How can the World Leaders still trust America when it is still control by the evil Babylonian Joos!!

Israel started it all war BBC War Documentary 2015 HD Third World War

Published on Aug 30, 2015

Israel started it all war BBC War Documentary 2015 HD Third World War 2015
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Vladimir Putin and Henry Kissinger Meet To Discuss New World Order

Published on Feb 4, 2016

In this video Luke Rudkowski covers the important geo political meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and globalist henchman Henry Kissinger. We go into who Henry Kissinger is, the strings that he pulls geo politically and current escalating situation between the U.S and Russia. This news is only provided to you because of you, check out our store and t-shirts to grow our operation http://store.wearechange.org/


Kissinger Privately Warns Putin “War Is Coming”

Kissinger warns President Putin that a 'war is coming'
President Putin held a private meeting on Wednesday with former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger which the Kremlin say involved the American statesman warning Putin that the “ancient death cult” currently in control of the United States and the West “cannot be stopped”, and that a global war is almost set to become a reality.

A Kremlin report says that Henry Kissinger has inside information that proves that many Western leaders, past and present, are heavily influenced by the occult practice of necromancy (talking to the dead).

Whatdoesitmean.com reports:

Though born in Fürth, Bavaria, Germany, in 1923, to a Jewish family this report notes, Secretary Kissinger and his parents fled the Nazi regime in 1938 ultimately ending up in America—and during World War II hebecame a hero due to his remarkable administration of the German city of Krefeld (where the Holocaust first began in 1936) and his tracking down and capturing some of the most feared Nazi leaders of that regime, most particularly those belonging to the mysterious occult organization known as the Ahnenerbe.

From Secretary Kissinger’s wartime experience in dealing with the Ahnenerbe, this report continues, he frequently communicated with his Soviet Union intelligence counterparts thus gaining the true knowledge that both World War I and World War II had been “directed/engineered” by the royal families of Europe and their American sycophant followers who were all adherents to the disciplines of necromancy.

Though the knowledge of these necromancers is now near entirely expunged from the memories of the Western peoples, this report says, Secretary Kissinger stills holds to the truth first discovered by the Soviets upon their taking control of Russia from Tsar Nicholas II in 1917, and whose private papers and correspondence with his royal relatives in Britain, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Greece detailed how World War I was instigated by the “spirits” directing and controlling them.

To the first appearance of these “guiding death spirits” that have taken control of Europe’s royal families, this report continues, was during the reign of Elizabeth I of England (1558-1603) whose most trusted advisor,John Dee, was first contacted by “them”—and under whose “guidance” England, in just two short centuries, rose from being a relatively backward nation to becoming one of the greatest empires the world has ever seen.

Though John Dee is credited with being the founder of all modern Western science, this report continues, his “affiliations/associations” with these “dead spirits” then guiding England, and today the whole Western world, he ultimately deemed to be satanic—and as thoroughly documented from the historical records of that time by the Irish academic author J. H. Brennan—and who, also, turned his Masters dissertation at the University of Exeter about John Dee into a book titled Whisperers: The Secret History of the Spirit World about which is said about:

“The existence of spirits was as clear as the existence of God. … where he listened with interest to warnings passed on from the spirit world.  In Whisperers, bestselling novelist and expert on the occult J. H. Brennan explores how the “spirit world”–whether we believe in it or not–has influenced our own since the dawn of civilization. With a novelist’s flair and a scholar’s keen eye, Brennan details the supernatural affinities of world leaders from King Nebuchadnezzar to Adolf Hitler, showing how the decisions and policies of each have been shaped by their supernatural beliefs and encounters. Brennan also examines the impact of visions, from Shamanism in native cultures to prophets such as Joan of Arc. Chronicling millennia of contact between the spirit world and our own, Whisperers presents an entirely new and different way to look at history.”

And not just to history does one have to look to find these Western necromancers either, this report warns, as they can be openly seen in our modern times—including on 17 October 2012 when former US President Bill Clinton, while speaking at a ceremony in New York, told the audience that his wife, Hillary Clinton, was in communication with the dead spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt (wife of former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt) who wanted to pass a message to them. [Note: Rhodes Scholars, like Bill Clinton, are initiated into the occult “rites/rituals” of John Dee as long practiced by the British and other European royal families.]

