States cannot have as its mission the prevention of any other country from gaining some of the attributes we now have”. He continued, “What we can do is to do our best, provided our potential partner is prepared to do the same thing, to find ways to work together in the interest of mankind.”

Also in 1992 when CNN interviewed Ex-president Nixon, he said that America must work in partnership with China to build a better world. Why were they saying all these words after their retirement? If you can’t find the answer please ask God Almighty as you are a man of faith.

“May God guide you every minute of the way!” we the ordinary people with a heart of love and compassion can only watch and pray for the best for this world. Great sacrifices must be make for the future generations and not for pride or ego sake!


Yours truly,
Sunflower Chong



“This young man asked me not to be angry with you, instead I must try to convince you that violence get us no where. Peace is the answer” – Sunflower Chong.

“A human being is part of the whole, called by us ‘Universe’; a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts, and feelings as something separated from the rest – a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us.

Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures, and the whole of nature in its beauty.” – Albert Einstein


I’ve got a perfect solution for Everlasting Peace

Dear President George Bush,

Why is it that America is so different from the rest of the world? Once you were threatened the whole world had to pay the price for it! Look at England, Russia, India and many more countries that have been suffering under the same fate. They don’t go around bombing and take the whole world down with them. Why is America doing this to the world at large? We just can’t sit and watch and do nothing and allow you to destroy our world just like what the fundamentalists have done to our world! You are no better then them if you decide to bomb Iraq! Can’t you see you are playing into their game; they’ve got you right where they want you.

You are allowing the terrorists to dictate your way of life! America stands for “Freedom” but after Sept 11, it stands for “Fear”. So how can you claim that in America life is going back to normal? Now America is a country filled with great fear and obsession to get rid of the races that they don’t understand. How could you allow them to turn such a powerful country into this sad state of affairs? It is so tragic to see America degenerate into such a mouse.

Do you think this is the way the New World Order is supposed to evolve? Do you remember after Ex-president George Bush Sr., won the “Gulf War”, he declared that he would set a New World Order? I really wonder, are we in order or disorder, maybe you could ask him what he meant by it? Now this “New World Order” simply means America dictates and the rest of the world has to follow, but for how long can America play this superiority?

Please don’t ever forget Henry Kissinger wise words, “History did not say that there would be only one superpower forever in the world. And the United States cannot have as its mission the prevention of any other country from gaining some of the attributes we now have”. He continued, “What we can do is to do our best, provided our potential partner is prepared to do the same thing, to find ways to work together in the interest of mankind.”

Indirectly he is telling you, in a subtle way, that your administrations must work together with the East to build a better world. This means a World with Peace, if not how could we prosper together. Look at the situation in America now, with the seaport strikes looming, you should focus on the economy rather than being the one who stagnates the whole world economy! Shame on you and the whole world dependent on you! Aren’t you aware that the world is changing and it keeps on changing? No amount of force can stop the circle of change.

Now after Sept 11, under your leadership America seems to go back to Stone Age. America at large must understand and accept that the time will come when another super power will take over and this super power will work together with America to build a better world for the future generations. Then I believe we will be on the right track to build a better world.

We all know that Palestine is one of the causes to the world’s problems, and America is the only super power who can resolve this thorny issue due to Israel’s dependency on the generosity of the America Government and the Jewish people. As we know nothing is free in life and no one owes you a living, therefore this means at what price are the world communities willing to pay for everlasting peace? Sad to admit it but it is a true fact that for “World Peace” to happen, there is a price tag that goes with it. Our problem is whether we should admit it openly or accept it in silence.

Now the question is, how much are the world communities willing to pay to have everlasting peace? Next, we have to ask ourselves this very vital question, if true peace can be achieved who is the beneficiary and who is the loser? If we can find the answer, this means we are closer to resolving this thorny issue that has almost brought the whole world down.

If you remember after the “Cold War” the sale of the armaments in America dropped drastically and the manufacturers were very worried – especially the military – because of their suddenly shrinking budgets. Because in peacetime many countries were reducing their defense budget and they were not buying arms. On top of it, the America people demanded that since peace is in the air, the Government should spend more on health care and education instead of defense. This must have driven the military up the wall, because they got a lot of new ideas for their expansion plan. The American Government cannot justify to the people an increase in the defense budget as health care and educations deteriorates and are ignored.

So if there is to be peace in this world, this means there will be no market for the arms. When there is no market, this means someone or group is not getting their cut and worst of all is that the America economy will go into a downward trend. When this happens, what is going to happen to the American economy? This is no joke, as we all know America economy depends very much on the sale of this firepower.

