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The Zionist Terrorist Yitzhak Shamir


Yitzhak Shamir The Zionist Terrorist

Zionist Shamir Wages A Terrorist Against UN!

Death of Israel’s pro-Nazi Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir



The Loan That Brought Down an Israeli Prime Minister | Flashback | NBC News

Published on Mar 3, 2015

Israeli-American tension is not new. Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir and George H.W. Bush squared off over loan guarantees, and the resulting tension contributed to Shamir’s election loss.
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 Mastermind – Zionist Yitzhak Shamir – Inhumane Occupation

 Published on Aug 10, 2012
Zionist Yitzhak Shamir takes the chair on Mastermind, Please Remember, though its good for all of us to laugh at such “satire” we have a duty to all of Humanity and so for all the Palestinians who have died at the hands of the ilegal state of Zionist Israel. FREE PALESTINE and May Heaven (Paradice) be the Destiny of all those that have Paid the Ultimate Price for the Simple “RIGHT” of “FREEDOM” and to “EXIST”. YOU Shall Never be Forgotten. –[♥][♥][♥]–[♥][♥][♥]–Put this –[♥][♥][♥]–[♥][♥][♥]–on your –[♥][♥][♥]–[♥][♥][♥]–profile in –[♥][♥][♥]–[♥][♥][♥]–memory of –[♥][♥][♥]–[♥][♥][♥]–all those –[♥][♥][♥]–[♥][♥][♥]–who died –[♥][♥][♥]–[♥][♥][♥]–in GAZA ☆♥☆●FROM THE RIVER TO THE SEA●☆♥☆ ☆♥☆●☆PALESTINE WILL BE FREE☆●☆♥☆

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