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Talmud and its darkside of secrets

Uploaded on Aug 9, 2011

Just remember the casey anthony case and she was a jew in a gentile court room.

(HD) (SHOCKING) Israeli Terrorism and the Talmud

Uploaded on Jan 17, 2009

Israeli terrorism and the TALMUD!

The Talmud & The Protocols of the Elders of Zion

Uploaded on Aug 30, 2011

Dr. Henry Makow in ‘On the Money’ with Peter Hebert, May 24, 2011.


“Hebert Explores the Dark Side: The Illuminati (Part 1)

by Peter Hebert

This half hour segment of On The Money with Peter Hebert features the first of a two part exclusive interview with Canadian researcher and writer Dr. Henry Makow, the author of Illuminati: The Cult That Hijacked the World and Illuminati 2: Deceit and Seduction. Makow, a Jew, claims that the Illuminati is a Cabalist Jewish (i.e. Masonic) conspiracy for global domination, that it still exists, and that the plan is on schedule.”

Some articles by Henry Makow on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion:

The Protocols of Zion Updated

Maurice Joly Plagiarized “Protocols of Zion” (not vice-versa)

“Protocols of Zion”– Damage Control

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