The fact is that if there is peace in the world this is bad business for the American manufacturer of the armaments and thus bad for the American economy.

My answer is very simple, get all the countries that had been buying fire arms from the America’s manufacturer to sign an agreement to continue buying those arms even at peacetime. Not only that, they should increase their budget annually. Doing nothing to stop this War on Iraq means the citizens of the world are giving you the license to kill, therefore we would rather convince the world communities to support America by continuing to buy arms from America in exchange for Everlasting Peace.

How many terrorists are you going to kill and how many countries are you going to bomb in order for the Americans to feel safe to go on with their life as usual? I know that America can solve this problem in the Middle East. In exchange for everlasting peace, America should give Palestinians their homeland and the world communities would guarantee America the continued support of the armaments industry. If the world communities still refuse to solve this problem I am afraid the extremists will be using it as an excuse to cause more trouble to the entire world.

I know by giving such a suggestion I might make a lot of people unhappy, like my friend from America. That’s what Sara said to me, “Are you saying that countries will agree to stockpile weapons just to keep the military industrial complex happy? I can’t completely agree with that as I am repulsed at the thought of billions of weapons just lying around. I advocate the elimination of all arms! We could ease these companies (by subsidies) into making new products and services that would help the people of the world instead of destroying them”.

It’s easier said then done, I told her it’s not that straightforward like A, B, C. Can you imagine how long it took the America armament industry to reach this stage, so this means how long is it going to take them to reach where they are now. There is no quick fix but great understanding is required to help each other strive for a better life for their people.

I would like to share with you Miss. Christiane Grenzebach from Germany making a “A PLEA FOR PEACE”. (I am only taking the Introduction section to share it with you.)

This is a plea for peace, a protest against war on Iraq, against other “on-going wars”, against the destruction of peace.

This is a group poem, made up of voices from poets of several countries around the world, asking for an end to this war: the world’s plea for peace. We cannot let this war happen; we cannot let this mass murder of our innocent soldiers of several countries and innocent civilians of Iraq, and of the world, suffer with the greed and insanity of some leaders.

“Once war was declared I took my courage by both hands and strangled it!” – Jacques Prйvert, French poet, 1900-1977 – fragment from the book FATRAS

P lea to all nations:
E xpress your feelings against war without fear,
A ct now, don’t follow blind the masses,
C ling together to make a difference,
E nd the new war before it starts.
F ighting will lead us nowhere,
O ur world deserves peace.
R equital is no solution.
T error is without doubt horrible,
H oly war, too.
E xtermination of Iraq won’t change anything.
W e are all children of this planet,
O ur common goal should be a better world for us all.
R aise your voices,
L oud and clear,
D emand peace for this world!

May Almighty God be with you to guide you to make the right decision for the world at large?


Yours truly,
Sunflower Chong



“Love is the law of God. You live that you may learn to love. You love that you may learn to live. No other lesson is required of man”. – Mikhail Naimy


Dear President George Bush,

Don’t you know that Love is the law of God?

The quote of Mikhail Naimy meaning is this: GOD IS LOVE. The purpose in living is to learn to love, understand, and have compassion for all others, even those who treat us badly or have completely different beliefs than our own.

This is the greatest lesson and the work of our lives! And once we do it for ourselves, we must make the effort to help others find the same love and understanding that we have found. This is the essence of our mission in this lifetime.

“Mourn the Victims. Stand for Peace. Islam is not the Enemy. War is NOT the Answer.”

Today we are at a point of imbalance in the world and are moving toward what may be the beginning of a THIRD WORLD WAR. The citizens of the world beg of you to listen to the voices of the world, please don’t be hasty, get all the facts together and get them right too before you take any action because your final decision will affect not only the life of the American people but also the life of the whole world.

Let me share with you what Prime Minister Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohamad said – Bush stress on military action is the wrong path to take.

American President George W. Bush is taking the wrong path? With anti-terrorism policies that stress military action and tightened security rather than dealing with the root causes, said Malaysian Premier Mahathir Mohamad. He is really taking the wrong path? Said the Prime Minister, Americans are very angry. They have a right to be angry. But when you are angry, you cannot be rational? Many Muslims would perceive repression in the Israeli-occupied territories or war against Iraq as an attack against Islam and breed new terrorists, he said.