As to President Putin’s actions upon receiving Secretary Kissinger’s warning, this report continues, he ordered immediately banned from Russia five top US officials identified as having fallen under the control of the Clinton-Obama “death cult”—all of whom were the main architects of reviving torture in American for their “demonic masters”, and who, like the Hitler regime before them, thrive on the torture and death of human beings. [Note: US officials banned from Russia under President Putin’s orders are: Alberto R. Gonzales, Douglas J. Feith, John Rizzo, Scott Bybee and William James Haynes II.]

But to the greatest concerns held by President Putin about Secretary Kissinger’s Clinton-Obama “death cult” warning, this report concludes, was his telling Russia’s leader that the Obama regime and its NATO allies were preparing to start World War III by provoking Turkey (which just put its troops on an “orange warning”) to attack Federation forces in Syria—which would, of course, force Russia to massively respond.



RT:China Says Either WW3 or New World Order


Xi’s Middle East Visit Puts Across New Message

In his New Year message, President Xi said explicitly: “The world is so big and has so many problems that the international community hopes to hear China’s voice and see China’s plans. China should not be absent.” This new idea of “no absence” diplomacy was developed in Xi’s Middle East visit. For instance, the joint statement with Saudi Arabia devoted a fairly large part to explaining China’s take on Syrian and Yemeni issues. In his speech made at the Arab League headquarters Xi specified the “Three No” principles for China’s Middle East policy. China will, first, “seek no agent” in the region but rather call for the conflicting parties to negotiate for peace; second, “seek no sphere of influence” but rather urge everybody to join the “Belt and Road” circle of friends; and third, “seek no ‘power vacuum’ to fill” but rather create a partnership network for common benefits. – says Xi

Middle East

Brother Nathanael : About Russia & America

Published on Jan 10, 2016

Brother Nathanael : About Russia & America


The Future Belongs To Russia

Published on Oct 6, 2015

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Oldest Vladimir Putin Interview jan 2000 – TV RTR Rare Footage (Subtitles)

Published on May 30, 2015

Oldest Vladimir Putin Interview jan 2000 – TV RTR Rare Footage- abandon able absolutely accept acting actions active adjusted adopting advocate affairs affiliation agencies agendas ago agree agreement allegedly almost alone alphabetically already although ambitious answer anticipated appointed approach appropriate armed asks assembly assess attitude authority bear became beginning begun behind believe better biggest bills body boris boss britain build burning calendar called campaign cancelling candidate capacity car caucasus centralised certain certainly chairman chairs change chechen chechnya china choose cis citizens clarify clear climate coincide comes commanders comment committee commonwealth communist community companies competitive complaints conceal conclude conclusive conflict considerations considered consultations contact continue contradictions conversations convey cooperation correct correspond council counter-terrorist counterproductive country courage course cover create crisis criticise criticism daily damage date deal debate decided decision decision-making decree deep defence defend degree delegation democratic department depend deputies determined develop dictatorship different direction directly director disadvantaged disappoint discuss disguise dismissed distance distinct distribution divisions done drafting due duma duties earlier earned easy eat economic economy effect efforts election elimination else end enforce enough ensure entire essence europe events everyone everything exactly executive exists experience explained face fact factions far fault federal feel fight figure final fish flashing forbid forces foreign formed forthcoming found french friends fsb full function functionaries future game gather general gennady geopolitical germany give glad god going government governmental grigory grounds groups hall hard head heard held helpless hide hold home hope house idea identity ideological ignore implemented important impossible including increase independent indicative indifferent inevitable influence information insincere insist institute intend intention interests interfere international investment issue italian job johnston joke jurisdiction keep kiriyenko known knows kremlin lake large law law-enforcement leader leave lie life lights lives local logic longer lord lot lukin mainly majority making manage market market-oriented matter means mechanism meet members met military million mind minister moment month moreover moscow mr multi-billion named national nato natural necessary nevertheless newly nikolai normal north notably nothing number numerous office official older operation opinion opportunity order package parliament parliamentary party pass people perhaps permanent person pike plans played plead point policy political politicians population portfolios position possible post posters postpone practice present president presidential pressure prevent previous pride prime

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