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Pat Buchanan: 300 nukes in Israel yet Iran a threat?

The BBC Film That Exposed Israel’s Secret Illegal Nuclear Weapons

Published on Jun 19, 2012

The BBC Film That Exposed Israel’s Secret Illegal Nuclear Weapons (FULL Documentary)


Iran signed the NPT (Nuclear nonProliferation Treaty), Iran joined the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency), allows IAEA inspectors to their facilities, Iran did not Invade Anyone, Iran doesn’t have any nukes.


Israel refused to sign the NPT, Israel refused to join the IAEA, refused to allow IAEA inspectors to their Secret Illegal Nuclear Facilities, Israel invaded all of their neighbors, openly commits genocide and ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians & Israel has hundreds of Nukes.


Pat Buchanan: 300 nukes in Israel yet Iran a threat?

Uploaded by RussiaToday on Feb 21, 2012

Islamic wars have brought questionable benefit to the US over the last 20 years, former US presidential advisor Pat Buchanan, author of Suicide of a Superpower, shared with RT. ­A new war in the Middle East will be a disaster for the US and for the world economy, he says. “I opposed the Desert Storm operation in 1991 cleaning Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait because, I said, ‘This would only be the first Arab-American war.'” Looking at the number of conflicts in the Islam world that America is taking part in now, one cannot but admit that Buchanan was right 20 years ago. “You cannot replicate the Middle West in the Middle East,” Pat Buchanan concluded. From the time of the Cold War the US has military bases all over the world. Today, running a budget deficit of 10 per cent of its GDP, America simply cannot afford to continue “to carry this enormous burden, defending 40 or 50 countries around the world,” Buchanan says, “We have to bring troops home.” Getting rid of these bases essentially means dismantling the American Empire to help the US survive beyond 2025. America’s crusade under the banner of ending tyranny in the world is “utterly utopian”.

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Empire : The decline of the American empire

Uploaded by AlJazeeraEnglish on Dec 29, 2011

As the world is undergoing a profound transformation, what role will the US play in a post-American century?


Suicide of a Superpower: Pat Buchanan on the Death of Western Civilization

Published on Apr 25, 2012 by Pajamasmedia

Peter Robinson sits with author, journalist and former presidential candidate, Patrick J Buchanan. From declining birth rates, to shifting values, to the decline of Christianity, Buchanan thinks Western civilization is falling apart. Buchanan is worried that the American melting pot has stopped assimilating immigrants the way it once did. Is America dying? Are you a racist if you think America is breaking apart? Find out.

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World Over — Patrick J. Buchanan, William Peter Blatty with Raymond Arroyo – 10-27-2011

Uploaded by EWTN on Oct 28, 2011

Patrick J. Buchanan, syndicated columnist, political commentator and author on the American crisis of faith and culture outlined in his latest book, Suicide of a Superpower. William Peter Blatty, author of The Exorcist, on the 40th anniversary edition of his landmark novel.


Pat Buchanan – The End of America

AZUploaded by WhiteNewsChannel on Oct 21, 2011

Pat Buchanan on his new book “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?”

The coming fall of the United States and Western civilization.


Buchanan on ‘America Live’ suicide of a Super Power America

Uploaded by InfoCareMedia on Oct 20, 2011

Buchanan on ‘America Live’ suicide of a Super Power America


Democracy is getting in the way of New World Order

Uploaded by 411BreakingNews on Nov 6, 2011

Pat Buchanan is tired of it. From PBS 11-5-11

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