US measures to tighten visa policies and impose stricter checks at US airports for visitors from Muslim countries would have only limited effect and will not help the global economy recover, he added. He also said that an anti-Muslim hysteria was sweeping the United States, but that Muslims should not take seriously a statement by conservative religious leader Jerry Falwell that the founder of Islam was a terrorist. We know that this is just one Christian, who is irrational? He said. There is a need for rational voices to be heard?

He told reporters on the sidelines of the East Asia Economic Summit here that he had urged Mr. Bush during an official visit to Washington in May not to let understandable anger over the Sept 11 attacks dominate his judgment.

Mr. Tom Plate had written on his paper that highlighted this issue about racism if America went overboard in regards to Sept 11. He said, “Consider that all the targets now under consideration by the West – the terrorists, Iraq, Iran – are Muslim. What Mr. Howard did in effect was to invoke the us-against-them, white-against-non-white, western versus Islamic showdown that makes one shiver.” There are worries and concerns on the Muslims ground that Islam is being attack. And the saddest scenario is that the funamentalists are taking over because the liberals felt helpless as they witnessed the New World Order turned into such a World Disorder because of the shallowness of the people due to their ignorance and misunderstanding of each other cultures.

The recent attack in Bali is a prove of Malaysian Premier Mahathir Mohamad and Mr. Tom Plate fear that this world will be divided between the West and Islam. The fundamentalists are blinded because in their eyes they are the protectors for Islam, therefore the altruistic duty of every Muslims must protect their faith. Do you blame them? Similarly, America is attacking any country that they feel are hiding the terrorists!

In the West cultures is just another word. In short it is not a big thing to the American society because when the different nationalities came to create America they came by leaving their roots and cultures behind. Their main objective is to make money and make as much as they can without any values and principles in mind, just the fittest survived. On the contrary for the Asians and Middle Eastern, cultures is everything to them. It represents who we are and if you take these aspects away, we will lose our identity and thus our true self! That is what the people from the East and Middle East have been fighting so hard to maintain as our countries open up to the western world.

This is precisely the persistent worry of Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and many more who understand the depth of the problems between East and West. For this reason, I see Sept 11 as a great awakening that we got to integrate World Cultures. In a way Sept 11 had brought the whole world together. Is God telling us that with all the pains it is time for us to work together to achieve the gains because it is not going to fall down from the heaven and hand it to us on a silver plate? The world communities got to fix this world by bringing Islam closer to the West, to help them understand the faith of Islam. At the same time, the Muslim world need to teach the Muslims what Islam is all about Islam is about love and not hatred. Is that so difficult to do, if the world bodies put their mind to it?

This world is not save any more and how can you imagine the economy will recovery under such an insecure environment. Now instead of stimulating the economy we should first stimulate the minds of the whole world to help them see the world is not divided into black or white.

There is a great need for genuine dialogue as Mr. Villenpin said, “Fairness is the second pillar of peace. Against a background of emergency situations and interdependence, the hallmark of our era, injustice creates rebellion, rebellion disorder and disorder violence, in a vicious circle, repeated in country after country, region after region, and continent after continent.

At a moment when it is determined to resolve the Iraqi disarmament problem, the international community must adopt the same approach to the Middle East crisis, with a view to rejoining the path to finding a settlement.”

It is in self-limitation that a master first shows himself – J.W. von Goethe

Basically (from my experience and understanding), it means that it takes a great person to restrain him/herself and act from a place of peace and intelligent rationality rather than lashing out in emotional fury. And also, limiting him/herself – not being a slave to desires, but a master, in control. Are you the master or slave? The power is in your hand to decide?

We can only beg of you not to allow the Iraq phobia to defocus your thoughts and vision! It is very important that you stay on focus and your immediate focus is on the WORLD ECONOMY and not just the America economy. Cant you see that the seaport strike, the Pakistan latest missile launching and the death of two Americans in Kuwait are signs from God? Now what is He telling you? He is telling you to be focus because the world needs your attention and statesmanship to put us back on cause. Iraq is a diversion in order for you to make mistake, do not lose your sense of direction and purpose of what life is – To live in peace so that we could achieve prosperity for humankind.

I often wonder during this entire crisis, have you ever realized how important a role you had been chosen for? And the answer is not from your dad, advisors or the Military but your conscience, in short is between you and God. We are here to help you have a clearer vision and view of what is going on around the world; what do the people think, what we hope to achieve for one another and most importantly what do we want the future world to be -to be rule with love instead by fear? Are the citizens of the world asking too much from the world leaders? Or is that too much to ask out of our simple life?

