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The Most Important Video Ever What Happened to WTC Building 7

Building 7 going down ‪#‎911truth‬


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Please watch all of this video before you make any conclusions. Link to Evidence and full documentary’s , you will need a program such as U torrent(free) to download these files


9/11 World Trade Center Attack – YouTube Banned this Video World Wide

Published on Mar 16, 2012

9/11 World Trade Center Attack – YouTube Banned this Video World Wide
9/11 World Trade Center Attack – YouTube Banned this Video World Wide this is the edited version, the original version was banned from my acount World Wide, Youtube also put a Strike on my Account.

Boeing Uninterruptible Autopilot—If anyone attempts to force their way into the cockpit an autopilot can be activated manually or by pressure sensors that are installed in the cockpit door. This would eliminate any possibility of terrorists using the aircraft as a deadly missile. The “uninterpretable” autopilot would be activated — either by pilots, by on board sensors, or even remotely via radio or satellite links by government agencies like the Central Intelligence Agency, if terrorists attempt to gain control of a flight deck.

Carlton Bartels, who was killed on 911, invented and held the patent on a computer-based system for simulated automated carbon trading while at Co2e by putting out a news story for example, in the mainstream media to see what effect it would have on the value of the amount of carbon dioxide put out. On the morning of 911 Carlton Bartels was operating this simulated game and it is alleged his simulation administrator codes were stolen and then the game hacked into taking the game from a simulation to an actually live game.

On the morning of 911, Captain Chic Burlingame’s American Airlines Flight 77, it is alleged, taken over by a Boeing uninterrupted autopilot and as a ‘drone’ with a GRS 11 Gyrochip, illegally installed outside of American RICO laws, flown out over the Atlantic Ocean and detonated using SMACSONIC when this visco-elastic ‘insulator’ was ignited as an incendiary turning the aircraft, passengers and crew into a plasma destroying all evidence fitting the parameters of a typical FC KU crime

Captain Gerald ‘Fish’ DeConto was the duty officer at the US Naval Command Center in Wedge One of the Pentagon on 911 when at precisely 09:37 a modified drone Raytheon Skywarrior A3 released a Maverick missile hitting Captain Gerald DeConto literally right between the eyes. When Captain DeConto learned the simulation exercise went live he was on the phone attempting permission to return fire as the ‘blue team.’


The 911 Conspiracy Revealed 9-11

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Israel, Zionists and 911



Total Proof No Planes Hit The Buildings on 9/11

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Orbs were witnessed all around the twin towers on 9/11,and witnessed at the Pentagon on the day of the deliberate inside attacks,exotic weapons are no joke and were used for both attacks,9/11 and the pentagon.

We know that orbs can be used as transmitters and receivers because they have great, refractory and optical properties, orbs were witnessed all over on 9/11,they also are capable of transmitting digital or analog sound and video.’ THIS IS WHERE THE JET ENGINE NOISE WAS GENERATED ” The satellites can be programmed to track and monitor various areas.

This is what they were doing at the time of the attacks.

The beam entrained with the orb carries pictures in each just like the different frames in a movie. It is a particle beam weapon that is also a psyop frequency device. The satellites can project holographic pictures, sounds, and sensations to people through this technology. For instance some orbs have the ability to cloak themselves as birds.

Listen my friends,the government counts on the masses inability to be able to put all the pieces together,the government knows the majority of duped minds couldn’t fathom that our good ole USA,the land of the free & under god would want to kill us off..the media is a weapon of mass persuasion/destruction in the way it enslaves the masses inside of a staged lie that’s been built w/one intention in mind,to keep us asleep,not asking any questions & thinking the way they want us to.

All of the so called victims of the staged plane crash’s were fictitious characters created out of a computer database..and the family’s who had relatives die on the fake planes,they were hired actors..when you begin to dig down the rabbit hole it gets uglier and darker as you go.

911 cartoons conspiracy created by media networks. Live Video Coverage EXPOSED once and for all. Computer generated images revealed by this shocking video. Individual news reports in this video can be found on YouTube and other video sites.

Bombs, explosions, secondary explosions, explosive devices, AND NO PLANES during ALL live broadcasts, What, what, what, what, what?….how many more times do we need to hear these words being said by 9/11 witnesses before we start asking questions about what really happened on that awful day?

Many actual 9/11 witnesses heard and saw explosions going off inside the towers, long before they actually fell.

Witnesses include police, firemen and reporters.

And what is even more shocking is the fact that all of this has been largely ignored by the mainstream media after the day itself.

For those debunkers who wish to keep saying that the explosions were caused by gas lines, please save your breath. All of the three buildings that were blown up on 9/11 were all Class-A buildings. This means that gas lines were not permitted because the buildings had to comply with the safety regulations set out for Class-A buildings. So there were no gas lines!

We really need to wake up to the facts and ask questions. If we don’t, what does that say about us?

New Documentary — 100% Proof — No Plane Hit Pentagon

Top 10 reasons why no planes hit the WTC on 9/11 http://www.asiaobserver.com/forum/22-news-and-current-events/12956-top-10-rea…

Supporting Evidence for No-Planes and DEW (exotic weapons)


Was Extra Equipment Attached To Flight 175? (The plane that struck the south Twin Tower on 9/11)


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Summary of the available evidence that the plane that was alleged to be American Airlines Flight 175 on 9/11 had undergone modifications to its body that are not typical for a Boeing 757.

9/11 Proof Of Used Laser Weapons

Part 1 http://www.youtu.be/8yfa7WnLlCU
Part 2 http://www.youtu.be/xreM8rknuTM
Part 3 http://www.youtu.be/7cnzNnRX81c

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very complicated very strange but very understandable.

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