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The Evil of Zionism Exposed by Jews

The Evil of Zionism Exposed by Jews


The Secret Covenant for World Takeover, Sealed in Blood!

Charlie Chaplin final speech in The Great Dictator

Something that is so true since 1940s:

Many years ago, the article below was written by me under the pseudonym ‘Sruti Rasa’. Accept for Bush’s presidency now being replaced by Obama’s, it still applies to the situation as the world finds itselves in today. To me, Obama is very much an ‘undercover Bush’, as wicked as his predecessor. Highlights Remixed


The Terrorists Behind the Terrorists


the Seeds that Crack the Concrete

Until about a few years ago most of the people of our little Dutch town could only envision the US as a trustworthy defender of the world’s democracies.

Things have changed.

Now a growing number of us think of the US as an aggressor nation that has deceived the international community with pre-meditated lies and fabricated evidence in order to get away with the invasion of Iraq.

Previously for many of us it was hard to accept the possibility of purposely evil-intentioned US presidents, not even during the Vietnam War. Now many of us think Bush is vicious and treacherous enough to have been complicit in 9/11. We think the rulers of the Zionist New World Order (ZNWO) let him in on their deceitful strategy, not only because of the criminal demerits of his family, but also because his perverted character suited their purposes so well.

We know about the President’s membership of the Skull and Bones Society, a satanic Yale cult also known as the Brotherhood of Death Society, in which he followed the footsteps of his father and grandfather. We know he found his pleasure in tormenting animals. We know his past is blurred by cocaine. We know his conspiracy involvement became of such indispensable value for the ZNWO that they allowed him to steal the 2004 elections even for a second time (especially considering his opponent, fellow Bonesman Kerry, was likewise a meek ZNWO-patsy).

We know that many US politicians have become pawns of the ZNWO, corrupted and blackmailed, often due to sexual misbehaviour, including sodomistic and pedophilliac acts. We know the top echelons of the US Army have fallen for the same bait.

We know Israel is a warmongering racist state, ruled by a vicious Zionist cabal. We know that within this cabal some of the real perpetrators of 9/11 can be found. We know the ZNWO has infiltrated US politics and has hijacked the US military in order to achieve a ‘Greater Israel’. We know Zionists hold key positions in the White House, the Pentagon, and other executive branches of government.

We know the Bible has deceitfully been ‘Scoffielded’.

We know Christians have misleadingly been ‘enraptured’, ‘Noahided’ and ‘Zionized’; duped by a wicked occultist Babylonian-Talmudic Pharisaic clique.

We know Freemasonry has stealthily been ‘Weishaupted’.

We know the Illuminati have been ‘Rothschilded’.

We also know that all neocon warmongers, in order to fulfil the ZNWO agenda (knowingly and not) while at the same time seizing control over the world’s most lucrative oil supplies, are able, willing, and deranged enough to cause WWIII and plunge humanity into a nuclear war, causing worldwide a severe energy crisis, economic disaster, and famine that will kill most of mankind in the most horrible ways.

Our knowledge of economic realities is also becoming quite up to date. We know Zionist international bankers own the stock of the Federal Reserve Bank. We know the Federal Reserve System is nothing but a scam, deceitfully imposed in 1913 by Zionist bankers in order to control the money and credit of the people of the US.

We know that 40% of the US national debt is owed to the Federal Reserve Bank and that the amount of interest to be paid for this part only is now (2006) nearing 20% of the total revenue of the federal individual income tax.

We know commercial banks have the unique criminal privilege to create nine dollars out of nothing for lending purposes for every single dollar they hold in reserve. We realize this spurious money gets its value only from the labour of the people and from the pillaging of earth’s resources. We know a part of this bogus money is lent out as easy credit to the desperate at usurious interest rates.

We know the Zionist international bankers are now ruthlessly exploiting the labour (and devastating the natural environment) of China, India and elsewhere, while at the same time they are deliberately ruining the US economy and impoverishing the working class population of all other developed countries.

