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Israel to stop issuing birth certificates to babies born to foreigners

“Israel says it is not obliged to issue documentation and wants to stop foreigners using birth certif…

Tony Faithfull-Wright    1:47am Nov 22

There’s no point in hiding it any more. The Zionist far right are intent on making Israel a ‘Jews Only’ State..No blacks,Muslims,Christians,Hindus,Buddhists,Aithiests or any Jew from other Arab Countries..JUST JEWS..

A 1 state solution is a non starter, the Knesset will veto it.

A 2 state solution is also a non starter, Israel will not give up its land grab, it is acquiring all the resources it needs for self sufficiency, Oil, Gas, Water, Agricultural land. Any deal made through talks will be vetoed by the Knesset. Israel does not want Peace, or a settlement, it want complete control of the west bank and Gaza.

The remainder of its citizens will be placed in enclaves (Ghettos) without rights. Under 24hr security watch. As and when those 2nd class citizens decide to leave, that empty enclave will be assimilated into Israel proper.

The only realistic solution is to have the same done for the Palestinians as the UN did for the Jews. Find somewhere for them to set up their own State.

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