You have every right to play with your life and even the life of your family, but when it comes to the life of the American people and the world at large, I am sorry to say WE DON’T GIVE YOU THIS RIGHT! Who do you think you are in the first place to play God and decide our life? To decide how this world of ours is going to evolve. Don’t we, all the citizens of the world, have the right too?

When it comes to the life of the world at large, you should allow the world bodies to share this burden and responsibility. Let the decision be shape by the world at large too. In fact what Mr. Villepin said come to light, The danger presented by Iraq concerns all the worlds peoples and, in the first place, those of the Middle East. This mean not even America got the right to decide how this world of ours is going to evolve, simply because the world belong to all of us. Don’t you know we are one big family and we must try to stay as one big happy family by helping each other pull through this crisis together as a team! You need to go alone; no one asks you to, we are all with you provided you are willing to listen to all of us, even from far away places like Singapore.

You should not put this enormous burden on your already heavy shoulder, don’t you realized it is too much to ask from any man and in the first place we did not ask you to shoulder all these responsibilities? France, Russia, China with the UN are willing to be part of the decision making process because this world belongs to all of us! Why don’t you allow us to help you lessen your load so that you could sleep soundly for Laura and the childrens’ sake too. I am sure they are very worried for you as you are putting too much on yourself.

You had already listened to the Military, all your advisors, and even to your father I believe, and then why not for a change, listen to the voices of the world? You got nothing to lose? Iraq will always be there and Saddam is not running away from you or any body or even the world at large, he is ready for you to take him anytime, so time is on your side, so why don’t you use it wisely?

If you are a spiritual man you will believes in Mr. Kofi Annan values, “To save one life was to save humanity itself”. We need to strive for greater humanity to save our world. Instead of allowing time to destroy your judgment and vision; you will use time wisely to heal all the wound of the world. As Thomas L Friedman said, “To be successful in with Iraq, US President George Bush has to tread the most unusual line one could imagine for a statesman. He has to be wild, but not crazy.”

Do you know everyone is calling you not only a crazy man but also a mad man and a warmonger? To bring one man down, you got to bring the whole world down. This is not a brave act but plain stupidity and mindless of what going on around the world. Many people believe America got ulterior motive or hidden agenda and that is to control the second largest oil field in the world, instead of liberating the Iraqis. If the sincerity is to liberate them, then the sanctions should not be impose anymore! Neither can you consider yourself a crusader or a hero or a savior because in the eyes of the world they see it differently! In short, they see President George Bush as a coward. And this is the reason why the whole world got to stop the War on Iraq, for the sake of the Americans people before a mistake is make and regret will be too late.

During the briefing in regards to the seaport strike you ask of the America people to sacrifice for the country. They will only do so if you set the example by sacrificing for the world at large. Please, I beg of you to listen to the argument of Mr. Villenpin. All of us in the world love America because America represents Freedom! and not Fear. What has happened to our beautiful America now? Can President George Bush fix it for us? Does he really want to do it? We know that the power is in his hands; does he has the will to do it? How is he going to achieve it without violence? These are the questions the world has got to know. The citizens of the world can only pray for you day and night to make the right decision for all of us.

You know from the bottom of your heart that we all care and love America for what it represents, and swear to God (which I don’t often do) we the citizens of the world would want to continue to love and respect America for as long as you allow us too. Please don’t ever let this beliefs and values go down the drain! They could and will if you make the wrong decision for the world at large.

We are indeed at your mercy, not because we wanted to be but we do not have a choice obviously, since you declared openly that you would go alone. So if you are man enough you should have a duel with Saddam instead of dragging Prime Minister Tony Blair and the whole world with you to kill innocent life! How could you do that if you are a sane man? If you are not insane then this means either the American people are insane to elect you as the President of America, me included because I prayed so hard for you to be the president with the hope that when you became the president you would not be hard with Malaysia, my neighbor. As the saying goes you can’t have everything in life. I got what I wanted, for you to be kind to Malaysia but at the expense of destroying the whole world. May God forgive me for my choice!

So you can imagine how I am feeling now, desperate, helpless and at a loss because the future in front of us is very, very dark. Therefore, I am left without any alternative but to keep on trying to reach you and if I could speak to you that would be great, if not I will continue to write to you straight from my honest and sincere heart with the hope my messages will touch yours to convince you to change your mind in taking action to bomb Iraq. We pray and beg of you to give us your ears and listen to what we have got to say to you. Is that too much to ask of you, a man of great faith in God?


Yours truly,

Sunflower Chong

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