We know these global bankers and their ZNWO fronts such as CFR, Trilateral Commission, Royal Institute for International Affairs, Bilderberg, and their associated secret societies such as Masons, Skull and Bones, and Bohemian Grove are jeopardizing the future of mankind.

Their warmongering, their corporate fascism, and their economic and environmental crimes will make this world an unliveable place for all except a few. And those few will be the Zionist international bankers and their associates.

That brings up the question many of us ask ourselves nowadays: what can be done to stop this powerful cabal of bankers that is rapidly ruining the future of mankind?

For the time being, a useful weapon to use in this battle is information. We all can try to awaken others by confronting them with the facts. This is a tiny act of resistance, but feasible for everyone every day.

Even my venerable mother with her 85 years of age, someone who has always put her trust in what the authorities and the main media channels told her, has now developed a completely different view on most global issues. This enormous change, which contradicts almost everything she previously believed in, could only take place thanks to the fact that she was personally informed about the atrocities of the ruling elite of the US.

How else could she come to hear about the Kay Griggs interview? Or come to know about the ‘Franklin Cover-Up’, the ‘Finders’ case or the ‘Presidio’ case? Or come to hear about Johnny Gosh? Or Gary Caradori? Or come to know the about the (homo) sexual blackmail operations of Edwin Wilson and Craig Spence? Or hear about the horrifying testimonies of Lisa and Tracey Washington, Nelly and Kimberly Webb, Alisha Owen, Paul Bonacci, Troy Boner, Ben Johnston (former DynCorp employee), and Margie Schoedinger? Or hear about the ‘James Guckert/Jeff Gannon’ case? Or hear about the links between (the death of) Hunter Thompson and (the arrests of) Rusty Nelson and Paul Bishop?

She didn’t need to hear the names, but the shocking stories about all these people and the suspicious deaths of many of them were more than sufficient to get the message across: corrupted perverts are in charge of the US.

Republicans and Democrats are only two sides of the same coin. Ever since the political elite of the US became pawns of the Zionist international bankers, the US governments and its institutions have harboured corrupted: perverts, liars, thieves, drug smugglers, election swindlers, satanists, pedophilic rapists, killers, war criminals, terrorists and mass murderers, all liable for blackmail and therefore obeying the hidden powers at the very top of the pyramid, who are in full control of it all.

The sickening stories of the people mentioned above and the revelations about Skull and Bones and Bohemian Grove work best to expose the depravity of the current American elite. However, it is their complicity in 9/11 that will most likely become their undoing. The amount of the information obtained from specialists and witnesses that questions, contradicts or even ridicules the official statements on 9/11, has grown to such proportions that it cannot be easily shoved aside or ignored any more.

All the scholarly evidence and expert testimony on 9/11 clearly lead to one conclusion only: terrorists are now in charge of the US.

Almost everyone I meet gets to hear about this. I’m not always thanked for it, but that won’t stop me talking about all the diabolical schemes the ZNWO have engineered to accomplish totalitarian world control that intends to enslave, imprison and cull humanity.

Surprisingly, often the complete work of years of corporate media indoctrination can be undone completely in only a little time. Understandably, it is not always that easy to convince every single person of the evil acts of the current US elite. Many times it can be hard to convince people that 9/11 was an inside job in a single conversation, but it is always easy to sow the seeds of doubt.

When people accuse me of being a conspiracy theorist, they are effectively silenced with the reply that I’m accompanied by a rapidly growing number of respected: journalists, technicians, jurists, politicians, military men, diplomats, intelligence officers, etc., all of whom are experts in their field and certainly can’t be called ‘conspiracy freaks’.

The power of such conversations lies in the fact that they don’t require immediate ‘conversions’ at all. For many people even the acceptance of the notion that Bush’s complicity in 9/11 cannot be ruled out any longer is already a big mental step. Once inside, any such thought can’t easily be ignored anymore. It will most likely start its own life, find its own way and do its own work to bring about the next step, sooner or later.

Relatives who years ago bluntly refused to believe in an US / Israeli conspiracy behind 9/11, fully agree with me now.

