Nakba; means Catastrophe which refers to the atrocious exodus that the Palestinian people suffered from, to the 531 demolished villages and to the ominous year – 1948.

The Palestinian Nakba started 66 years ago and the brutality continues today. UN Must Do More And Can do More!

We Must Stand in Solidarity on World Harmony Day 20th February 2015 to LIBERATE PALESTINE

Jimmy Carter tell the truth about Israel: the land belongs to the Palestinians, not to Israelis

Dear Mr Ban Ki Moon,

I am Sunflower Chong from Singapore. My DNA is PALESTINE = Fairness & Justice. I am no expert in the Israel and Palestine conflict but the INJUSTICE done to the poor Palestinian people compels me to act and the result is that I have not just one but two blogs. http://www.thepoisonappleoftheworld.com/ & http://www.palestinebedrockoftheworld.com/

I cannot accept the bombing of Iraq and I cannot accept the bombing of Iran and even more I CANNOT ACCEPT SCUMBAG NETANYAHU FOR TAKING THE WORLD AS FOOLS!! This was a comment about Netanyahu, “It is time they stop hiding behind the holocaust to justify their apartheid and Nazi’s practices to cleanse Palestinians, Muslims, Christians, and other non-Jews including their own dark Jews.” Netanyahu’s ‘destruction of Israel’ mantra

New York Times, 1899. Zionist plan to “Colonize” Palestine. Note that they call the country they explicitly plan to colonize “Palestine”, which now they claim never existed. Zionist Israel Claimed Palestine was a DESERT “NOT” A COUNTRY

In 1948 UN had done a Great Wrong to the Palestinian people. The land belong to the Palestinians and UN can only divide it provided the Palestinians agreed to this plan. Isn’t time for UN to make a wrong right for the Palestinian people?

I am the founder of World Harmony Day and it is my duty to make what is wrong right even it looks ridiculous in the eyes of many people including my family. I also hope the UN and your good-self share my view as well, WIN PALESTINE BY CALLING FOR WORLD SPRING.

Do you know Jews want a third world war to bring back their Messiah?

Posted on March 25, 2014 by Montecristo

Editor’s disclaimer: I am a pacifict and so is Lasha Darkmoon. We are against violence in any form — except as a last resort and in self-defense. My cousin Lasha, a gentle soul who subscribes to the Hindu doctrine of ahimsa (non-injury), has nevertheless recommended the publication of this admittedly “dangerous” article by JB Campbell. Campbell argues that unless we are prepared to take active steps against those who seek to destroy us, there is no hope for us. We will be destroyed. Bear this in mind when reading Campbell’s article, and note again Lasha Darkmoon’s oft-repeated maxim: “Self-defense needs no defense.” (See also our General Disclaimer). — John Scott Montecristo. Editor

Let me share with you this creaming video Why Sunflower got Creamed? I believe after viewing you know why I am so determined to expose the bad behaviour of the American Jews. Is it a crime when we stand by the Palestinians? The Palestinian people do not need to pay us to support them, we do it of our own free will but the weapon of the Zionist Jews is to use money to BUY PEOPLE”S SUPPORT! Those Jewish women have to know they cannot humiliate us into surrendering our principles and beliefs I hope you can understand why it is so important for us to make matters right and let the American Jews know that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable and got to stop!

The People around the World are Not Afraid of the Jews anymore; In fact we are Fighting Back with COURAGE & CONVICTION that Fairness and Justice Must Prevail!” Steven is an American and he has created the beautiful World Harmony Day site. This was what Steven said in his mail to me when he agreed to come on board the team,

“I think what you’re trying to achieve is wonderful, and in fact can work and bring about change, as it has been done in many other movements around the world. If no one does this, then who will? We must be the change we wish to see in the world, and we have to start somewhere to begin that change. I also appreciate your sentiment in wanting to use my services. That makes me feel like my life is giving something good to someone who deserves only the very best, and a cause that will hopefully bring about a change in the world for the better for everyone.”

I am a very passionate person feel with great love to strive for greater humanity but unfortunately do not have the ability to lift our great aspiration to greater height, but when UN will lead us, we could see the possibility that this Worldwide Movement will energize the whole world. Let me share with you a note from another American when I was in Washington DC promoting World Harmony Day to STOP THE WAR IN IRAQ.

Subject: Spiritual Education In Schools
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2004 04:37:02 -0800

Yes, Sunflower,

I too have had that vision, as many of us that work for greater unity, beauty, harmony, love and spiritual clarity with the masses. It only takes for some of us to hold that vision for that ‘energy’ to become manifest in time. However, there is much dissention and ego in religion at this point in our evolution, and it is taking what in fact is taking place on many levels, for people to understand that our ways and paradigms must shift.

What you and I envision is what is indeed coming… although I can tell you with confidence that it will take much time, for the world has yet much healing to do. This is what my work is about and what I cover in my lectures. In fact, if you will check out the lecture topics (under about marcy roban at www.marcyroban.com – see lecture topics), you will see that I speak in schools trying to raise Consciousness. I feel that all of us that hold this vision must contribute what our heart’s passion – and we will see it manifest.


This was what Roger Tucker from One Democratic State said, How the rest of the world would benefit,

If you’re interested, please get in touch with me (we’re just collecting email addresses at this point) – some of us have developed a workable strategy for moving forward, but we need a bunch of people to help out. We envision a three-pronged campaign, in Israel itself, within the Palestinian communities and, most vitally, among the population in the West. It was worldwide moral outrage that undid South African apartheid, along with the resistance of the oppressed, working together with their white South African allies, and, eventually, the recognition by key members of the ruling elite that the jig was up. This will be more difficult, because the power elites in the West weren’t part of the problem then as they are now. The craven, hypocritical politicians have been bought and are terrified of the Israel Lobby. The Zionists own the mainstream media and are in firm control of the Universities. This will be more of a challenge than Apartheid in So. Africa or overcoming Jim Crow and segregation in the US was, but we the people can do it, and it has to be done.

It’s high time that One State advocacy went from being a few voices crying in the wilderness to a worldwide movement that will solve the central international political crisis of our time and, potentially, transform our world.”

We hope you could lead us and then the world and we have an interactive map which we thought will be very helpful for the movement http://worldmap.org/

For your knowledge I have mass email all from this link – http://www.palestine-studies.org/links.aspx

We cannot wait to hear from you and in advance on behalf of our Palestinian brothers & sisters we thank you for your support.

Love, light, peace, harmony and unity,
Sunflower Chong, Steven, Annie, Jew Creamer, Geena, Hairdresser & Marie



NB: Google deleted all my videos of World Harmony Day Events:( WHD site is blocked. Everyday about 5 – 10 visitors:( Now Google blocks me on Youtube cannot post comments:(

Facebook Warning After I send Mr Ban Ki Moon letter to Russian Government & Communities:

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The story of Palestinian People – Dr. Mustafa Barghouti

Uploaded on May 8, 2011

This hour-long presentation by Dr. Mustafa Barghouti is a must see (and save for reference). It explains the past, present and future of Israeli Occupation of Palestine and present facts and figures that you don’t see on your TV.
The presentation was created before Operation Cast Lead, probably in 2007. It was delivered at the 2008 American-Arab Anti-Discrimination — ADC National Convention.

An improved copy from the original presentation on Sabbah TV’s Channel on Blip tv.
Creative Commons: Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported

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