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Shlomo Sand: ‘There are Israeli, not Jewish people’

Uploaded on Aug 4, 2009

Jews living in Tel Aviv, New York or Moscow do not share the same secular practices and language and thus cannot be called one people, says Professor Shlomo Sand

DNA reveals ashkenazi “Jews” are not Descendants of Abraham but of King Bulan and the Khazars

Published on Apr 21, 2013

Mr. Texe Marrs reports on the definitive new DNA study by Dr. Eran Elhaik of the prestigious Johns Hopkins Medical University, reported in the Oxford Press and in The Journal of Molecular Biology and Evolution. Dr. Elhaik reports that their DNA proves that today’s “Jews” are not of Israelite blood. Instead the “Jews” originated in Khazaria, where the pagan Turkic clans in that nation converted to Judaism in the eighth century. This means that (1) The “Jews” are not related to Abraham or to ancient Israel; (2) The “Jews”” ancestors never laid one foot on Israeli soil; (3) The “Jews” are racial imposters. Moreover, their DNA tells us that the Palestinians actually have more Israelite blood than do those who call themselves “Jews.” Staggering Implications!
Source of this Speech: http://www.texemarrs.com/popcast.htm (click on “1013.mp3” from Friday, March 8, 2013)
Article to this Speech: www.texemarrs.com/042013/jews_not_descen­dants_of_abraham.htm

Israelis Are Not Jews and American Leaders Are Not Christian

Uploaded on Jun 15, 2007

Israel’s surprising best seller “When and How Was the Jewish People Invented?’ contradicts founding ideology

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Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Israelis Are Not Jews and American Leaders Are Not Christians. Life-Curve of the Superpowers Is on the Decline

Forbidden Knowledge History of the Khazar Empire Lecture by Jack Otto SD

Published on Apr 3, 2012

No description available.

Forbidden Knowledge: Jack Otto Part 1 – 6

Uploaded on Nov 3, 2007

www.forbiddenknowledge.info The last talk Jack gave befor he passed away.

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