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President Putin really cares for his people!

President Putin really cares for his people!


Putin: Human Evolution Under Threat By Big Pharma, GMO, Vaccines

Fascinating stuff. We have to be wary of getting too carried away as the propaganda flies back and forth but if this report on Russia is accurate, as we all sincerely hope it is, the Russians have themselves a considerably capable government. It is a government setting a good example for Westerners to take note of and learn from.

Putin’s observations about the use of debilitating diets and medications being a DELIBERATE ATTACK upon a culture designed to cripple and destroy it (not subdue, not “take over”, DESTROY) it are SPOT ON.

Dear God how we wish the West had leaders of this calibre willing to step up to the plate, speak and act for the people and take action on their behalf against the subversives seeking to destroy our culture from within. editor



British Doctors Move to Ban Israel From World Medical Association

Let them induct the Palestinian medical community instead… Oh, wait…

Simply amazing. A country beset with Islamic radicalism and under constant threat of terrorist attack is still more concerned with ostracizing Israel.

British doctors are now seeking to ban Israel — which has contributed more to mankind in terms of medical technology and innovation than countries five times its size — from the World Medical Association (WMA). The reason for such an absurd, anti-Semitic decision? Apparently some British doctors are actually entertaining claims that Israelis perform medical torture on Palestinian patients.

Clearly they forgot that the real victims of such torture were Jews who survived medical experimentation at the hands of Nazis during the Holocaust.

Israel National News reports:

A group of 71 British physicians have begun to exert pressure on the World Medical Association (WMA) to revoke the membership of the Israel Medical Association (IMA), it was revealed in a Knesset meeting on Wednesday. 

IMA representative Dr. Ze’ev Feldman announced the disturbing new step during a Knesset Science and Technology Committee meeting on the subject of boycotts against Israeli academic institutions. 

“The sword of the boycott has been raised against the scientific medical community in Israel,” he declared, warning that Israel’s medical doctors are “in grave danger.”

“The professional British journals have adopted the idea of letters to the editor that libel Israel doctors,” he added. “They claim our doctors perform medical torture on Palestinian patients.”

[…] Tellingly, the revelation occurred on the same day British police were called to London university after a violent riot by anti-Israel activists erupted over a speech being given by the left-leaning former Shin Bet chief Ami Ayalon. 

Members of the Knesset in Israel are, not surprisingly, deeply disturbed by this revelation.


Willful blindness – The universal problem

The Great Dumbing Down of Humanity and the Depopulation Agenda…

Published on Feb 9, 2014

This is an edited collection of creative commons videos. My thanks and recognition of all attributes which have made the making of this documentary possible….

The term dumbing down describes the deliberate diminishment of the intellectual level of the content of schooling and education, of literature and cinema, and of news and culture. The idea of and the term dumbing down originated in 1933 as slang, used by motion picture screenplay writers, to mean: “revise so as to appeal to those of little education or intelligence.”

Nothing more need be said! The above description says it all, and the dumbing down of society is an ongoing process. It had been implemented many years ago! What is encouraging today is that many people are beginning to see through the façade – they are waking up, yet, disconcertingly, many more people accept the “created reality” surrounding them. The aim of this documentary is to at least open a few eyes as to what is REALLY occurring – what we have no need to blindly suffer anymore. Technology has been and is being employed to further the Dumbing Down process, and, unless we make a stand to stop this, the dumbing down process will continue…

All I ask is that you at least find the time to watch the above video – then come to your own conclusions. Thank you…



The Monsanto investigation part 1 – The Bayer investigation


The Pfizer investigation: CFR, Bilderberg & the Knights of Malta – Monsanto investigation 14

Published on Jun 19, 2013


Russia Considers Complete Ban on GM Food Production


Published On: Mon, Feb 10th, 2014

by Christina Sarich

While the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association, along with Monsanto and other poison makers try to slip a labeling-by-choice campaign past citizens in the US, Russia is preparing a bill that would heavily restrict the import of genetically modified agricultural produce, as well as stop it altogether from being produced domestically.

The initiative is backed by the parliamentary majority, and is an amendment to the existing law “On Safety and Quality of Alimentary Products,” which sets norms for the maximum content of transgenic and genetically modified components in Russia’s food. The author of the bill is Evgeny Fyodorov, a member of the United Russia party. A group called Russian Sovereignty also supports the initiative. Some are calling this a long shot, but if it were to pass, it could be another nail in the Biotech industry’s coffin.


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The innovative draft law does not suppose a total ban, says Mr. Fyodorov, but it does put imports under the government’s control and keeps it from being grown locally. Imported products that were tested with high levels of transgenic and genetically modified ingredients would be subject to refusal.

Russia already banned some GMO imports such as Monsanto’s GMO corn, and Russia already has a labeling law. Anything that contains more than 0.9 percent GMO has to have a label and warn consumers. Last year a resolution was passed which requires a listing of all genetically modified plants in the state, but it doesn’t go into effect until this July. Fyodorov wants to make that a zero tolerance policy for all foodstuffs produced in country. The draft includes a ban on GMO plants, animals, or anything of microbial origin, which is good thinking since AquaBounty’s GMO salmon almost made it into our food supply already.

The specific measure of banning GMO food within the country is to prevent Monsanto and other companies from trying to set up shop within Russia.

Yakov Lyubovedsky, the head of Russia’s Organic Farming Union thinks that if Duma (the Russian State) can pass the bill, it would defend the entire country’s population from genetically modified foods and represent the overwhelming interests of the people at large – not the Biotech corporations.

Lyubovedsky points out that GMO is just an experiment on humanity, and many scientists might add, one that hasn’t gone very well. Over 800 scientists have already demanded that this game end.

Arkady Zlochevsky, president of the Grain Producers’ Union, thinks that GMO crops are just what Russia needs. He thinks the draft bill, should it come to pass, would be detrimental to farmers, but apparently he hasn’t heard about the farmers going into debt from sewing suicide seeds. As NaturalSociety’s Anthony Gucciardi has pointed out, a farmer in India commits suicide every 30 minutes due to overwhelming debt caused by Monsanto’s ineffective seeds. The Center for Global Research has said:

“Control over seed is the first link in the food chain because seed is the source of life. When a corporation controls seed, it controls life, especially the life of farmers.”


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