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The Bloody Babylonian Joos Evil Are Everywhere!

Why Alex Jones is Freaking Out Right Now! Vets Exposing the Truth!

Here’s a recent interview with Stew Webb and Jim Fetzer where you will learn more about Zionist control in 20 minutes than in 20 years of listening to Alex Jones!   The two men who run VeteransTruthNetwork.com are veterans that both were put in prison for exposing the truth about the Zionists but Alex Jones pretends they both don’t exist!  That makes him worse than Benedict Arnold in my book!  You can’t win this fight with your mouth taped shut on the Zionist evil all around us.  Why are almost all of Alex’s sponsors Zionists?  Why are his lawyers tied in with the Zionists?  Why does he refuse to name the Zionists named by the Veterans in the interview below!  These men named are Trillionaires!

Illuminati Mafia Revealed by Stew Webb, Jim Fetzer (8-11-15)

Published on Aug 18, 2015

This is only a part of the interview from the 8-11-15 episode of Stew Webb Raw on VeteransTruthNetwork.com To get the full episode please pay $3 per month for archives to support the network spreading the truth.



Infowars Operation MoneyBomb 2015 Has Begun!

Published on Sep 16, 2015


Jeb Bush EXPOSED: Rigged Elections 2016 NWO GLOBAL Collapse Imminent (Redsilverj)

Published on Sep 11, 2015

Jeb Bush EXPOSED: Rigged Elections 2016 NWO GLOBAL Collapse Imminent (Redsilverj)
Wall Street is all in for Jeb! Enron, Goldman Sachs and the forgotten Bush legacy

Surprise! Jeb Bush’s Top Donors For 2016 Are Goldman Sachs Execs

Jeb Bush’s Administration Steered Florida Pension Money to George W. Bush’s Fundraisers


9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money

Published on Sep 11, 2015

TRANSCRIPT, SOURCES AND MP3: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=16167

Forget for one moment everything you’ve been told about September 11, 2001. 9/11 was a crime. And as with any crime, there is one overriding imperative that detectives must follow to identify the perpetrators: follow the money. This is an investigation of the 9/11 money trail.

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