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PARIS ATTACK – ” I am not Charlie Hebdo”

I must say in equally clear terms ” I am not Charlie Hebdo” and I am not a terrorist . I cannot have a choice forced upon me . I cannot be deliberately offensive .And I refuse to revel in puerile ways of ridiculing the other.

On Saturday, January 31, 2015 10:50 PM, “fb@yahoo.com.sg” <fb@yahoo.com.sg> wrote:

Regarding the Paris terrorist attack, there are a lot of “murky areas”, we really don’t know what happened exactly, where these guys were trained and who is behind this attack. These guys were professionals, they knew what they were doing, they killed the people in cold blood, this is not the work of fanatics.

One Irish friend said that after the cartoon were published surely they had more security.these men in black suits in broad daylight changed cars and went unnoticed ? No one saw them ?

Then another friend said the secret service in France are everywhere.

This is a must must read and forward. This says it all .

One writer wrote

While the killing of the French cartoonists must be condemned in equivocal terms, I find my self hard-pressed to hold a placard and declare ” je suis Charlie”

I must say in equally clear terms ” I am not Charlie Hebdo and I am not a terrorist . I cannot have a choice forced upon me . I cannot be deliberately offensive .And I refuse to revel in puerile ways of ridiculing the other.

This seems akin to former George W Bush s famous assertion while launching his war on terror.

The killing of twelve persons is nor the first extreme reaction evoked by the satirical newspaper since inseptionin1970.It was shut down by the French government for making fun of Charles de Gaulle. It resumed publication in 1992 and adopted a deliberately offensive stance towards all forms of authority and religion.Its offices were fire bombed in November 2011 after a special issue guest edited” by the prophet Muhammed gave rise to condemnation by both Muslims and non Muslims.Many among the French establishment found the cartoons not merely in poor taste and lacking in humour but also excessive.Politicians and opinion writers found the drawings irresponsible,inappropriate and imbecile. The cover proclaims a punishment of 100 lashes if you don’t die laughing.I frankly didn’t.

Surely satire must have an element of of intelligence ? I was unable to find any flash of brilliance even a smidgeon of geniune understanding behind the banality and nastiness.

Joe Sacco an acclaimed graphic artist wrote in The Guardian of January 9. Along the grief came thoughts about the nature of Charlie Hebdos satire.when we draw a line, we are often crossing one too.Charlie Hebdo was crossing that line repeatedly and doing so with impunity. Of course its cartoonists did not deserve to die for it.Refuting charges of Islamophobia and racism, Charlie Hebdo has claimed the right to offend and offend with immunity. While It is true that the newspaper had taken potshots at all religions, it is also true that its staff dip their pens in a special vitriol when it came to Islam.It has always derived a perverse pleasure in displaying a gleeful irreverence for Islam and its Prophet.

It must also be remembered that one of Charlie Hebdos members Maurice Sinet was sacked in 2009 for being anti Semitic. Sinet had mocked then President Sarkozys son for marrying a Jewish heiress for her money.He was lambasted by the French intelligentsia and pressure was brought upon the newspapers editor to fire him since he refused to apologise.The magazine showed no such sensitivity towards Islam and all Muslims, including the prophet Mohammed , are routinely depicted as savages and barbarians. The stereo typing is willful and motivated with a strong political subtext ,all cartoons show Muslims as bearded , turban or hijab wearing. All Muslim caricatures have popping eyes and lurid smirks as though all Muslims are gun wielding fanatics like the two misguided youth who killed Charlie Hebdos staff members.It becomes difficult therefore to see Charlie Hebdo as a bastion of left wing anti clericalism, a champion of free speech and equal opportunity offender. Hence my refusal to extend solidarity for a gratuitous provocateur.

Abdullah Zekhri head of the national observatory against islamophobia said Muslim sites such as Paris main mosque were not getting the same level of security as the Jewish synagogues and schools.There are websites out there calling for the murder of Muslim leaders and torching of muslim religious sites he told france info ” let’s stop the double standards here” Frances Islamic council called on the government to step up protection of mosques saying at least 50 anti Islamic acts had been reported since the attack.

Its decision to print more cartoons of Muhammed was an unnessary provocation.

Such cartoons fuel feelings of hatred and resentment among people.Publishing them shows contempt for Muslim feelings.
A Jewish supermarket in Paris said the decision to print another Muhammed cartoon was extremely stupid. Its purpose is to create fear, hate and anger.

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