In this regard words can be compared with plant seeds, which also need a certain time to take effect. For instance, it takes quite some time for the first moss to grow on seemingly indestructible concrete structures. It’s an unpromising start, but it is this growth of moss that creates the conditions for many other plants to follow, causing the first miniscule cracks in the concrete. Eventually even trees will arise and the concrete will crumble to nothing.

Often I perceive a growing pessimism amongst Internet authors who have for years already been sacrificing their time, energy and even safety in their ongoing attempt to inform the masses about the perversions, crimes, and wicked conspiracies of the ruling elite.

And indeed, the growth of ZNWO hegemony, the criminal negligence of the corporate media, and the apathy of the masses, have often caused me to loose my hope that the truth would ever prevail on this world.

But revolutionary developments on the Internet are giving reason for hope. The alternative news sites are not fighting a lone battle anymore in their attempts to spread the truth among the masses. Nowadays the lies and omissions of the main media are also relentlessly exposed on countless blogs, forums, and all kinds of personal homepages on an unforeseen scale.

Those brave Internet writers from the first hour should bear in mind they are pioneers. Their essays resemble the moss seeds landing on concrete: seemingly futile, but nonetheless essential for future growth.

What they should realize even more is that their precious seedlings have already created innumerable patches of thickening moss, scattered all over the fallacious foundations of the ZNWO.

Sowing your beloved seedlings on a concrete medium is not an enviable or encouraging task. The growth of moss will take place frustratingly slowly, the progress will be hardly noticeable, and the desired result can be accomplished only after a lengthy process.

But it should be encouraging to see all signs indicating this lengthy process is nearing completion. Many patches of moss have turned into soft and fertile beds; nourishing the first miniature plants that have settled on them. Clusters of these beds have arisen everywhere, functioning as natural substrate for the bigger plants.

Thanks to the Internet this process has already evolved way beyond any possible means of damage control by the ZNWO. The hard work of the pioneers cannot be eradicated anymore. The truth is out there!

Soon the horrifying truth about 9/11 will start to wake up the kind of people who are in more appropriate positions to counteract the ZNWO effectively.

It doesn’t take that many artists, thinkers, and other charismatic persons to cause a worldwide tsunami of awareness, indignation, and anger. Not ALL of these people can be fooled or bought by the Zionist-owned mainstream US news and entertainment media; neither will it be possible to ignore these people once they start to put their full weight behind the cause.

And as for journalists, politicians, military commanders, intelligence officers, government representatives, and others in position of responsibility, it is not much different: the ZNWO can’t control, threaten or kill ALL of them.

It’s going to be very hard for the ones who are not bought, bribed, blackmailed, biased, or blind NOT to stumble over the growing pile of facts that lead to one conclusion only: Zionist powers within the US and Israel have orchestrated 9/11.

All of us can do our bit to accelerate this process. Just as it is possible to awake the people close to us, so it is possible to wake up the kind of people needed to win this battle.

We all can send e-mails asking them to do their own research on the Internet so they can find out themselves about the broad variety of RELIABLE EVIDENCE that by now PROVES BEYOND ANY DOUBT that 9/11 must have been an inside job.

Never underestimate this seemingly futile way of resistance, this tiny little thing that all of us can do. As nature tells us in many ways: it is the smallest things that harbour the greatest powers.

Imagine… Rumsfeld*, Cheney, Bush and all their fellow Zionist terrorists arrested because of 9/11… followed by the arrest of all war criminals that have sent armies to assist in illegal wars and occupations… Wouldn’t that make the world a better place?

Maybe for a while. But for any war crimes tribunals to leave it there would be repeating the same crucial mistake as was made after both world wars.

One cannot cure a disease by fighting its symptoms. In committing their war crimes and terrorist acts, Bush et al  have been merely the obedient and replaceable servants of their masters; the Zionist international bankers, the real engineers and profiteers of war. As long as we keep on allowing these warmongering parasites to entangle humanity in their financial web, a horrific and short future will await our descendants.

The facts concerning 9/11 will offer humanity the opportunity to cure itself of the disease it still suffers from so severely.

This is our very last chance to achieve a viable future for our children.

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